Friday, March 30, 2007

Car number plates

One of the most amusing thing I find in Perth is the car number plates. You can customize them and put any names you want on them (considering that they are not obscene, I suppose). I don't think you can do this back in Malaysia because, well, Malaysians will be Malaysians and obscene stuffs will start popping up.

Anyways, here are some of the funny and weird number plates that I've seen which I find rather amusing:

And even...

...on a (you guessed it) Black Mercedes. It was one of those sporty 2 door coupes... SLK or CLK... Can't remember... not really a fan of Mercedes.

But I experienced something really funny when I was driving the other day. This other car had the number plate:

What's so funny about JANA?

Well, when you see the plate through your mirror... it becomes:

Yeap... ANAL. I was like "Who wanna put ANAL on their number plate????" Then I realized I was looking at the reflection. So, it was actually JANA. But poor girl... turn her name the other way round and you get ANAL...

So now you know... that you should not put JANA as your number plate =P (Hehe... borrowed Beng Han's famous quote. Hope you don't mind ya, I give you permission to use my "Are you reading this" la...)

I also found a notice on the notice board selling a number plate. It was:

The guy wanted AUD200 for it... siao gila...

Then that got me thinking... Since the ang mohs here don't know Cantonese, I'm considering getting this registered:

Should I? XD

*I don't have any actual pictures of the number plates cause I'm usually driving when I see these number plates. Either that or the driver's on the car... I don't wanna get whacked for taking a pic leh...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm back!

Finally, I've got my internet connected at home after waiting for a whole freaking month!!! Apparently my application for broadband got lost/rejected/eaten (I have no idea what happened to it since the Optus representative only told me the application disappeared) so I had to wait even longer.

Originally I was supposed to wait for about 2 weeks or 10-14 working days. That was fine with me.

Then the 2 weeks passed...

I made an inquiry and found out about my application. The guy apologized and said that they "escalated" my application so that it could be done in 24hrs. But this didn't happen.

I made a few more calls, stating my dissatisfaction (I was so angry that my housemate was scared...) and I wanted a definite answer.

The guy said "It will most likely be up by Tuesday, if not, DEFINITELY by Wednesday."

Since he was a nice guy, I said "OK".

And on Wednesday, I made another call to Optus' customer service and asked about my connection.

They told me my connection was not to be connected until Friday.

I blew up.

The poor guy transfered me to the technical support representative whom I continued to abuse with statements of my dissatisfaction until she said "I'll give you a month's credit".

That calmed me down and I asked when I could get my connection. She said after 9am on Thursday.

Which is today.

Good on her for actually getting it right.

Or else I will definitely blow up again.

So, now in total I have 3 months free (the 2 months is from their current promotion) out of my 24 month contract. Muahaha...

Moral of the story is: "Always complain when dissatisfied. When you annoy someone enough, you will get what you want" =P

And for those of you who missed me while I was gone, here's a very yengz pic of me XD

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am not dead.

Yes, just a short post to let you guys know that I am still alive.

Yes. I am not dead.

Just internet-less. Because of stupid Telstra. Do not do business with Telstra. DO NOT!

Stupid people give me so much trouble. Already more than 2 weeks but still cannot get my internet from Optus cause something about Telstra denying or rejecting my application or some crap. Shall know more soon.

And Jilly, I've updated. Go put on a shirt. You can't always be naked.

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