Friday, November 30, 2007

I support Nuffnang

I was at Chee Hsien's blog recently when I saw his post regarding people who were comparing Nuffnang with Advertlets.

Then I remembered what I wanted to blog about for quite some time but some how forgotten because I was drowning in my assignments, studies and all kinds of shits...

So now, here it is:


I was a reader of LengMou when Timothy aka Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton was still on their crazy bet (or dare?) for a roast duck (YUM!!!). I got hooked after reading a few posts and I still go back to read it when I'm feeling down because it just makes me laugh so much!!!

And when Timothy started his own blog, I am of course a loyal reader. Just because I don't comment all the time doesn't mean I don't read.

I really do admire him not because he is one of Businessweek Asia's Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs, but because despite having a company to manage, he can still find the time to blog to entertain his readers. I can't even manage blogging and writing a 2000 word report of my personal reflection let alone dealing with clients........

So, when aL asked if I wanted a Nuffnang car sticker, I said "HELL YEA!"
(Thanks so much for sending it over ^^)

So here it is:

I proudly display my Nuffnang sticker :)
I know it's with the old logo but don't care la... still can right?

Yeap, I'm all the way in Perth but I still support Nuffnang ^^

No, Nuffnang is not paying me to post this.

I remember there was a time when Nuffnang was looking for blogger interns. I would've been the first one to apply if it wasn't for the fact that I had to come back to Perth to continue my Masters. I still want to work for Nuffnang if I have a chance because I think it would be a fun experience :)

Too bad, I'm due back in Perth again next year for work as my parents want me to experience working life in Aussie before I can go back to KL... Sighz...

p.s. Boss, if you're reading this, can I get a newer sticker with the new logo? XD
And if Nuffnang has a marketing position open in 2 years time, do give me a call. LOL.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Unexpected Parcel

When I came back home today, I found this in the mail...

I really had no idea what was in the parcel...
I know the parcel is open in the pic but pretend it's still wrapped la ok?

Apparently, I won in a Coca Cola Dinner Promotion that I entered.
But I totally forgot about it... in the parcel was a Coca Cola apron, a cookbook and $40 gift card for Coles/Myers. All together worth 95AUD.


After reading this letter, I remembered I had entered this promotion a few months back. Basically I bought a Coke and it had a code on in which I went to the website and keyed it in (I think... I don't really remember).
And I guess it was a lucky draw, so... I won! XD

And as most bloggers would do, we camwhore with our prizes and post them up XD

Yes... Yes... laugh all you want...

By the way, I also remembered that when I decided to enter this promotion, my housemate, Sam said "Har? This kind of thing also you like?" (it was in Cantonese but I just translated it).

So now that I've won, I just have one thing to say:

*points finger directly at Sam and laugh*

Garage Flooring

When I moved in to my current house, I was really glad that I had a garage so that I can park my precious baby car in there. The floor is just plain concrete but it was good enough for me. Then my car started leak and there are now oil stains and god-knows-what-stains on it...

I just can't seem to get it out no matter how hard I try. Then I found out about garage flooring.

There are tiles for garage that would make your garage look new again. You can also have different patterns on your garage floor, how cool is that?

Not only are they easy to install and are more cost effective than other garage flooring, they also last longer. It's more bang for your buck!

I would go for the checkered design as it would make my garage look like a giant chess set. Hahaha... but that's just my own opinion ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Silence!!! I KILL YOO!!!

Hahaha... my friend sent me a link to a very very funny video on Youtube:

It's Achmed the Dead Terrorist by Jeff Dunham.

Really damn kau funny... I've watched it like 3 to 4 times... And it is STILL THAT funny ^^

I know that Achmed is supposed to be scary, but I find that the other doll, Walter is scarier XD

SILENCE!!! I KILL YOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Yes, my exams were officially over on the 21st of November 2007 @ 10.05am.

The LAST exams for my Masters degree...

I'm unofficially a Masters holder...

*jumps around happily*

I promise loads of updates from now on =D

But for now, just let me wish my emo bud, Anne, a happy belated 20th birthday ^^

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Harmony of December

It's 5:17 am...

I'm still working on my final exam for Strategic Business Planning 650. It's a take home test.

Think twice before telling me "Eh? Take home test? Should be easy what..."

Cause I will slap you upside down... I swear I will.

It's so freaking hard that I'm whacking my head against the textbook trying to find the answers. But here's a secret about take home tests:


Bah........ so early in the morn... the only sound accompanying me is this:

Harmony of December by Kinki Kids

I'm not really a fan of Kinki Kids but their songs are usually damn good. Tsuyoshi's vocals are really unique and the way he sings is really different. Well, that's my opinion anyways... Hehehe...

p.s. I LOVE the chorus of the song...
kimi ni aitai... ima aitai hanarete ichi byou mou~~~

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay, by now a lot of people, mostly Shouters would know about Al's new header and her association with seafood.

For those who missed out on the discussion that night, it all started like this:

Al asked me to come chat at SO because the topic was tattoos. So, I went and somehow I think she was teasing me so I threatened to tattoo "sihams" on her eyes.

For a better picture, I drew this:

That is basically supposed to be eyes and yea, I'm gonna tattoo sihams on her eyelids so when she closes her eyes, TADAAAAAAAA!

Someone suggested to tattoo different coloured sihams on each eye. For example, grey for raw siham and red for cooked XD

Then someone mentioned that she was afraid that Al would "siham-fy" her car. And this came into my head XD

And last but not least, Aliiham's house XD

p.s. aL, don't angry la ok? It's funny XD
Just imagine how much laughter and joy you've spread =P

Monday, November 12, 2007

The MCW2007 Post

Okay, I know I have delayed this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. It's been a month since it ended but yea, I don't care XD

Lotsa piccies and for you people who got addicted to some of my videos, there's 2 coming up =P If I'm in a good mood, I might just post more ^^

This is during the first day: Oceania Day. The start of everything...
Basically this the main point where we have most of our daily activities at. If you're wondering what is that fugly brownish-blackish box with the Aussie flag on is, it's the Raffle Draw box...
(no, I dunno who made it *looks around innocently, whistling*)

There was a booth (or table) for people to sit down and play draw on canvases...
We tell them to attempt to draw aboriginal art but some people went and painted their country's flag... how patriotic... and yes, one of them was Malaysian... and no, it wasn't nice (at all).

There were free burgers to give away and everyone almost everyone helped (*ahem* not counting those who just made alot of noise)

p.s. can you notice the dunggu in the pic? XD (it's an MCW team inside joke...)

Look at the line... This goes to show that free food is a universal language ^^

This is during African Day. Amanda, the Day Coordinator had this piece of cloth on the pillar for people to write messages to the children in Africa.
And as you can see, Sam and I had other things in mind XD
Oh, the guy being conteng-ed is Ming, the MCW Chair Tableperson. Why table and not chair? Cause table taller than chair ma...

Yes. I know. They're not Africans... But hey, they play mean drums XD

Finally, we have Asia Day. Here's some people doing calligraphy... It hardly seems fair, all of them are Chinese XD

Here we have the dance troupe from Murdoch (I think, can't really remember) doing a Malay dance which kinda looked like silat to me...

I captured a video of the dance, enjoy :)

There was also a fashion parade, some of the costumes from Vietnam were really beautiful. And they're handmade by students. So, yea, a round of applause for that ;)

And here's a video of my friend, Dorothy aka Chi Chi singing Hakuna Matata.
Watch it. Trust me. You'll laugh like no tomorrow.

And last but not least, what happened behind the scenes after the night of Pasar Malam.
No, we weren't really raping him...

We just wanted to put him in the black rubbish bags XD
In past years, we threw the chairpersons into pools. So, I guess he's rather lucky since it's just garbage bags ^^

MCW was actually held over 5 days and if you were counting, I only mentioned 3 days (some people may know why XD). But anyways, it ended with Pasar Malam during the night of Asia Day and it was a success.

Oh, during Pasar Malam itself there was actually a fire in one of the rubbish bins. Some idiot stallholder went and threw hot coals into it (super brainless). But a funny thing happened. I was sitting in the Help desk when the fire happened. But the message that I got wasn't "Tong on fire" ("Tong" means bin in Malay) it was "Ming fainted". WTH?!?!?!

So this shows how rumours spread... from the fire site it was actually "Smoke in tong" then it became "Fire in tong" then when it reached me, it was "Ming fainted". Tak ade kaitan LANGSUNG!!! (there's no connection at all!!!)

Well, at least it wasn't like this:

"Smoke in tong"


"Fire in tong"


"Ming in tong on fire"

Although if that happened, I'm pretty sure a certain member or members of MCW2007 would be responsible for that XD

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Final Assignment

It's over.

I handed in my last assignment today :)

THE last assignment for my MASTERS!!!

*jumps around happily*

Can't say I am happy with the quality of my essay though... Been much too sleep deprived and stressed... not to mention all the procrastination XD

Anyways, it's over :)

Shall post regarding the WAY overdue MCW post. But at least I have an interesting video to show you all regarding that ^^

Until then, here's a picture I drew for my "aniki"...

That's supposed to be her in her "cat" or "chibi neko" form... basically when she's angry she turns into this really violent fussy cat...

I drew this picture when she said she went to work all the phones wouldn't stop ringing so she felt like bashing up all the phones... And this image came to mind ^^

p.s. betcha didn't know I could draw... well, not VERY well, but... good enough? XD

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Coupon Chief

It’s now November and pretty soon before you know it it’s gonna be Christmas!

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