Thursday, February 21, 2008

Caption Contest!

Okay, maybe I'm feeling bad about not blogging for so long, or maybe I just realized that I'm actually a generous person XD

So, I am here to announce that I'm going to have a Caption Contest ^^

Well, unlike ConanCat who offered a blog review as the prize, I'm not famous enough to offer that so... yea, I have something else in mind =D

As you can see from the picture, there is a panda and a thought bubble for it ^^

They're both actually my bathroom place mats and I think it's rather cute XD

So, the task is to write a caption to place in the panda's "thought bubble".

The most creative caption will win :)

The contest ends on 29th February 2008.

So, start squeezing your brain's creative juices and send in your entries soon.


Am I forgetting something?


Oh yea! The prize!

Okay, I know it's not much. But I think it's something most people (with a car) would like it with the "abundance" of parking in our shopping malls and universities. It's a bumper sticker in case you didn't know....

I'm thinking of adding another prize as well, but I would have to check with the post office if I'm allowed to mail it to Malaysia.

No, it's not a bomb....

I'm thinking of including some Tim Tams as the prize as well XD *hint hint to aL*

But I shall update regarding the prizes when I get the information. So, enjoy :)

p.s. this contest is only open to the people who are not living in the same house as me XD

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Left behind

It's been 11 days since you moved the last bit of things from your room... Your room which was once full of pictures and dolls and memories of you and me are now just empty...

It hurts me so much to see your empty room... It feels like someone took away a piece of my heart and I have nothing to fill in the space.

But there were a few things which you left behind. Some of your clothes, forgotten in my drawer. Some trinkets, lying beside my bed.

You even left this lil monkey keychain on your shelf, in your room.

We were in this house for more than a year. We have so many memories in every corner of this house. I feel a little heavy hearted to leave this place... after all, this was the place where we first lived together, just you and me.

Everywhere I look, I can see your face. But now you're so far away...

You've left so many memories in this house...

But of all the things you left behind, the most important thing was this:


I miss you so much my Gift...

I know this is hard... but I know I must stay strong and go on...

I will overcome this obstacle in life and in the end, I will be by your side again =)

Kid teung mak mak...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Gomen nasai...

Okay, I just want to let everyone know that I'm still alive.

I know I still have not updated about my Bangkok trip, but I'm currently back in Perth and its as hot as ever plus my parents are arriving tomorrow so I'm gonna have my hands full.

But let me just talk about my experience when I first arrived in Perth. For the first time ever, I got stopped and had customs checked my bags even when I HAD NOTHING TO DECLARE!!!

Those stupid idiots made me take out everything from my pockets, asked me tonnes of questions and tossed all of my stuff out of my bags. And they made me put them all back in myself...



As if that was not bad enough, my housemate, Sam, had asked me to buy back tissue paper... of all things, for her. Those small tissue packets from Watson. So, basically about 1/4 of my bag was full of tissue paper...


That guy was trying hard not to laugh and said "Do you have a runny nose?"



You're so near yet so far...
Can I see you more often?

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