Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cineleisure Damansara Human Foosball Challenge 2007


Basically instead of those 3-inch plastic people stuck on a stick in a table, actual people will be in their place (no, sticks will not be shoved up their *toot*, they will just be velcroed XD).

Human Foosball is the life-sized version of the popular table game worldwide. A huge inflatable arena has 9 foot tall netted walls ensuring continuous play and a great show.

You don't need to be good in soccer to play this game, the key elements in the game are strategy and teamwork!

Preliminary rounds: 21, 22, 28 July 2007
Grand Finals: 29 July 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 11 am - 9 pm (2hrs per session)
Venue: Concourse Area, Cineleisure Damansara

1st Prize: RM2,500 cash
2nd Prize: RM1,500 cash
3rd Prize: RM1,000 cash

Registration is FREE.

For more information, email or call 012 - 3806162 (Jennifer).

The arena

For those who are free, do drop by and support this event. It's organized by a friend and if you can make it, do drop me a note to tell me how it went. My friend would love the feedback.

p.s. to the guys, if you wanna cuci mata a bit, do go, my friend's a babe! I'm not kidding you XD

**this post is not sponsored, although the blogger would definitely be asking for "payment" sooner or later. Muahahahaha... I'm so evil =P**


colleen said...

' friend's a babe!..'

aisehman! too bad i'm no longer in pj..
else i'd definately go look around..haha..

looks kinda fun..
dis velcro human foosball thingy..
but i dun think my legs are long enuff..
O_o!! sadcase..haha

JadePhoenix said...

hey, i saw this in the star too!!

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