Thursday, January 12, 2006

Been seriously neglecting this bloggie... but I really don't have much to blog about since there's not much happening. Then again, things HAVE happened... not too big things... not small either... moderate things? Damn... it's 5 am in the morn and I'm still quite awake.
Let's see... I wonder if I can make a list of how many things that have happened:

  1. I dyed my hair blue. It kinda turned out blueish green but it still looks blue after the second dye. Doesn't look too great but hey, I finally tried to have blue hair. Don't have any pics now... give me a few days. Hehehe... that is if I'm not too lazy =P
  2. Been spending alot of time with Jennifer... almost afraid I might get emotionally attached but that's rather impossible since she never fails to break my heart. I'm officially immune hehe...
  3. ... I can't think of a 3 >.<
Damn... just 2??? Or maybe there's other but I just can't seem to recall now... My life's just so sad... (yes Jingz, I'm still so so sad)

I've also been pondering about something else... how long can a relationship last without labels? Can a relationship even exist without labels?

I'm testing it out now...
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