Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meet Mr. FuGu!!!

I went to Carousel shopping mall last Thursday to collect the flowers I ordered. But before that I went walking around, window shopping and also just to see if I could find a bargain.

Then I remembered the air freshener in my car wasn't working anymore, so I went looking for another one. Wanted to get AmbiPur but was so expensive... and they didn't have the scent I wanted.

And then I saw this really cute lil thing... I've named it Mr. FuGu!!! Why?

Have a look ^^

Tada~~ Mr. FuGu ^^ Isn't he adorable??? He has a Lemon Scent =D

Touch touch Mr. FuGu. He can bounce ^^

Stupid thing didn't have a good base... it wouldn't stick to my car's dashboard...

Oh well, shall stick some Bluetack under it later to get it to stick...

But in conclusion, Mr. FuGu's cute ^^


Please help the blonde said...

I Have a Fugu fish. I have the Pink one. They're so adorable but mine's run out of scent. I just can't seem to find them anywhere now. I WANT A NEW FUGU!!!

charlesjhey said...

Haha i had one of each, they happily sat side by side bobbing together on my dash board!

The yellow one went brown inside though so he had to go :(

I went to the retailer when i bought the previous ones and apparently theyve been discontinued!

Very very sad :(

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