Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay, by now a lot of people, mostly Shouters would know about Al's new header and her association with seafood.

For those who missed out on the discussion that night, it all started like this:

Al asked me to come chat at SO because the topic was tattoos. So, I went and somehow I think she was teasing me so I threatened to tattoo "sihams" on her eyes.

For a better picture, I drew this:

That is basically supposed to be eyes and yea, I'm gonna tattoo sihams on her eyelids so when she closes her eyes, TADAAAAAAAA!

Someone suggested to tattoo different coloured sihams on each eye. For example, grey for raw siham and red for cooked XD

Then someone mentioned that she was afraid that Al would "siham-fy" her car. And this came into my head XD

And last but not least, Aliiham's house XD

p.s. aL, don't angry la ok? It's funny XD
Just imagine how much laughter and joy you've spread =P

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