Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fortune BBQ

I have had the craving for Peking Duck ever since I blogged about me and the duck. So, I went to the Fortune BBQ restaurant in Northbridge for it. Hehehe...

I went with her and a friend from Hong Kong, Cathy.

This place is famous for its BBQ meats (duh~). The duck is amazing~ I love the duck rice. I always order that when I go there. But since there were 3 of us, we ordered the combination.

The combination of chicken, duck and SIU YOK (pork). SUPER SEDAP GILER!!!! XD

It was so long since I had Siu Yok. I just love the fatty parts and the super crunchy skin *drools* I remember that my dad would buy it for me when he goes to the market on Sunday mornings ^^

And not forgetting my craving, Peking Duck was definitely on the menu...


But this wasn't THAT nice. The wrap was a little too thick and the duck pieces weren't that crunchy... But... oh well... It's better than nothing.

Oh, mummy say must eat vege. So, we ordered Kai Lan...

Yummy Yummy~

Anyways, my exam is over now so I can actually relax a little. I've got a little project to start as well... I will blog about it when I start =)

p.s. What do you guys think about the new banner?

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