Friday, August 31, 2007

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wonderkitten Tee

My friend, Lois, is a designer and illustrator who wants to start her own small business to sell her designs.

Here's the new limited edition Wonderkitten First Edition: "Friends" tee!!!

Cute right????????

It's currently RM39 for pre-order (normal price: RM49).

Measurement: Armpit to armpit (in inches)

Baby tee: (girl)
XS= 14
M= 18

S= 17
M= 19
L= 21
XL= 23
(size might have minor changes)

All shirts are printed on a good quality beige tee.

For more information or to buy, just email

If you like her design, you can view more at her portfolio

**Payments can be made through Maybank2U and postage can be negotiated**

If you're like Criz who likes cats, I think you would like this tee =)

No, this is not a sponsored post. I am doing this as a favor and because I am supporting my designer friends ^^

p.s. Lois, faster design a special shirt for all PLU =P

Off to war...

Yes, the war is upon me...

What am I talking about?

Well, have a look at my battlefield:

Wish me luck... I will need it...

Sighz... my list of assignments is stuck on my wall, next to my table, looking over my shoulder while I use my laptop... It's like there to haunt over me..............

Besides assignments I have other activities such as Multicultural Week (MCW) 2007 to handle... I am the Activities Officer this year. I thought that since I have a team under me this year for the 5 day event it would be easier for me.

Was I wrong.........

I have 6 people in my team for the 5 days and let's just say I am not that good a leader.

But it is a good challenge and it will help me to deal with people in the future. Guess it's actually an opportunity in disguise =)

Will have more information on that soon. Just need to finish my Sales Management report now...


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

For those who don't know, my fourth and last wisdom tooth decided to come out and cause me problems...

Basically according to the X-ray that the dentist took for me, that stupid tooth went and impacted on my second molar and basically caused an infection.

This is not my X-ray, found it on Google.
But ya, it looks like that and can you guess how much that cost me?

So, poor me experienced alot of pain and a condition called trismus which is the inability to open the mouth fully. That caused me to have to be on a liquid diet. I am currently on my 5th day where I eat mostly plain porridge. Yes. Just. Porridge.

Amazingly I didn't lose any weight (YET).

The dentist prescribed me some antibiotics which eased the swelling. But now there's just like this big cavity in my gums... which feels really really weird. As for the pain, I got some painkillers from the pharmacy, so it helped a little...

I really hate the health system here. The last time I fell sick, there were no doctors on the weekend and hospitals take 6 hours before they even LOOK at you. And now, I have to wait almost 2 weeks before I can see the dentist.

Why I don't go get a 2nd opinion?

I did. You know what they tell me?

"We can only fit you in during October"

WAHSAI!!! People die from pain already also you won't know la!!!

You say siao bo? I wanted to get everything done this week because it's my week free, so I can stay home all I want without having to worry about skipping classes. Now I'll most likely have to skip at least 2 classes... sibehjialat!!!

Anyways, I got this leaflet that had information on wisdom tooth and I also went online to find more information.

I'll share some with you guys just incase this happens to anyone of you...

What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth ?

A tooth becomes impacted due to lack of space in the dental arch and its eruption is therefore prevented by gum, bone, another tooth or all three. Lack of space occurs because our jaws have become smaller (through evolution), we do not loose teeth through decay as frequently as in the past, and our diet is such that our teeth do not wear down as much.

Basically that is what happened to me... for more information you can visit here.

I was thinking of keeping my wisdom tooth if it didn't hurt. But apparently if you leave it in, the roots may grow very long and it could hit a nerve in the future. That would cause permanent damage to the nerves and you could lose all sensation in your lower jaw.

That really scared me. The reason why I left my other wisdom tooth in is because my mom told me that if it didn't hurt, it didn't need to be taken out. And of course I don't like pain, so I leave it la...

But now... I will get 2 on the left removed first before getting the other 2 done...

So, if you have not gotten your wisdom tooth removed, do go and get it done. It's better than if you wait until something happens.

My condition is pretty bad as it's not gonna be a simple extraction. I need dental SURGERY. This is because my tooth is only partially erupted. Basically the dentist is gonna have to cut into the gums to expose the teeth before it can be yanked out...

Yes. I know it's gonna hurt.


Forever & Always

I miss you.

I really do.

Forever and always... I will love you.

I promise.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


You say I take & take...

I only know how to take...

Until I forgot to give...

Maybe it's true?

I am the bad guy.

I don't know how to love you.

I do whatever you tell me to do. Yes, I make mistakes often.

But I have always been loyal.

And yet you say I'm not.

If I didn't give anything, why do I feel so empty?

I do not wish to show my efforts because it is what's expected of me.

I guess that was all not enough for you.

Maybe one day we'll look back and laugh at this...

But for now... you have forced me back into my corner. Do not expect anything from me anymore.

I shall cease to exist in your life, one step at a time.

You have your path, I have mine.

You have your support...

I have to learn to stand again... and try to remember what it was once like without you...

It's not gonna be easy... But I will always get back on my feet.

But as I get stronger, a part of me will die inside. I am currently at 60% emotional death... give me a few months or a few assignments... it will reach 100%.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fremantle Trip

G and I made a trip down to Fremantle last Saturday in the quest of Fremantle's famous Fish & Chips and Chilli Mussels.

I shall let the pictures do the talking =)

I was bored... So I took a picture of the sauces XD

Yea, I really did forget the last one... it tasted like tartar but with garlic. Not really recommended...

This took sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to come...

When it finally came, the portion was HUGE and looked so damn nice!!!
But when we started eating, it wasn't as nice as we thought it was... kinda overrated. And although it's called CHILLI mussels, it's not spicy at all...

But it was still nice =)

This was the other thing we ordered. It had prawns (but only 2, so kiam siap), squid, crabstick, fish, pineapple, chips and a side of salad.

Was only about 15AUD. I would recommend this =)

Yummy yummy in my tummy XD

This is the outdoor landing where we sat.

It was beside the sea and had a beautiful view. Only downside was the many seagulls flying around. They're annoying and will attempt to steal your food...

Btw, someone told me that if you wanted to kill the seagulls, just feed them potato chips... apparently they can die from eating too much of that XD

Yes, my new job involves fish and bronze men with beards XD

After lunch we went for a walk at the Fremantle markets. Since it was the weekend, there are street performers at this area near the entrance of the market.

Today it was Matty Blade.

He is a sword swallower and has 2 Guinness World Records. He's really funny and amusing. I mean, look at what he's doing with his teddy bear!!!

Btw, the teddy's name is Willy XD

It was really funny when he brought out Willy to do the sawing-into-half trick. He placed Willy in that small box and asked the kids:

"Do you want Willy to live or die?"


"Parents! These are your kids!!! Do you even know them anymore?!?!?!?!"


Matty asked this little girl called Emily to hold Willy while he attempted to squeeze his body through 2 tennis rackets (one stringed, the other with no strings).

While he was squeezing his body through it, he had connected Willy to an air pump so Willy would continue to bloat up. And if he doesn't squeeze through the rackets fast enough, Willy will explode!!!

And yes, Willy DID explode. You can see his bear guts on the floor *lolz*

And all the girl wanted was the 5bucks XD

And here's Matty with his final stunt: Swallowing a flaming sword while balancing on top of a 3.5 meter mast.
**click for a bigger image**

Although it was only lit at the handle, apparently the stainless steel sword heats up really quickly and if he wasn't fast enough, it would burn his throat.

And that was our trip to Fremantle. Only about a 30-40 mins drive from my place.

If you ever plan to visit Perth, this is one place you shouldn't miss ^^

Friday, August 17, 2007

Never say never

I know people always go thinking "That will never happen to me wan..."

Well, never say never my friend.

I realized today that anything CAN happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME.

A good friend of mine was involved in an accident today. The severity of the accident is not minimal.

She totaled her car and was admitted to the hospital.

She is crying for what she lost.

I am just glad she is okay.

It is rather ironic how I was explaining this morning (before I knew about the accident) to two of my team members for ISC's MCW Activities, that if something can go wrong, it WILL.

They just didn't understand why I was coming up with all sorts of terrible and shocking scenarios that can go wrong during events.

For example (I'm blue, she's yellow):

"What if you have a soccer game and someone kicks the ball and hits the volunteer and breaks his/her head?"

"Won't la, the ball is tied to the post."

"WHAT IF? What would you do then?"

"Die la, die la, die la................"


My point is, it's better to be prepared than to have something come and bite you back on your arse...

You may not be able to prevent accidents from happening (someone can choke on tofu) even though u take all the precautions.

But one thing you could do is know how to react when it does happen...

But of course, the few obvious things like "Don't drink and drive" and "Wear protective gear" and "Wear your seatbelt" will do wonders in preventing accidents... an accident is really just the result of a series of mistakes...

Prevent mistakes, and you'll break the chain from an accident happening.

Though sometimes, things just happen.

So, never say never... do not think that things won't happen to you or any of your family and friends... cause it just could.

And also never take for granted what you have now... it's a cliche but you'll never know what you have till its gone.

And I know of many who understands that more than anyone can imagine...

Monday, August 13, 2007

World's most expensive bubble tea

Okay, I just had a very nervous (but extremely delicious) dinner.


Because I was with G and her grandma and cousins and aunties...

Anyways, after that I decided to go to Northbridge for ice cream and bubble tea. I have been craving for bubble tea for some time...

So, went there, parked, bought ice cream, walked to Tea Fusion and bought bubble tea.

Feast your eyes on the most expensive bubble tea in the world:

Why is it so expensive?

How much did I pay for it?

Well, it is the most expensive bubble tea in the world because of this:


So, yea... 100 bucks cause kena saman...
**hides in a corner, emo time**

Found it stuck on my car windscreen... and yea, I was only away from the car for like 10 mins max...

So I guess it's like 10 bucks for 1 min... T___________________T

Oh, you wanna know the best part?

The bubble tea is free.

Cause they have this card where after you buy 9 drinks, the 10th is free.

So yea, I redeemed my "free" bubble tea...

...and got kicked in the ass. (if I had balls, I assume this is what it feels like to have your balls drop -_______-||| )

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Simpsonize Me!!!

Okay, it's 2:41 am and I'm still here blogging. Hahaha...

But just a quick post... couldn't resist this website here.

Saw it on Jay's blog and remembered about a radio ad I heard about being able to Simpsonize yourself =D

Anyways, I uploaded this really gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay pic of myself... here's the comparisons:

Look alike bo?!?!?!?!

Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha XD

Okay, I need sleep... seriously...

But it is a really great marketing strategy utilizing the internet... Gotta admit it. Well done, Simpsons & Burger King!

Go on, you know you wanna Simpsonize yourself!!! Do let me know if yours turned out identical like mine XD

See... their idea is so good until I promote without any sponsored post... lolz...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mexican Night

My housemate and I went grocery shopping and decided to buy this:

It's an easy to make Taco Kit. All you need is mince meat, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

They have 5 soft tacos and 5 hard ones. But because I was so hungry, I ate the soft one without taking a picture of it first... Hehehe...

But I remembered when I was about to have my hard taco XD

It's actually something like tortilla chips. Which is good for you =) This came in the kit, all you have to do is heat it up in the oven to make it crispy.

Then you stuff it with the meat. Because we didn't really have that much mince, we added in carrots and onions to the mix to "substitute" the meat... hehehe...

Dice tomatoes and place them on top... We didn't have any lettuce so we just had more tomatoes...

Here's my fav part: CHEESE!!! I love CHEESE!!! CHEESE!!!

*ahem* excuse my cheesiness... XD

The final step: Top it up with taco sauce =D It came with the kit. Tasted like salsa to me...


Will definitely try it again soon =)

But the hard taco was harder to eat than the soft one (no, not because I don't have teeth) because it cracks easily when you bite into it and everything comes falling apart. This is probably the messiest meal I've had for a long time...

Oh, one more thing, please be careful with your taco... if not...

It will fall and you will have a messy taco... -_______-|||

p.s. I didn't make it fall on purpose to show you guys... it really did commit suicide... XD

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Larger than Life

Yesterday I went to buy some apples with G. She went to buy 2 phone cards and the nice uncle there gave us 2 free scratchies.

FYI, scratchies are those little lottery kinda things where you scratch (duh) off the silver stuff and reveal things under it. Different scratchies have different ways of playing and different prizes.

Anyways, I won 2 bucks.

Then I got a little "itchy hand" and bought another scratchie for 3 bucks.

And yes, I won 8 bucks this time.

This little stroke of luck got me thinking about how lucky I've been my whole life...

Let me think of a few things...

The first that comes to mind is the Tsunami incident. I was there at Gurney Drive 5 minutes before the waves came crashing in. I was there long enough to look at the tiger waves coming in, and me and my group of friends were like crazy people looking at the waves and going "Whoa...". We were busy taking pictures and videos... we wouldn't have left, but we got wet from one of the waves so we left laughing.

Little did we know we escaped serious injury (maybe even death) that day...

Secondly would be my studies... somehow everything would turn out fine. I guess I just got really lucky that I do not have to study as hard as most people to get the grades I get...

What else?

There are just so many many things that I would have taken for granted...

I always have this feeling that I can take any risk I want (physically) because I believe I just can't die that easily... It's just not my time to die yet...

Although there are times when I couldn't see myself living past 30...

So I would do stupid things... dares... and I always seem to get away with it.

But there are times (especially during my teenage years) where I got depressed and seriously did alot of shitty things. But look at me now... I guess I turned out relatively ok XD

I think that is considered lucky as well? Hehehe...

Hmm... this post has been rather boring without any pictures... but I guess sometimes words are all I have.

Now, seeing how lucky I have been, I guess the one thing I find to be rather "unlucky" of me is my name that my parents gave me.

I really hate my name. That is why I hide behind the alias Ryu.

People just don't get why I get so worked up about my name...

But try imagining when you're six and you've just started school... it is already terrifying enough. But when you try to make friends, people hear your name and start laughing and teasing you (kids can be such jerks). How would you feel?

And this constant teasing and jeering lasted all the way into HIGHSCHOOL. That's 11 freaking years!!!

Even until now, some would laugh and tease me when they know my full name.

But I guess I should just reveal it and live with it.

My name is Tee Shue Vern.

If you can't figure out what they teased me, you're really WOLS...

But at least now I can tell those people "Sure, go ahead and tease me. But I have much better things in life than to care about that anymore. I can't say the same about you though."

So, there you have it... I know Mich and Kang have been asking me about my name and knew when I got worked up about it. So now you know...

But I would appreciate it if you guys would just call me Ryu.

Wow... that was a rather emo post wasn't it? Hahaha...

Okay, back to normal blogging about the crazy things I do soon...

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