Monday, January 26, 2009

Meeky the Mandarin

This post is for all the Chinese people away from home like me.

Happy Chinese New Year people!

Mandarin orange courtesy of Sam
Pictures taken by Joanne's camera

Disclaimer: Yes, 1 mandarin orange was sacrificed for this post
and also to give yours truly a feel of CNY at home XD

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nuffnang Perth Bloggers Meet

On Wednesday, 21/01/09 I went for my first Nuffnang Event =)

You guys know how much I support Nuffnang and how excited I was when I knew Nuffnang was coming to Australia. So, when there's a Nuffnang meet in Perth, HOW CAN I NOT GO LA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Held at the Brass Monkey Bar in Northbridge, Perth.

David, one of the local partners for Nuffnang Australia gave a short talk.

I was of course excited to meet Ming and a picture with him is a must-do.
One co-founder down, one more to go XD

From the left, William, Eugene, Me, Martyn, Mesha and 2 of the youngest bloggers at the meet (sorry I forgot your names).

I also met Bret, he's a marketing consultant here in Perth. Hope to be able to learn some stuff from him =)

I talked to alot of new people that night and had fun. Was rather nervous about going because I didn't know anyone but it turned out great.

And proof that Perth is so damn fucking small, Mesha, the first blogger I talked to at the meet is a friend's friend.

I really hope Nuffnang will have more events in Perth... it seems to be the forgotten city of Australia, we keep getting left out of everything =(

So yea, if you have a blog and you're not with Nuffnang, do sign up & join the community ^^

Friday, January 16, 2009

What a friend

Samantha says (1:02 AM):
no la
i make u drink vodka then kick u down the stairs

- R.K - says (1:02 AM):
Samantha says (1:02 AM):
after u knock ur head a bit..u'll b ok
- R.K - says (1:02 AM):
Samantha says (1:02 AM):
stairs got carpet
Samantha says (1:03 AM):
cliff dun have

See what kind of housemate I have?

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo glad I'm moving in with you AGAIN into the THIRD house soon...

I hope the new place doesn't have stairs... if apartment I better nail the windows shut in case you decide to throw me out of it...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roadtrip 2009!

To kick start the new year, I went on a road trip with my house mates and friends. We decided to go down south to Margaret River for the sceneries and wineries (oh, that rhymed! XD)

I know I have not updated for a while, but there's soooooooooooooooooo many pictures in this post, so please forgive me okay?

Not such a good start, got caught for speeding...

700 bucks!!! That's robbery!!! Sighz... double demerits ma...

Samantha, Keeran, Chi Chi and Ming.

I hate summer... way too many flies and they love hanging around in your face...
Stopped somewhere near the Margaret River town for a picnic lunch and flies decided to be the uninvited guests.

I find this sign very funny because it's next to the Gent's. Do you get it? Yes? No? It's okay, I can't explain. Hahaha...

The first stop in town: To get MAPS! And for accommodation, which by the way, were all full ):

This is one good way to market your product and make money. I mean, you're paying for a poster of logos of wineries while helping them to promote their products. Clever right?
Pay to work for them -____-

We stopped by this place which made handcrafts out of glass. Was interesting =)

The glass that this lady blew was so thin like plastic but breaks just like how glass does. Kinda makes me wonder what if it cut someone... that wound would be deep...

Next stop, Leuwin Estate!
Was kinda disappointed because my Tourism lecturer had praised this place so much but it was not up to expectation. Oh well...

The fly dance is the dance where you swat the flies away from your face XD

This is a nice one of all of us =)

Second winery we went to: Voyager Estate. The wines were just okay but the scenery there is beautiful!

Need I say more? XD

Perfect for weddings.
I'm very happy with how this picture turned out =)

Like I said, perfect for weddings.

Then we went to Mammoth Cave, which was such a great place to escape the heat. It was so cooling inside.

Can you see the lonely soul waiting?
There's an alien-like figure in the picture sitting alone.

The entry to the cave was 19AUD which included this MP3 player of the history of the cave for you to listen to while you walked around. Very interesting history of the cave and there were fossils in there too. But I couldn't see it clearly...

This is a slab of mineral which experienced discolouration which they called the Mammoth Shawl. There was only 1 in the whole cave.

Next stop, after trying to find accommodation in so many places, we gave up and decided to drive up North towards home. On the way we stopped at the Busselton Jetty.

It is supposed to be the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere.
Can you see the end of it?

I just like this picture. No idea why =)

That's all the pictures I have of this trip. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures, that was a really long post!

p.s. It's a new year, while it was not a pleasant ride recently,
I'm glad things are well between us. And that's all that matters.

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