Friday, January 23, 2009

Nuffnang Perth Bloggers Meet

On Wednesday, 21/01/09 I went for my first Nuffnang Event =)

You guys know how much I support Nuffnang and how excited I was when I knew Nuffnang was coming to Australia. So, when there's a Nuffnang meet in Perth, HOW CAN I NOT GO LA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Held at the Brass Monkey Bar in Northbridge, Perth.

David, one of the local partners for Nuffnang Australia gave a short talk.

I was of course excited to meet Ming and a picture with him is a must-do.
One co-founder down, one more to go XD

From the left, William, Eugene, Me, Martyn, Mesha and 2 of the youngest bloggers at the meet (sorry I forgot your names).

I also met Bret, he's a marketing consultant here in Perth. Hope to be able to learn some stuff from him =)

I talked to alot of new people that night and had fun. Was rather nervous about going because I didn't know anyone but it turned out great.

And proof that Perth is so damn fucking small, Mesha, the first blogger I talked to at the meet is a friend's friend.

I really hope Nuffnang will have more events in Perth... it seems to be the forgotten city of Australia, we keep getting left out of everything =(

So yea, if you have a blog and you're not with Nuffnang, do sign up & join the community ^^


joshuaongys said...


Jimi said...

cool but why not many people attended the gathering?


panda said...

nice!! hope more NN events will come ur way :)

Lisalicious said...

oh many people attended?

-R·K- said...

[joshuaongys] =)

[Jimi] Perth is already very small, bloggers appear to be a rare community... I guess that's why.

[panda] I hope more will come too =)

[Lisalicious] hmm... probably about 20? Some brought their spouses and friends.

millymin said...

YOu must be the shortest and skinniest blogger in Perth!~

Will said...

hahah at least you remembered Eugene's name.. Unlike Mesha.

I didn't get to try the chicken drumstick though. :(
too busy socialising.

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