Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm back from BKK

I'm back from the Land of Smiles (I really saw alot of smiles but it all goes away when you tell them that you don't wanna buy anything from them XD).

If I had to summarize my experience in 1 word, I'd say it was

Hehehe... Yes, I've never known things can be so cheap and that you can bargain until almost 75% discount. Bangkok is a shopping heaven...

Besides shopping, it's also a FOOD HEAVEN!!! But I've only got 1 picture cause I gobbled up everything so fast before you can even say "Tom Yum" XD

But I've got a few interesting pictures to share once I get them from my friends. From elephants to tigers to pigs to Pattaya's famous Trannies ^^

So, please be patient and I promise you tonnes of pics for my next update. So many many pictures until it kills your Streamyx Screamyx bandwidth XD

3 days was not enough for me to ease the missing in my heart...
Kid teung~

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bangkok, Here I come!


The day is finally here.

I'm leaving for Bangkok later on a 1.40pm flight (let's hope Air Asia keeps to its schedule and not delay me from meeting my Gift *grrrrrrrrr*).

So yea...

I'll be back on Saturday...

So long now...




Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm getting old...

Sorry for the lack of updates. Have not had much to blog about but I think I should have a few topics soon though XD

Just came back from clubbing and I've only got 1 thing to say: "I'm getting old".

Seriously... I am so not cut out for this kinda life, but I know that I'd still have to try because I think when I start working, I'd be thrown into this kinda life... Why?

Cause I'm told that if I wanna get into the Advertising/Event Marketing field, I'd have to be able to drink and mingle with people... (oh gawd, what am I putting myself into??? *insert shocked face here*)

And I guess I have learned something tonight... there are seriously ridiculously rich people out there -_____-" Hahahaha...

Oh, and Ash can't drink more than 5 cups of whiskey + coke XD

Just 2 more days...

I swear I'm gonna buy you a diamond ring,
And promise you that this is just the beginning.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Melaka in PJ SS2

Before I start, please click here to make me happy :)
Thank you... you may now continue ^^

Yes, there's a Melaka in PJ SS2. You know, where Murni is...

No, I'm not kidding... Have a look:

See, there's Melaka right??? Okay lah, I know I'm being lame... (so so lame...)
Anyways, my friends took me to this Melaka Street Restaurant a few weeks back. As I mentioned earlier, it's located in SS2 in PJ near Murni (the famous mamak with lil not adorable "siu keongs" aka cockroaches running around)

The first dish we ordered was the Green Curry. It's really really good... Just look at the number of "thumbs up" we gave it ^^

The deep fried squid was nothing out of the ordinary. But it was quite good as well. We ordered it because my friend, Winson, simply adores squid... Seriously, he'd have squid for breakfast, lunch and dinner if he had his way...

Okay, all of my friends know of my Kang Kung Belacan craving ever since I came back from Perth. And for some weird reason, every where I wanted to go to eat Kang Kung Belacan were either out of Kang Kung or Belacan... (I secretly think that the Kang Kung Growers Society has got a grudge against me...)
So, we ended up calling Belacan Asparagus... seriously people, I only want KANG KUNG BELACAN not some other vegetable fried in belacan...

We also ordered Pandan Chicken (which I gobbled up before I took a picture) and Sizzling Tofu which I couldn't get a clear picture of because there was too much steam... But I recommend the Pandan Chicken. A little pricey for a small piece at RM4.50 each, but still worth trying =)

After all the heaty heaty foods, it's time for dessert!!! The black sauce in the middle is Gula Melaka. Yumzzzzzzzz...

Here's an up close pic =D

Do give the place a try if any of you guys are there ^^ And for you big eaters out there, the rice is refillable and unlimited XD

p.s. aL & Colleen, wanna give this place a try when you're here? XD

6 more days... less than a week... I'm already jumping with anticipation *winks*

Friday, January 04, 2008

Enough is enough!

I wonder if people knew about the news regarding a Malaysian Christian fighting Islamic authorities over dead wife's faith... if not, click here.

All I want to say is ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

What do you want from the mourning family?!?! Isn't hard enough that they have to lose a loved one? A husband who has worked so hard to keep the family afloat while paying his wife's medical fees... 2 children who suddenly lost their mom after a long struggle with illness...


I'm a Malaysian, and proud to be one... but it's times like this when such a fucked up thing can happen, I am totally ashamed and disgusted...

For goodness sake... let them put her to rest... it's hard enough to lose a family member... it's even worse to have it publicly announced to the rest of the world...

Today I shed a tear for my friend who has to go through all of this crap... Boo, if you're reading this... please stay strong. I'm just a call away...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Genting on Fire

Happy New Year to everyone who's reading this!!!

For the first time, I went to Genting during new year's eve for the countdown. The main attraction was the casino fireworks display.

The event was supposed to start at 11.45pm but my friends and I were there at about 11.15pm... Would have been there earlier if it wasn't for the ridiculous amount of people who were trying to get out of the building into the open air car park in front of Genting Hotel.

But I guess it wasn't that bad because the air was cooler and so it wasn't like hot and sweaty like those events in KL. It was actually rather nice to be out in the open and shouting our heads off at every single small thing XD

For example, there was this really lost car who was trying to drive THROUGH the crowd. Needless to say, we booed the person into reversing and using another road XD

OK, enough of me crapping. Bring on the pictures!!!

See what I mean about the ridiculous amount of people???

I was bored as I waited so I took out my phone to snap away... Just like the other thousands of people around me. My friend was so bored he tossed his girlfriend into the air resulting in her screaming and everyone looking at us...

Finally, we can hear the counting of "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!"
And the show began!

I'm impressed by the quality of the fireworks. But then again, it's GENTING we're talking about. Uncle Lim (may his soul rests in peace) has money to burn... literally...

I loved this huge boom of fireworks. Looks like a huge solar system exploding in your face XD

This. Is. Beautiful.

By this time, my neck was starting to hurt because the fireworks went off left and right so we had to turn and turn to view the full show...

I think this is one of the best shots I took that night =)

(I'd hate to be the person in charge of the Risk Management Plan for this event... Hahaha... Don't mind me... it's an ISC MCW inside joke XD)
Oh, and Ashlyn would so faint if she saw the exits... ROFL!!!

I think this is the best shot for the night... It really looks as if Genting was on fire =)
And look at the sea of handphone/camera lights... I really like the effect ^^

And that was how I welcomed year 2008 =)

Okay, New Year Resolutions!!!
  1. Find a good paying job
  2. Buy a DSLR (and learn to use it XD)
  3. Gain weight (to at least 47-48kgs)
  4. Pick up the guitar again
  5. Buy my Gift a diamond ring XD

I guess I'll add more to it as I go... but I really should keep the list short so that there's a better chance of me achieving all of them... Hahahahaha...

Oh, and this year's Genting trip, I have learned how much this world has changed. Thanks to hanging out with DumDum and friends. And twins are hot!!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!

And one more thing, I think the new generation of TBs today can all go eat shit... more on this when I have the mood to blog about them...

Just 12 more days to go... I'm loving this year already =)

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