Thursday, May 25, 2006

An entry dedicated to a few

Okies... I was thinking what should I blog about and well, I decided to make this a "dedication" if not a "shout out" to a few people. Well, you'll know why when I finish ^^

First off, for Jingz:

People out there who pray (Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam... etc) whatever your religion is, as long as you pray, please do include Jingz in your daily prayers. Pray that she gets into WHO's influenza research project. I do not pray, so... hehe... I decided to "outsource" the manpower. Or should I say pray-power? Doesn't sound right... spiritual-link? religiousity? Anyways, you get the idea.

Second, saMantha:

Hope you'll be out of your depression soon... Don't forget that I DO (technically) have a degree in Psychology. Not qualified to charge for counselling but definitely qualified to listen & encourage. Hahaha... Just cheer up ok? And update your blog more often la!!! Call people update but you yourself pulak never update... Mich oso nice enough to blog crap. Hahaha... since you're her sifu then you should be able to crap MORE ma!!!

That brings us to third, Mich:

You're my holiday planner already. I'm making it OFFICIAL!!! Mich is my Penang holiday planner. She takes care of finding good & cheap hotels for me and was also considerate enough to 'sun pien' find out about car rentals for me just incase I wanna drive. Laugh at me for driving auto some more... so bad. In my defense, I CAN drive a manual... just not very well. Hahaha... Anyways, maybe I should be the one treating you to the Char Kway Teow *wink*

And last, but definitely NOT least, my baby Queenie:

She's asleep now... she said she "tertidur" on her bed. Hahaha... anyways, people who pray, pray that my baby will be able to do well in her exams. Although it's just a mock exam, but it IS still an exam. But baby, just do your best ok? I'll be seeing you real soon ^^.

Yeap, and that is an entry. Hehehe... will blog about my day later I guess... went for the Da Vinci Code. Interesting and yet the movie pales in comparison to the book... Will explain more soon... I guess...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The different people I meet during work...

Hmm... have not updated for a few days. That's cause I've been working and kinda lazy as well... hehehe... oh well, old habits die hard >.<

It's kinda great to work as a promoter cause I meet all sorts of people. Let me start off with the other promoters:

What all the promoters where I work has in common is that all of us are bored to death when we're working. Hehehe... basically they're all nice people who are just working for various reasons: the younger promoters (like me) are just looking for some extra pocket money, some want to save up for something nice for their partners while the older promoters are working cause they have to.

While the younger ones have a much more happy vibe, the older ones who have been working at the supermarket for some time are just really grumpy at times. And I found out the reason yesterday. One of them told us about their experiences working there. Basically, the customers turn them off. Well, it IS Bangsar area (for those who don't know, people who can afford to live or shop at Bangsar are usually very rich & arrogant people. I'm not saying that ALL of them are like that but most of them are). This aunty told me that she often gets scolded by the customers (usually those european or caucasian people or those wearing really expensive clothes/accessories) for wanting to promote a product to them. I thought this was just a stereotype, I mean, I have talked to alot of those kinda people but they always seemed more nice & polite than Malaysians.

But then I was proved wrong when I saw this european lady with her husband and kid. The young boy was only about 5 or 6. There was this promoter selling Yakult cultured milk drink and was passing out samples. She offered the boy a cup & the mom stopped him. This was what the conversation was like:

Promoter: "Want to try Yakult?"
*boy reaches for drink*
Lady: "No. Let me see what's it made of." *reaches for a packet*
Promoter: "It has 30 million good bacteria... (I can't really remember)"
Lady: "There's alot of sugar."
Promoter: "The drink needs sugar to keep the bacteria alive. Without-"
Lady: "Nevermind, I don't understand a word you're saying. Let's see, the ingredients: Sugar, oh wow, skimmed milk-another source of sugar, glucose-which is another type of sugar. *puts back the packet* that'll be like drinking liquid candy! Forget it." *walks away*

Oh wow, I wanted to laugh so much but I was really afraid the lady would bitch-slap me since she's such a B-I-A-T-C-H! Could you believe the way she talked??? OMG, just because the promoter's english had a little chinese slang and some stuttering doesn't mean she doesn't understand rudeness! Really, I had a little chat with the aunty later and found out that her english was actually pretty good. I wonder why she stuttered when she was explaining... guess she felt intimidated.

Well, I'm not saying that only the non-asian people are rude. I was promoting my product to this lady and she asked me "What is so special about it?" So I went on and explained that it was a new product and the milk is 100% imported from New Zealand and the promotion price currently. And she just walked away with her nose held up high in the air... she looked like a Malay... one of those too rich for their own good with dyed hair & uses lightening creams to make themselves look more 'ah mo' (caucasian).

Oh well, this world is so full of different kinds of people. It's actually very interesting for me to experience all these cause I can relate to what I learned from my Psych textbooks. Oh wow, I remember something from my 3 years of studying crap!!! Hahaha... no la, it's not crap. It was pretty interesting but I can't seem to recall what I actually learned... what to do... old already ma... Hahaha...

Friday, May 19, 2006

What Kind of Food Am I?

You Are Japanese Food

Strange yet delicious.
Contrary to popular belief, you're not always eaten raw.

Hahaha... baby, not all sushi is raw ler!!! So teman me eat next time k? Hahaha...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

New template


Okay, I know it's kinda outdated to announce my new template now but I don't really have anything else to write about. Anyways, I know it's a mushy & corny & lovey dovey (stop laughing, Jingz) template. But I really do like the way it turned out =)

Updated the 'me' section as well. Feel free to contribute to any of my wish list or even just a click for a hug. I know I'm not that lovable but just amuse me ok? Hehehe...

Really bored these days. Had some problems with the client of my job. Apparently they think I have not been working just cause they didn't see me at Cold Storage. I don't even know what time they came and all. It's even harder for them to see me cause I have to keep an eye out for stocks at 2 places. 1 is where I get most of my sales, the other is just where I keep an eye on how many people purchase other brands. Stupid stupid client... cannot find me then call agent la... agent got my number what... Don't simply accuse me. Lucky I have supervisor signatures & Cold Storage's chop. Proof that I was working!!!

Oh wow, turns out that I DID have something to blog about ^^. I've also just downloaded and installed Silk Road Online. It's supposed to be something like Ragnarok but it has a China setting. Have not tried it yet but I will soon. I wonder if I'm gonna get addicted... the graphics are good but the controls don't really appeal to me... But I will give it a try since I'm so bored. Haha...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

7th May 2006

On the 7th of May 2006, the day started off badly. I hated it cause it was my graduation and I didn't want to go. Never wanted it, never will want it... it's just a marketing gimmick which preys on people's weak minds so that the educational institution can make more money.


In my opinion, the ridiculous amount of money spent on a stupid piece of paper is more than enough proof that you have achieved something. In my case, I don't want a stupid ceremony unless I feel that I have EARNED it. I just went through the past 3 years with a breeze... sure, I had to study and all... but it wasn't 100% of my efforts... 80% at most...

I'll only agree to the stupid expensive pointless ceremony when I've used 200% of my efforts & brain power to get another stupid piece of paper. Bluekz...

If you're wondering why I went in the first place, my parents practically begged me to. Their money, their problem... Least I can do to make up for the thousands spent... they saw me in the stupid regalia & mortar board. The best thing was probably the colour of my sash... light blue. Not pink... hehehe...

Okies... after the stupid stupid ceremony, I had a great thing to look forward to: Genting.

Was meeting Queenie (my baby) at Pudu Raya so that we could all go up to Genting together ^^. There were 7 of us including me. Queenie came with Samantha, PeiLing, Mich and Feoyz. Met up with me & Lily at about 8 something, 9. We reached Genting at about 10.

Checked in and extended another night for my room, cost RM85 but it was worth it... anything to spend more time with my baby ^^. Then straight away we went to look for food! Was so so hungry. Ended up in Burger King, had a BBQ cheese burger. It was good... but not good the next day cause it gave me a really bad stomach ache >.<

Here's my baby acting angry at me... hehehe... so cut
e la ^^ feel like wanna cubit her cheeks only =P

Sam here... that's PeiLing's hands... hehehe...

We then went for a walk around at night. Took a few pictures here and there... Ended up in Coffee Bean. Didn't plan to sit down but baby loved the song that was playing (Aerosmith's "I don't want to miss a thing"), so we sat down and I got a drink while baby enjoyed the song & the cool air breeze. Sam & Mich joined us later cause PeiLing went to the casino... I want to go into the casino just to see what it's like... wait la... soon ^^.

Anyways, after Coffee Bean, we went back to our rooms to sleep...

The next day Queenie & I woke up late. About 9.30am. By the time we got ready, it was already after 10 so we didn't manage to get the complimentary breakfast. But it was ok, I wanted Mcd's breakfast anyways ^^.

We walked around some more before going for karaoke. Didn't sing except for a little of Eternal Flame. Just didn't feel like singing la... Never prepare beforehand also. Paiseh ma... Hahaha... After karaoke then I went walk walk with baby again. Oh yea, forgot to mention, I bought couple shirts from Extreme =) Really love them ^^. Supposed to be for Valentine's but who cares la... hehehe...
Here we are on the rollercoaster... Can't really tell where are we though >.<

That night we went for the Mysteria show with Sam & Mich. Was looking forward to the show for quite some time since I have an interest in magic tricks (I once spent RM50 on magic tricks). But I have alot more to learn after watching the show >.<>

Nice? Hehehe... I find this picture very sweet ^^

Anyways, on the last day, I bought something for my baby. I saw this cute little teddy bear, which was kinda flawed. It's face was kinda crooked but it attracted my attention right away. At first I just wanna get it for my baby so that she would have something to hug at night (I forgot that she has a BED full of soft toys...). But the lil cute thing ended up becoming - r y u - Jr. Yeap, my son. Hahahaha...

Meet - r y u - Jr.

When we reached KL, it turned out that Sam, PeiLing, Mich & Feoyz weren't going back so early cause Lily was bringing them for dinner somewhere. But baby had to be home early and she was scared to go alone. So, I went back to Penang with her. Hahaha... Just 1 phonecall to my dad and I was on the 3.30pm bus to Butterworth. Great huh? Another crazy spontaneous thing added to my list...

I'll write bout my stay at Butterworth soon. Now I've gotta go sleep... got work tomorrow. before I go, I'll leave you with Vern Vern & Hong Hong:

A pressie from my baby angel ^^ (Left: Vern Vern, Right: Hong Hong)
Aren't they adorable???

Thursday, May 11, 2006

1 great month ^^

11 April 2006 was when our journey began...

It is now 11 May 2006...

This is not the end.

We're just getting warmed up *wink*

I am currently so in love with my baby angel...

I know this post is so mushy & corny that it's embarrassing... but currently, I don't care... =)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

1:02:03 am
4th of May


Happens only once every thousand years I think... I mean, you do the math ^^

A special moment passed together with a special person...

Happy 3 weeks & 3 days baby =) *muaks*

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

10 Things I learned while working at a supermarket

Okay, I've accepted a job as a promoter for Fernleaf UHT Choc Milk. I have to stand at Cold Storage at BSC and just basically talk about the product, urging people to buy it. But since I do not have any samples, people just aren't interested. And this doesn't bother me at all since I do not get commission. Hehehe...
I work from 12 to 8, 1 hour break. So I stand 7 hours and my daily pay is RM70. So I make RM10 an hour which by the way, is more than twice the amount I make when I was working at Memory Lane. And the extra bonuses working this job is I get free sample food ^^. Got yoghurt, TimTam, bread, chips... Anyways, here are the 10 things I learned while working at a super market:

10. Old stock is pushed to the back of the shelves, new stock in front.
So people, take the ones at the front!!! Leave those at the back to expire!!! Hahaha... Seriously people, do you think the workers are so hard working that they will take out all the old stock, place the new ones in THEN place the old ones at the front???

9. When a customer takes a product, leaving an empty space, the product behind it will be shifted to the front to make the shelves look full
I think people are more willing to buy stuff when the shelves look full... full of abundance... hehehe... it's a psychological thing...

8. It's a pain in the ass to count stocks at the highest shelves
I am not tall enough... these shelves are tall... I have to look for an empty case to stand on before I can actually count everything. Lucky I only have little stock... maximum of 36 packs. The Hi5 brand has got like over 200packs >.<

7. Children own their parents when it comes to buying food
Really, as soon as the child says 'No', the product goes out of the trolley... But then again, we're talking about the rich people who live in Bangsar...

6. Gender roles are still very much evident in the current society, even with interracial/intercultural parents.
I saw this small girl, probably about 3-4 years old. Her mom was Indian or maybe some other dark skinned race and her dad was white. From his accent I think he's English. Anyways, the girl saw this phone toy. There were 2 types, 1 was pink & had Barbie on it while the other was blue & just a plain phone. The girl wanted the blue one, but the mom went "No baby, that's for boys, girls take this one" while handing the girl the pink one. Luckily the dad said "Let her have what she wants, it doesn't matter". Hmm... guess the English are more open minded... Hahaha...

5. You don't need a basket or trolley when you have alot of children. They each can carry an item. When there aren't any more hands, you know you've reach your limit (both physically & cash-wise)
Yes... I saw this with my very own eyes. A Malay family... with about 6-7 children... with all sizes... Each carrying an item, the parents & the older kids were carrying 2... Which was a rather hillarious sight ^^

4. Promoters consume most of the samples they're passing out themselves.
Need I say more? Refer to above for details...

3. Standing at the aisles promoting a pack of milk without any samples is stupid.
Yes... it's plain stupid. Very very stupid. It's like I have nothing better to do than to stand there and watch people pass me by while saying "Chocolate milk sir/madam/miss?" And people keep asking me for samples... HELLO?!?! Am I carrying any small cups and a tray??? I wish I was but I wasn't!!!

2. Cockroaches live in sushi rice.
This was a very very disgusting sight. It traumatized me since I'm terrified of cockroaches... eee... thinking of it just makes my skin crawl... Don't feel like buying any more sushi from supermarkets... >.<

1. Baby food has weird combinations.
Banana & Pear... need I say more?
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