Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Thing About Donuts

That's supposed to be me pouncing on a donut.
Yes... *sweat*

Picture courtesy of Leon.

My housemate, Sam, works at Donut King so, sometimes she'll bring back free donuts for us =D

It's an attempt to fatten me, but hey, I still weigh 44kg XD

It's not like I don't eat them. I do.

In fact, I eat them in such scary proportions that Sam has to warn Leon that I may gobble up everything before he could come and have some. Thus, the picture of me pouncing on a donut came up...

So, Leon has to negotiate with me so that I would leave him a Jam Ball (the dinosaurs are my fav but Jam Balls are just so fun to bite into ^^) because the last time he came, I took the last Jam Ball and bit it in front of him. MUAHAHAHAHAHA... I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo evil.

For those wondering how many did I eat in a night, it was a whole box, which according to Sam, had 6 in it. Not the small cinnamon ones, but the big dinosaurs and other donuts.

Yes, give me a box of dinosaur donuts and I'll meng-extinct-kan them in 1 night ^^

Hell, we were watching Australia's Got Talent last night and Sam and Chee Sheng said I should join it saying that my talent is chomping down on tonnes of donuts with regards to my size............. -________________-|||

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Workplace Hazards

Working at GMask has taken its toll on me both mentally and physically thus the creation of this post for your entertainment XD

My recent achievements are the following:

From a plain black Samsung phone, I painfully stuck crystals one by one to make the following:

Am I good or what? XD
This stupid back took me 4-5 hours to finish ok??!?!?!!

Pretty? The girl didn't say how she wanted the front so I just improvised a lil XD

But spending almost 5-6 hours STARING at that phone doesn't come with any side effects...

Here's the consequences:

Yes, yes... I know... lame... laugh all you want...
But after I did that phone, I couldn't differentiate the shades of purple -__________-|||

And then, there was this:

A brand new SONY headphones covered by me...
I do think it turned out rather okay :)

An upclose look XD

And of course, there were consequences for this as well...

My new glasses...
Don't pray pray... XD

Okay, enough of lame-ness... I do have an intelligent side of me which is current suppressed by lack of sleep, too much work and emo-ness. So forgive me okay?

To those asking for Part 3, you might just get it...
I said MIGHT... not SURELY...

Short talk:
If missing you is wrong, falling for you should be forbidden.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

To those who don't believe...

For those who don't believe I'm a mean shot with a 9mm, here's proof:

The bullet holes may seem small (9mm only ma...) but I hit all the vital places XD

So... beware!


Short talk:
Drama belongs on TV. Period.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amusing Miss P Threats

I'm currently at work... waiting for the caffeine in my latte to kick in...

So, while I'm in this stoned stage, I remembered the threats that a certain Miss P said.

While we were playing pool, Yan told her to how to take a shot and it missed. Looking very angry, she pointed at Yan and said


All of us were stunned for a while before laughing our heads off.

Yan went "OoOOOoooo... I'm sooooooo scared".

That was amusing threat number 1.

Amusing threat number 2 is:


. . .

*blink blink*

Yes... amusing...

Then I got to thinking about threat number 3. This has not happened but it just popped into my head.

She has this "fish sock" which is a fish made out of socks and beans... (which by the way is UBERLY cute can?)

So POTENTIAL amusing threat number 3 would be:



p.s. Miss P don't angry la ok? I'll buy you ice cream ok? XD

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A PLU Story (Part 2)

This is more of a “follow up” post to the guest post I had. While many PLUs have been in that situation, I know that there are girls out there who have been hurt by TBs before as well.

All I have to say regarding this is that the current new generation of TBs all can go fuck themselves. Most of them give TBs a bad name. Not to mention that the trend amongst the younger kids these days is that its cool to be a TB and for the girl’s side, it’s cool to have a TB by your side. The cuter the TB, the better. It’s like we’re an accessory to match your clothing. I have given up hope in regards to this issue… It’s a phase that will pass (I hope…).

Back to my main point; from the previous post, I guess it is like the perfect example of how stupid and yet loyal a TB can be. Why do we choose to be this way?

I dare say that unless you’ve had the love of a TB, you have not experienced true love.


Not cause we’re willing to take a bullet for you.

Not cause if you’re sick we’ll care for you.

Not cause we will do the dishes after dinner.

Not cause we buy you flowers and anything you want that we can get…

Those are what’s expected of us as we have to compete for your attention.

What you don’t know is that we do all that not to get into your pants (I can’t say the same for some TBs, but I digress…) but it’s because we do not ever want to let go of such a gift.

Yes, we see you as a gift. We know that we’re damn fucking lucky to actually find a girl we love who would actually return the feelings.



We’re so used to getting rejected, ignored, neglected, used and mistreated that one day when all of a sudden we meet a girl who does not do that to us…

That’s when we fall even more just when we think we’ve reached the bottom. When we thought we could not love you anymore, we realize that the feelings could actually go deeper and we’d kick our own asses if we ever let go.

Hell, we’d even take a gun to our own heads if we made that mistake…

While I know that there are TBs out there who play around, they are but a minority. These are the TBs who are (unfortunately, for the good TBs) good looking, rich and knows how to sweet talk. They jump from 1 girl to another without even blinking an eye… I believe they need to be shot… with a shotgun… at close range… (FYI, I know how to fire one and I’m a mean aim with a 9mm).

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that we have feelings too… and believe it or not, even after all the getting-used-to to all the crap we get, our feelings are extremely sensitive and fragile.

So, break our hearts if you must… but just remember, we’d still love you with all the small pieces…

Monday, April 21, 2008

A PLU Story

This is a "guest" entry by a fellow PLU who needs an outlet to vent her feelings. I am more than willing to provide her with this because I have been in this situation before and I'm sure many other PLUs have too...


Its cold walking home along the streets at night now. Come nightfall, it hits below 20degrees here. 8pm, I wouldn't want imagine how I much colder it'll be if I left your place any later. But I don't have any reason for that now, I leave straight after dinner, no later than 8.30...dinner doesn't take that long anyway, even after I 'm done washing up.

Here's one PLU...thats very broken right now. C'mon..shine the spot lights and usher me into a direction where I'm welcome. To the group where the hearts of girls' were given up for other girl's, unconditionally, and most often love is returned...unrequited. C'mon..embrace me, I know there's alot of us...its true, which PLU hasn't had her heart broken by a girl before? I got it twice. From the same girl. No wait, I think it was everyday that you broke my heart because you never realized just how much I loved you.

I'd reckon, that its either I've been screwing up all along, or its that I am coming to survive what would be the lowest period of my life.

I believe that when it comes to relationships, gay people have it the hardest. Take it from me who's been 'undercover' for this long, to finally find a babe whom I think is godsent, intelligent, has enough guts to speak her mind with me, who's gentle, but most of all..she made me complete, and she gave me this lifetime of pain. She filled the gaps within my soul that I felt were empty, and she gave me warmth whenever I held her close to me.

But now I can't even touch her or even look her in the eye. Because every time I do, I know that he's done the same for her...and perhaps even further.

Its disgusting, and it makes me sick.

I can't even sit on your couch anymore. Cos thats where I walked in on the both of you with your hands locked together. That image is haunting me. And thats exactly how fragile my conscience is now.

Does he know that you've been puking in the bathroom? You haven't been well the whole day. C'mon girl, I've held you when you were throwing up during camp last year and I've nursed you before when you were sick. I know when something's wrong with you. I could gather already by the speed of which you rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door that you were throwing up inside. But he probably didn't notice anything, he had his headphones on all the while.

*I knock on your door*'ve been puking.


Take care, see you tomorrow.

Hopefully the one you chose over me knows how to care for you. But I don't think he'll ever feel as much pain as I do, from the one who has to pretend not to care anymore.

I hope he knows that you need your space, if not you'll start suffocating. He should know that your biggest fear, is getting bored in a relationship. Sien. You and I both know that we need time alone. Does he know...that more often than not, you try so hard to be strong but yet inside, like are yearning for support and encouragement. 'Everything's gonna be okay babe, I promise'

I seem to be able to understand your actions, comprehend your fears and be sensitive to your feelings...But somehow, I can't seem to understand why you gave him a chance...and not me. Its like you can be everything someone wants, and everything someone needs..and you can say all the right things at exactly the right time..but yet I mean nothing to you, and I don't know why.

If he hurts you..and makes you cry, I promise..that however hurt you feel, it comes back to me threefold. And I'll condemn him for life, because he's just another man like all the rest who can't appreciate whats f*cking in front of him.

What makes a girl fall in love with another girl when she could easily just fall in love with a man. Not that I think of him..whom you have feelings for, as much of a man anyway, I'm sorry to say that. But I simply can't see what you find in him. Or worse, what hurts the most... is that, what has he done for you that I haven't already tried? Why did you give him a chance and not and a half years ago. And that is exactly what I can't get over. Don't tell me that different people want different things..there's nothing I haven't done before to make you fall in love with me, there's nothing I haven't done to show you in just about every f*cking possible way that I love you. And now I am just so tired because all it took was just a man...a could have just been just about any guy couldn't it? Just as long as it was a make you...fall.

But I guess it was an obvious choice for you. Its so much easier to conform, why go through all the trouble of coming out to your friends and family and facing all that rejection? I bet you'll be embarrassed. Anyway, you were always into that marriage-finding-the-perfect-husband-and-having-cute-babies thing. But somehow you have a thing for girls too. PLU's..we all agree that Mr.Right can sometimes be a she, but given the fact that when you're gay, things are more complicated. Why would a girl who is bi choose to be with a girl when life is so much easier when you're with a man? You have to be strong enough. But be straight...and you'll skip all the difficult steps. Anyone one of us could do that, but I refuse to acknowledge my lifestyle and preference for a choice, it is who I am. Why....? Because I love myself enough to be gay.

I loved myself enough to come up to you and say that I felt for you, even if I knew the probablity of rejection was close to 1.

I loved myself enough to take one and a half years of mixed feelings of euphoria and utter pain whenever you were by my side...even if I was nothing more but a friend to you.

I loved myself enough waste so much emotion on you, because you made me happy.

Go, ask him if he's willing to take a bullet through the head for you...don't worry I'll be your shield if he chicken's out, he probably will anyway. I won't move an inch.

Moral of the story is, don't fall in love with a girl who is bi...for the sake of your heart. Or maybe...maybe I should just quit looking. I'm so tired already.

And now I think its time for me to love myself again, and let you go.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boy or Girl?

I'm sure you all remember Chivas, my house's lil cutie kitten who is turning into a cat pretty soon.


How can you forget such a cute face?!?!?!?!

So yea, my housemate, Ming, thinks that Chivas is actually a female although his cert CLEARLY STATES that he is a MALE!

He argues that it is because Chivas doesn't have any balls.

Yes, Sam & I went -___________________-"

So we kinda argued a while regarding Chivas' balls. Yes, weird conversation, I know... And ended up Google-ing cat nipples.

No, not cat porn. *ROFL*

Anyways, apparently male cats have nipples too, they just don't serve any purpose (just like a guy's nipples XD)

But I've finally got evidence that Chivas is indeed a MALE cat.

Here it is:

SURE MALE RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!

If he changed his position into this:

If sleep cross legged like this then I'll consider the fact he's actually a SHE XD

Yes, yes... lame post. I know.

BTW, Ming, we lied about Chivas having to be 6 months before we can spay him. It's actually 3 months so that you will leave Perth without any fuss ^^

So, tomorrow Chivas will become a Boy-Girl cat XD

Just kidding la...

Or am I? *evil laughter*

DISCLAIMER: No bottles of Chivas (the alcohol) were harmed consumed during the blogging of this post.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A silly thing

Was browsing through some pics when I saw the pics taken when I was in Genting for the New Year Countdown. I've edited 2 of them into a silly comic...

Enjoy... XD

That's when I first met DumDum and her sis, Artisha. Who really IS 12...

Seriously, she doesn't look 12 AT ALL CAN?!?!?!?!?!

Sometimes I really wished that you'd think of me...
At least half as often as I think of you?
Kid Tueng...

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