Thursday, February 21, 2008

Caption Contest!

Okay, maybe I'm feeling bad about not blogging for so long, or maybe I just realized that I'm actually a generous person XD

So, I am here to announce that I'm going to have a Caption Contest ^^

Well, unlike ConanCat who offered a blog review as the prize, I'm not famous enough to offer that so... yea, I have something else in mind =D

As you can see from the picture, there is a panda and a thought bubble for it ^^

They're both actually my bathroom place mats and I think it's rather cute XD

So, the task is to write a caption to place in the panda's "thought bubble".

The most creative caption will win :)

The contest ends on 29th February 2008.

So, start squeezing your brain's creative juices and send in your entries soon.


Am I forgetting something?


Oh yea! The prize!

Okay, I know it's not much. But I think it's something most people (with a car) would like it with the "abundance" of parking in our shopping malls and universities. It's a bumper sticker in case you didn't know....

I'm thinking of adding another prize as well, but I would have to check with the post office if I'm allowed to mail it to Malaysia.

No, it's not a bomb....

I'm thinking of including some Tim Tams as the prize as well XD *hint hint to aL*

But I shall update regarding the prizes when I get the information. So, enjoy :)

p.s. this contest is only open to the people who are not living in the same house as me XD


Leon said...

I don't live in your house, can I participate? XD

ur housemate! said...

leon..u're a PR la... against ur own housemates!! u wanna send pink tim tams??

aL said...


yapkevin said...


3POINT8 said...

I'm gonna join this!
Btw, am i allowed to change the pic a bit?
(i was planning to put up my blog link somewhere in the lower right corner)

danielctw said...

that panda seriously looks like you... I mean the eyes.. HAHAHAHA!!!
Let's see, should i take part :D

3POINT8 said...

My entry is up at3POINT8.
Check it out!

-popjammerz- said...

i shall try! :)
that's cute!

chingy said...

Yay done!


usws said...

Uhhh, i wanna participate too! Here's my entry ->


p.s. TIM TAM, TIM TAM, TIM TAM! Oh, and of course the bumper sticker too.. XD

3POINT8 said...

chingy, usws and me wants ferrero roche!!!

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