Sunday, July 22, 2007

Seafood TBs in Malaysia

First of, let me explain that this is purely my own views towards this Malaysian culture of “lala-ness”. This post is purely for entertainment and if you get upset by it there are only 2 reasons:

1. You have no sense of humor; 2. You are one of them.

Btw. As I mentioned in the earlier post, this is about seafood TBs. In other words, Tomboys. I am not going to talk about lala-muis or sihum zais because I think a lot of people know about them already. Basically I’m bringing out a different subculture XD

Oh, there's foul language in this post. So if you're under 18, look away. Or just don't repeat those words to your mom ok? XD

One more thing, I think the seafood knew I was coming because when I began my search for the lala pics, I couldn't find much. But not to worry, I managed to dig up a few... see the things I go through to keep you people entertained *shakes head* Hahaha...

There are 2 main dimensions to determine lala-ness: Outlook and Mentality.



Spiky, multicoloured and outrageous hairstyles. Usually dyed GOLD or just plain BLEACHED.

Such styles require the use of 1 can of wax/gel/mud/clay/hairspray/superglue each time. If they are going to go out in the morning, they have to start styling the night before.

Interesting note: There are seasons for the colours to appear. From January to November, it’s all darkness. Black hair only. Occasional brown but usually will still turn back black. Then not 3 days after December, the colours start to bloom: all colours of the rainbow.

Why? School holidays ma…


You can never miss them. You will see their clothes from a mile away. Why? Cause it is so SHINING!!! Better than glow in the dark.

Here’s a list of what they must include in their outfit (missing one also will die). Oh, since they’re school students, they can only go out during the weekends. But they spend all week planning their outfit, thus, not paying attention in school, thus, limited *ahem* knowledge...

  1. Big, big, big, big, big, big, big shirts. Must be of a dark colour with bright words/scribbles/nonsense/skulls/crosses. When I say bright, I mean silver, pink, gold.
  2. Long sleeved shirts. Even if it’s 30 degrees outside, they are still clad in long sleeves.
  3. Jackets. BIG BIG BIG HUMONGOUS JACKETS WHICH ARE SO FREAKING THICK THAT MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE DUMPLINGS. Favourite jacket brand: BAPE. In other words, huge and ridiculous colours.
  4. Baggy pants with so many ropes/strings/chains/flaps/zips/buttons that doesn’t serve a single purpose. Except maybe help people clean the floor cause they drag it everywhere they go. Free janitorial service.
  5. Accessories are very important. They will have chains/necklaces/blingbling around their necks which look like crosses/skulls/dogtags/analbeads. How do they know when they have enough on? When they run out of accessories of course XD Besides the neck department, they will have wristbands, rings (one on each finger), headbands, bells, sunglasses (even when they are inside shopping malls they are WEARING them) and not forgetting piercingsfrom head to toe (ears must have at least 10 in each ear).
  6. Bags. Always, always sling bags for tomboys. What kind? Any kind you see in Sungei Wang or Times Square.
  7. Hats and caps. Multicoloured caps and pimp-like hats.
  8. And not forgetting thick framed glasses. Favourite brand: Xerox.

Okay, one thing that I really don’t get is how they can always wear soooooooooooooooooooooo many layers. I mean, there’s like a minimum of 3 layers and Malaysia is such a HOT and HUMID country!!!

You may argue that they’re in shopping malls with air con. But they go out on WEEKENDS where the malls are BLOODY PACKED!!!

This is what I mean... she's at the BEACH and she's wearing 3 layers... No wonder she needs 2 cokes to cool her down...

HARLOW?!?! Does the term OVER-DRESSED means anything to you???

The thing that annoys me is that they are dressed up like dumplings, walk with a swagger and are always trying to act so cool. Not to mention their sense of "fashion".

[insert comment here]

Cause I really have no comment for this one...

Oh, and they all look alike. Just like clones:

It’s a trick question. There is no difference.

Under aged smoking

They are all barely 16, but smoking.

If you want to smoke, it’s your own business. But PLEASE AT LEAST LEARN TO SMOKE PROPERLY?!?!?!

They take a puff, NEVER inhale, and just blow out smoke. Any smoker will tell you that they’re wasting cigarettes.

And yet they still continue to act cool and think they’re so dangerous because they smoke.


They must always speak foul language. If they don’t curse in every single sentence, they will wither and die.

Most of them only speak Mandarin (nothing wrong with this) refuses to learn proper English (still nothing wrong with this) BUT insists on cursing in English (there’s something very wrong with this).

Their English vocabulary only includes these few words: Fuck, Fuck You, Fucker.

Is Fucker a good word these days? Is it cool to be called a Fucker? Kids these days...

Need I say more?

They also have a condition that I have named SWT.

Why? Not only because when you see them, you will automatically go *swt* but because they’re Stupid When Talking.

Don’t know what I mean? Look at the following picture:

See? Didn't you just *swt*???

Wow, that was a long post. Pictures are taken from Friendster. I have tried to make them as unidentifiable as possible. But there are a few that I can’t really edit. But I think they would like the attention anyways XD

Think I forgot some facts? Let me know ^^

Oh, let me leave you with the ultimate picture of a group of seafood TBs:

Note the anal beads XD


nuclear said...

hahhahah!!! there's some pictures u put up is from my skol.. yeah i know my skool there's SO many seafood around.. alot i tell u.. not onli them.. lol.. they'll wear all those big big shirts wif "fantastic" designs dat they think is cool goin around talkin so LOUD!! yahh.. u didnt mention bout talkin loudly.. they wants da attention from ppl.. want ppl to know they r rough.. wth lar rite.. *shake head*

n da way da walk.. omg.. terkangkang as if they got big balls.. hahhahha!! but serious.. *shake head* n they'll be swing their arms 90degrees as if they're da boss.. *mou ngan tai*

haiyoo.. if wanna talk bout seafood, here i think not enough space.. lol..

JadePhoenix said...

hahah...mich, ur so right!! i wanted to tell ryu tht sum pics r from our sch also!! hahaha....
these juniors memang teruk...*tsk tsk tsk*
i din't really get to see these seafood during my sch days la...all start popping out only after we left sch..hahah..
great post, ryu!! really entertaining!! ^_^

JadePhoenix said...

o yah, if im not mistaken, 1 of them is that ever famous ah wei from SMK Bagan Jaya who was then transfered to CBW rite?hahah....terrible mia budak..

nuclear said...

yeahh yeahh... is her.. n after we grad nia all those seafood come alive.. ahhahhah!!!

jingz 晶晶 said...

seafood aside, rilly got tb association in msia? how come so many aggregate at once?

rare sight... or maybe i'm just..


-R·K- said...

[mich] lol... interesting. Yea, I also notice that they like to talk loud & BIG BIG like that...
Go write about seafood in your blog la... ma got enough space lo... XD

[queenie] I'm glad you found it entertaining ^^

[jingz] What you mean???
I don't think there's a TB association... but got lesbian groups lo...
Lol... you are getting old XD

colleen said...

so lala is seafood..rofl..

minkymouse said...

lol..i find this post interesting, cant help but to is so true!! ahaha
nice observation ler..n mich,when u say terkangkang n swing arms wan, make me think of several 'potential' juniors..
but i realise some this type of TB mostly look 'cute' small small n wear jackets ..look like small didi wan..! see oso cannot drool ^^

-R·K- said...

[colleen] not meh? lala IS a type of seafood wut XD

[minky]glad u find this interesting ^^

I WAN YOUR PSP!!! CAN?!?!?! hahaha...

Sae Wei said...

oh my oh my.. true entertainment ryu!!! very de enjoyable.. and queenie.. really CBW got loads of seafoods now?? Yikes!!!! Luckily i left way way earlier..

*why called them seafood yah??

JadePhoenix said...

sae wei, it's true u know..i went for this year's canteen day..OMG..unbelievable...all these juniors are so comments..hahah..
i'm glad i tailed u!! glad to leave sch 1 year after u left!! hahah..

Sae Wei said...

hohohohoho... looks the elegant-ness of CBW is over... hohooho

van said...

1st of all...

i like ur banner a lot! u must be damn creative!


nice post. =)
hoping to see more.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and great facts. Love to read it.

fishball said...


There are bigger seafoods around Sunway, Subang.

Try hanging around The One Academy.

I guarantee you'd have a helluva catch in just one day. 8D

By the way, interesting post. I love it.

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