Friday, December 09, 2005

Hehe... have not been updating since I came back to KL. Yeap, I'm HOME!!! Arrived on the 27h Nov 2005 @ 10 pm & was out of KLIA by 11pm. Thanks so much to my friends who came and picked me up =D Sorry that you gus got lost on the way though... Kekeke...

Anyways, first stop was ABC mamak!!! Damn, I really missed my maggi goreng XD Is it just me or does it taste even better than before? Hehehe... Anyways, I arrived home at 2am and my parents though they saw a ghost or still dreaming =P

Spent the next few days lazing at home, clearing up my room & luggage. Then I went up to Genting for a 1 day trip with pika-lynn, Will (her boyfriend) and this guy Chin Han. Decided to go since she was gonna start work and might not be able to see me then and Will wanted to meet me (ps: Will, sorry my hair wasn't spiked in all it's glory that day =P I'll remember to style it nicely when I meet ya next time ^^).

Image hosted by
Look at her hair!!! The colours are so bright that I noticed her once she got out of the car... it was like shouting "LOOK AT ME!!!" Lolz... Stupid gurl playing with Han's PDA while waiting for the corkscrew ride... I'm kinda immune to rollercoasters already... But I'm still too chicken to go on the Space Shot after the trip where I sat it twice in a row and felt like I was floating on air after that...

Image hosted by
Hehehe... She's holding Han's camera. The latest Nikon 7900... 7.1 MP man... *drools*

Image hosted by
Here's me... clowning around as usual... I prefer Pepsi though... which reminds me... I WANT PEPSI TWIST!!! Btw, Pepsi in Perth sucks... it doesn't have enough taste... don't know why...

Image hosted by
Yes, we're retarded.

And this wasn't the most retarded thing we did... we went on the retarded-oops- i mean the kiddy rides. Who am I kidding, they're retarded rides when you're too old for them... Yeap, we went on the spinning cups, merry-go-round and those space ships that go round & round... Why the hell am I saying how retarded am I?!?!?!

Image hosted by
Pweety flowers @.@

Well, that was my trip. Going to Genting again for a 2 day 1 night trip next week. But before that, I'm getting my car tomorrow!!! Finally!!! TRUE FREEDOM!!! Yumcha anyone?? =D

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Finished my exams today!!! I'm FREE!!! Until next year Feb 10th... that's when I fly back to Perth to do my Masters of Marketing IF I pass my Bachelor...
But I don't really care now.
Anyways, I finished exams at 12pm. Didn't go very well but at least I know I can pass it. Just need 10% and it's a PASS. Came back for a while to wait for Eric to come and pick me up. Then met up with Kim & Stephanie for the movie:
Image hosted by
(Picture from

I wouldn't say it was good but I won't say it was that bad either. Sure, the scenes were not really original, lame jokes, not much chemistry between the actors (except for Meryl Streep) but it made me laugh. Though it was rather tiring to sit through the sex scenes cause seriously, it was BORING...
But the look on Meryl Streep's face when Rafi (Uma Thurman) said Dave's (Bryan Greenberg) penis was so beautiful that she wanted to make a little hat for it was hillarious!!! Imagine you're a therapist and your client comes and say that about your son's penis. How the hell would you react???
I guess I managed to laugh and relate to Meryl's character since I'm - oops! I mean WAS (XD) - a Psych student and the scenes of therapy brings back vague memories of my counselling class. Hahaha... But anyways, a therapist seeing another therapist is just hillarious...
One character was quite funny, he's Dave's good friend (didn't catch his name) and he's funny cause he would throw cream pies into a girl's face if she refused to go out on a second date with him. Lolx... I wonder how the he got the idea =P
I paid 8.50 AUD for the show and I don't think it was worth it. So guys, you know what to do =P
Will update again later I guess, or maybe not since I have to start packing =D
I'm coming home!

Monday, November 21, 2005

A little treat for the ones who are stressed...

Or those who are fans of FF7 =)

Click here.

Look and thank me later ^^.

Trust me, it took away my stress... amazing what a little drawing and sick sick imagination can do. Bwahahahahhaa...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ugh... I'm suffering from LPS... >.<

Friday, November 18, 2005

Your element is Shadow: Indifferent, unusual,
gentle and a complete mystery. No one tends to
know quite what to think of you because you
camouflage your emotions so incredibly well,
almost as well as your thoughts. You are
unpredictable in that no one knows exactly what
your going to do or what your capable of and
you've made sure they never will. You are quite
the wallflower but deep down inside is a kind
and very intelligent person. You are capable of
love but unless you let some light into your
shadowed life you'll have a hard time with your
relationships. People are a mystery only
because they all seem too superficial, you
would rather be somewhere else. Away from all
the noise, perhaps putting your feelings into a
form of art. Such as writing your feelings into
a poem or journal, or perhaps painting a
picture. The shadows make you feel comfortable
and you don't like to step outside your comfort
zone or let anyone else in, the spotlight
terrifies you. You are truly a mystery.

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
brought to you by Quizilla

Monday, November 14, 2005

It was Grace's birthday yesterday and we had a little pary for her. More like a gathering but oh well... Here's a couple of pictures to keep you people entertained ^^.

Image hosted by
The ice cream cake which had Freddo the Frog ^^. It tasted like Paddlepop... the rainbow one which was nice =)

Image hosted by
Me "big sis" and I...

Image hosted by
The birthday gal and me... and the fluffy bunny's Adam Jr. (he has a belly button! XD). Btw, I know I look really weird in this pic... like some kinda gangster or something...

Image hosted by

I know I should REALLY be studying now since I have my first paper tomorrow. I just got my major project marks... got a 34.5 over 50. I think it's really good considering it's a last minute job =P. My total marks for RM322 now is 49.5. The exam tomorrow is worth another 25%... I guess I'm just getting a credit at most for RM322... But it's better than a fail =P Just need to pass all 4 subs then I can GRADUATE!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

A day of vainity (and a poor imitation of a Mastercard advertisement)...

Haircut & colour by Michelle Mok :: 10.00 AUD

Colour products supplied by Shi-Ban Hair Salon :: 20.00 AUD

REDKEN hair treatment :: 23.25 AUD

Image hosted by

American Crew Citrus Mint clay :: 29.95 AUD

Image hosted by

KMS shampoo and conditioner (4 packets) :: 1.00 AUD

Image hosted by

Total of 84.20 AUD.

And the results ::

Image hosted by
Front view... (damn, my eye bags are bad... I look like a panda =.=")

Image hosted by
Side view...

One word :: Priceless XD *rolls on the floor laughing*

First time I spend so much on my hair... But I think it's worth it =P It's my 'therapy' since exams are coming soon ^^.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm finally done with my assignments & presentations!!! WOOHOO!!!

*jumps around in ecstacy for a few seconds*

Okay, fun's over... back to exams...

As some of you may know, I celebrated my 20th birthday recently. I failed to "disappear" during the day as I had planned since I didn't feel like celebrating. Not cause I'm getting old (hell, I wanna die now!) but cause of other reasons that makes me moody and sad. I thought that since it was my birthday, I can at least choose to be sad & sulk all day if I want and not be forced to smile...

But the ISC guys kidnapped and dragged me out to Moon Cafe instead... But they are really sweet and nice people... though they blackmailed me into going out!!! Hehehe... Here's the pics from that night:

Image hosted by
Here's the cake my "dad" Eric got me =P Chocolate ice cream cake from Gelato (I think... or was it Gelare??) And it was FREEZING!!! But it was delicious all the same ^^

Image hosted by
Here's me wif da cake... yes, I know I look funny... But I was seriously very very tired. I had class at 8am ok... Been awake since 7am and this was taken a little after 11pm...

Image hosted by
My piece of the cake. One word: HUGE! Couldn't finish it in the end =( Was so full... not to mention there were 3 bowls of fries and a bowl of wedges on the table before the cake came...

Image hosted by
The people who make my life in Perth bearable... in fact, they're the reason I have a life... sad... I know... But seriously, I really love being with em... (and some will know that I love being with a certain person in this picture much much more even though it causes me SO MUCH PAIN!!! =P) Hehe... THANKS GUYS!!!

And you'll never guess what I did the next day...

Image hosted by

No... not paintball... the proper pronounciation is PAINtball. Yep, emphasize the PAIN in PAINtball.

It was a Saturday and I was awake at 7am and off to UWA at 7.30am... Paid the fee which was $55 (quite reasonable I reckon...) and got on the bus to where the PAINtball place was.

Image hosted by
My not awake face while in the bus...

The place was really really REALLY far away. Took us about an hour to reach. And it was really isolated. How isolated? So isolated that their toilet is a stall in the middle of the car park. Yep, THAT isolated. We were ushered into a small warehouse by a guy who barked like a millitary captain.

He explained the rules and all. They had a very interesting punishment for people who didn't follow the rules... they place the person in a shooting range. Basically they take the offender and place 5 people in front of him and fire until he gets 10 shots. According to that guy, people learn faster that way... Unfortunately for our group of people, someone did break the rules (I think he forgot to keep his mask on or something) and ended up in the shooting range...

As bad as I may sound, I found it funny cause the 5 people who were told to shoot him are friends and when they hit him, they say sorry. WTF?!

Imagine this:


*PHAK!!!* <-- the sound a paintball makes when it makes oh-so-painful contact with your body

"SORRIE!!!" *prepares to aim again*

Image hosted by
The masks we had to wear... they STINK!!! Really really bad...

Image hosted by
The rack of guns... they call them 'markers'.

Image hosted by
BEFORE: Just gotten into the camouflage overalls and getting in the mood to kick ass!!!

Image hosted by
AFTER: Beaten and battered by gawd knows how many PAINtball pellets... btw, I used 400 pellets... the average number of pellets used was 300 per person and there were 18 of us. Can you imagine the number of hits each of us took if everyone had a 5% accuracy rate???

Image hosted by
Renee, Eric & - r y u -. This was taken before going into battle. Look how CLEAN we are. Hehehe...

Image hosted by
My friend's super huge bruise on her back. Seriously, when all of us were complaining about our bruises & aches, she calmly showed us this and everyone went "OMFG!!!" Seriously, everyone had "WTF!?!?! THAT IS ONE HUGE BRUISE!!!" written across their faces... it was the size of a MD.

Image hosted by
I was also not spared... this bruise appeared the next day after PAINtball. This pic was taken 3 days after I got hit and it has been growing ever since >.< now =")">And the moral of the story is?

If you're gonna go for PAINtball, make sure you hurt someone more than you get hurt yourself =P I'm so evil...

P.S. I shot this poor guy in close range of less than 1 metre twice on the collarbone and a head shot from a far as well. The first time was seriously self-defense cause he shot me 3 times close range but all bullets deflected (lucky me! but it still hurts!) and I got him instead =P

That was a LOOONG entry... hope ya all enjoyed reading & looking at pictures of my misery & pain. Hahaha...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Me & my gurl, Jingz.

Image hosted by

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Image hosted by

United? Maybe yes... maybe no... who knows eh?

Anyways, just got back from class (was from 8-9am). Amazingly, I paid attention most of the time. The topic was quite interesting... sorta questioning the reality of the world and what we are REALLY doing with our research and science. And to think it was Research Methods =P it's usually stats and tests... I like 3rd year RM322... I would love it even more if I don't have to base what I say on what other people has already said >.<

Gotta get back to work... Group meeting is at 1 but I have yet to finish the PP slides for presentation tomorrow. I'm presenting about Chinese Funerals <-- Yep... we're sad, sad, SAD people...

Ooops! One more thing: Happy Birthday Nicole!!! Wishing you all the best =) Can't wait to see you when I get back.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results
Warmth ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Intellect ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||| 38%
Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Liveliness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Dutifulness |||||||||||| 38%
Social Assertiveness ||||||||||||||| 46%
Sensitivity |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Paranoia ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Abstractness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Introversion ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Anxiety ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Independence |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Perfectionism |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Tension ||||||||||||||| 50%
Take Cattell 16 Factor Test (similar to 16pf)
personality tests by

Hmm... Doing this when I should be doing my essay... but then again... I'M SO BORED!!!
I'll update this bloggie when I'm done with uni work... I've got loads of pics to show =)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

My new baby:

Image hosted by

Yep, Sony Ericsson's z800 =D Isn't it gorgeous? Hahaha... got it at a good price too from eBay. Well, it's kinda like my early BDay pressie to myself though my BDay has another 2 months to go >.< But when I saw this phone I knew I just had to have it ^^. Me and my compulsive tendencies... Oh well...

Monday, August 29, 2005

It's the start of my week free. But it's not exactly free as I have tonnes of work to do. Assignments, debates, interviews, ISC duties... Yeap, I am the Events Director for the Multicultural Week (MCW) committe in the International Students Committee. Got the position after the former Events Director went MIA (Missing In Action). Yep, she just went *poof* and gone. So I was offered the position and I took it. But I'm kinda regretting it now... so much work, so little time >.<
Anyways, here's the pics from my trip to the Caversham Wildlife Park.

Image hosted by
Baby joey & Mummy kangaroo with -ryu- ^^. Yep, the joey is white & it's fur is VERY VERY soft!!! Wish I can hug it but we're not allowed to. We can only stroke it's back gently cause if you irritate it, they'll stand on their tails and kick you. Now, I don't want that to happen but if you don't believe me, try touching their pouch for yourself. I ain't gonna be heald responsible =P

Image hosted by
Hehe... Ain't it cute?

Image hosted by
Attack of the kangaroos!!! This one dirtied my jeans... bad bad kangaroo!!!

Image hosted by
Looking for more food. Hehe... look at it's eyes =P Doesn't it just make you wanna give him more food? But there was a sign telling us not to over feed them since they're already overweight, so... sorry >.<

Image hosted by
This baby joey sleeps just like us! So so cute ^^. They love lying in the sun... sun baking. Haha...

Image hosted by
Now, apart from the kangaroos, there were also other animals, like this one legged bird. Nah, it has two legs, it just hid one of them beneath its wings. I have know idea why they do that... to conserve energy? Hehehe...

Image hosted by
Ferret!!! Found this little guy in a small cage above some chickens. I hope to own one someday... But ferrets are expensive.

Image hosted by
They had camel rides! Was $5 but decided to go for it anyways. Should always experience new stuff =)

Image hosted by
Here I am with my friend on the camel when it just got up... now, that wasn't a nice experience. I hurt my back when it got up and again when it sat down. It kinda jerked us in 2 directions in a split second as it moved. So, I felt as if something was dislocated in my back T.T

Image hosted by
WARNING: Lamas eat anything. Haha... this is an unfortunate incident that happened to my friend where her map of the park was eaten by this lama ^^; They also spit, so, stay away!

Image hosted by
No Kitty, DON'T JUMP!!! Lolz... it's not a cat... just something that looks like a cat. Don't remember its name.

Image hosted by
And of course, the Koala! I'm in Australia after all =D They sleep 23 hrs a day. I wanna be a Koala @.@ Just imagine... -ryu- the koala... sounds good no? Hehe...

Image hosted by
And this is Dozer! She's about 2 years old and is a common wombat. She weighs about 15kgs... pretty heavy >.< She's like a baby. After this pic was taken, she turned towards the guide and stretched out her arms wanting to go back to the guide. So cute ^^

Image hosted by
After the wildlife park, we went to this Chocolate factory. It was amazing... the chocolates were really good (they had samples but people were digging in... hey, free chocs, I'll grab the whole basket if the woman at the counter wasn't staring daggers saying "Those are for SAMPLING ONLY!") Well, I shared this piece of cake with 2 other friends. It was okay, not THAT amazing...

Yeap, that's all folks =)

Friday, August 26, 2005

As you can see, I've decided to change the layout of my blog, mainly cause some people couldn't view it properly. I'm still working on it, it's far from perfect but I will do my best admist all the stress & assignments I have >.< Anyways, here's something to keep you entertained till my next post:
Image hosted by
Yep, these are my RA's shoes which are outside his room (just opposite of mine). Who in the blue hell needs 12 pairs of shoes??? Gawd...

Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm bored... I can't sleep... sighz... Nevermind, I'll just see what can I crap up now...
Oh yea, today in my Human Factors class, I heard 2 really disgusting stories. Now, it may seem trivial to some people but I don't want to cause any upset stomachs or traumatized minds. The stories are about the simple errors that people make, that sometimes lead to really, really bad results...
So, before I begin, any of you who think you can't be able digest it, please don't read the following paragraphs in red. I'm putting this warning because when my lecturer was telling them to us, I imagined every scene in my head and the last scene wasn't pretty >.<
Alright then... here we go:

Story 1: Medical human error...
Ray was a 32 year old man who has just been diagnosed with cancer in his left shoulder. So he had to undergo radioactive therapy. As he lay down in the machine, (I forgot what was it called) he thought of nothing much as this was his 9th time getting the treatment. The first 8 went fine. He got into position and waited for the treatment to begin.
In the control room, Mary-Beth was keying in the information into the computer so that the machine would be able to aim at Ray's tumor accurately. The machine has 2 functions, 1 was for X-ray and the other was an electron beam. To use the X-ray, the 'X' key is to be pressed while the electron beam is activated by the 'E' key. Pretty simple.
But Mary-Beth entered X on her first trial. But she noticed her mistake immediately and went back to the controls and pressed E. The computer screen now showed that Ray was to be aimed with the electron beam. So she presses 'Enter' to commence the treatment.
But little did she knew, the machine was never given a command of X then changing to E. This 'bug' or faulty command was never tested out by the designers or engineers of the machine. But this bug caused the machine to malfunction.
For both X-ray and electron beam, there is a metal plate which lessens the intensity of the beams before hitting the patient. But during the malfunction, the metal plate was retracted and there was nothing between the beam and Ray. An X-ray beam is alot more powerful than an electron beam (I've forgotten the exact numbers). And also during the malfunction, the beam was still for X-ray and not electron beam like it showed on Mary-Beth's computer screen.
There is a small video camera and a mic in the machine to enable communication between the control room and the machine room where the patient was in. But on that day, both were unplugged. Therefore, Mary-Beth could not communicate with ray and vice versa.
After Mary-Beth had pressed 'Enter', the screen showed the word 'Malfunction'. She thought it was just a bug, no big deal, she reseted the computer and entered Ray's treatment again. But the machine was still in a malfunctioning state, the X-ray beam was still used without the metal plate.
In the machine, Ray heard the machine working and he should recieve the treatment of an invisible ray which he could not have felt. But instead of that, he heard a frying sound and a searing pain through his shoulder.
When Mary-Beth entered the treatment again, the screen once again showed that there was a malfunction and she thought the treatment has not commenced. So she restarted the computer and entered the treatment again. The same thing happened. So she repeated the steps again, and again, and again, and again, and again...
By now, Ray has already recieved almost 25,000 times the amount of his supposed treatment. He called out to Mary-Beth "Hey, you're pressing the wrong button!" But Mary-Beth can't hear him. He lay there in pain.
Finally Mary-Beth gave up and told the nurses to wheel Ray out of the machine room. A few weeks after that, the same thing happened to another patient and Mary-Beth was also the controller of the machine.
By now, doctors were suspecting that Ray has been over-exposed to radiation. The engineers were called to the machine room and sure enough, they found the malfunction and alerted the company that designed the machine.
Ray's flesh around his shoulder and neck started to disinegrate and fall off. He died 4 months later.

Well, that was pretty shocking for me. And it was a true story... happened in the 80s. Kinda makes you wonder what could go wrong...

I was writting the 2nd story when I decided not to as it is bringing back really disgusting images in my head. So I'm not gonna write it...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I have been told that I don't look my age. Really? Seriously, how old do you people think I am? People have been telling me I look 17 or 18. When I tell them my real age, they are shocked >.< Anyways, have a look at this pic:
Image hosted by
Cool eh? Taken by my friend, Jing a.k.a my 'kaima'. Hehehe... She's in Gippsland in Melbourne and it actually snowed!!! I kinda photoshoped the pic to make the snow much more visible =)

Image hosted by
And this is Jing (left) with her friend. Beautiful? Ofcourse, and there's NO photoshop done at all. Hehehe... anyways, if you wanna know more about her, click here.
**updated:: Jing is on da left... not right... poor me... right & left also can't differenciate >.< Sorry Jing!**

Image hosted by
Looks like it's promoting leng luis day for me =) This other gurl here is my good friend. Since she posted my pic on her blog, I've decided to return the favor. Hahaha... Anyways, visit her blog as well =) (p.s. guess who did the layout for her site ^^)
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