Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just finished 1 exam today, Perception. Was an open book test, but it was still hard. Maybe I didn't study enough... Cause I blanked out for like the first 15-20 minutes. My mind just went blank. And I kinda panicked a little. Felt the heart beating fast and hard to breathe... But luckily after a while I managed to start on the answers.
It was all essay questions, 6 of them, had to choose 3. And I didn't have enough time... Man, my hand writting was BAD. But if I didn't write like that, I won't be able to finish. And I managed to finish just in time. That was lucky... But I don't think I did good enough. I expected more of myself. I guess I just didn't study enough... sighz. But it's over now.

1 down. 3 to go! >.<

Anyways, this is one great sweet:

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Yeap, Starbursts. I love them. Keeps me awake at night.

I love things to munch. Especially sweet things like chocs. And I can never get fat! Hehehe... But I do wanna gain some weight. But I can never gain weight. In fact, I've even lost weight... all thanks to stress! Bah...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Exams are around the corner... and yet I am still procrastinating like a pig. Darn... But I've been good and tried to study. Don't believe me? Have a look:

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See? It's my Cognitive Psych textbook and notes. Been reading but still do not understand... Oh gawd... How am I gonna pass???

Anyways, notice the green tea? It's good. Lipton Green Tea with Jasmine. Take a closer look:

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Hehe... this is one of the caffeine loaded beverages that I have to keep me awake when I'm cramming my brain with stuff I don't understand. Jasmine is for "Chill Out". Can't say it's working but the taste reminds me of the times I go out with my friends at a cafe called "Kafe Kwan". Well, that's what we call it. Can't remember the name... Anyways, yea, I always order iced jasmine tea =)

There's other flavors as well. I've got Honey & Citrus. Honey is just ok... it has a very strong honey smell (my room smells like it after a few seconds and it will last for some time). But no honey taste... so I add my own honey.
It suckz to the max... I still have 9 packets in the box... I can't bring myself to drink it again. Anyone wanna sacrifice their tastebuds for me?? *evil grin*
Sighz... better get back to cramming. All my exams are essay questions.
Oh yea, I know there are people viewing this blog. Leave a note in the Yellbox if ya have anything to say ok? Or don't you people love me??? *puppy eyes*
Bah... my brains so screwed up I'm crapping even more.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Just bored...

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ARGH!!! I've lost count of how many times the bulbs in my room has died. The bulbs that they give us are so fucking lousy! It's frustrating!!! Once I go into my room to switch on the light, *poof* that darn thing won't work anymore.

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This is the bulb they supply us with. Note the "Long Life" statement. IT'S LYING!!! Stupid thing won't last a few weeks!!!

Image hosted by
Look at the part I circled. That's the cause of why this lousy bulb is no longer 'living'. Long life my arse... Once that fillamen breaks from the bigger piece of metal, this bulb is history. Such a frail thing.

These bulbs are really cheap, not worth much. But why can't the administration people think better and invest more on better bulbs rather than having tenants requesting for new bulbs every few weeks??? It's the examination period now, what if the bulb goes off in the middle of the night when I'm studying??? (I can only study at night, I'm nocturnal) Where the hell am I gonna get another bulb? So I came to the conclusion:

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A picture speaks a thousand words.

Anyways, I had a great time shopping yesterday. Went out to Harbour Town (it's a place where you get all factory outlet shops=cheap cheap stuff). Got my laptop backpack, some shirts and souvenirs for people when I go over to NZ this semester break. Left the house at 10:30am to wait for my friend to pick me up and was greeted by a little surprise:

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Can you see it? It's rather faint but it's there. Digi cams can never capture the true beauty of nature.

Anyways, I actually had a taste of "okay" 'char kuey teow'. It is definitely not as great as the ones you can find back in Msia but this one certainly had at least 70% of the original taste. My friend had the duck rice and it is good ^^ (I know this cause I stole a piece from him). But I didn't manage to take any pictures of it as we were too hungry and just gobbled everything. Hahaha... we're pigs.
After shopping, we decided to go to a japanese restaurant called Taka in the city.

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No idea what tea was it they served but it was hot & free so it was good since we had just ran in the rain to get to the restaurant. *shivering*

I ordered a Chicken Katsu Don. Been dying for Japanese food for quite sometime and since my friend has been to this Taka several times and told me that the food was fantastic, I had my hopes up high. And the prices for the food was very very reasonable compared to the prices of food I've seen around.

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Tada! Chicken Katsu Don. I ordered it small but it was still enough to fill me up nicely. Best part of all, it only costs $4.50. And it kicks the asses of all the lame excuse for Katsu Dons I've ever had. If you're ever in Perth, this is one great place to go.

Okay, after filling our tummies, we decided to go home. But there was really bad traffic so my friend took a detour and we ended up in King's Park. The sight was amazing... Wanna see?

Image hosted by
The pic is kinda shakey cause I was in a moving car. And it was raining outside.

Image hosted by
The view from inside the car. Kinda has a 'travelling' feel don't ya think?

Image hosted by
The blob of bright light in the middle of the pic is actually cars on the highway. They were moving and it was like Christmas lights ^^. But somehow the pic didn't come out too nice. Oh well, life's like that.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Look what I got for my "twin bro" in NZ. When I saw this kangaroo ball pen I knew that it was the perfect souvenir for her ^^.
Image hosted by
Hehehe... Couldn't resist this little thing. From the second picture you can see that it has 2 levers behind the arms. Pressing that will result in picture 3 and 4. It's a pretty good stress reliever eh? Anyone who wants one, send me AUD $4 (excluding postage fee) and I'll mail you one. Hahaha...
Hmm... I think I'll get a few more for my friends back in Msia =P

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I am a very particular person when it comes to food. Especially if it is rather expensive. Back in M'sia my friends and I are always going on "eating sprees" where we hunt for the best food around. When it comes to good food, we won't hesitate to spend. There are times when we've encountered great food and as a way of showing our appreciation for the chef, we would frequent the store more often. There's this cafe in Cheras where we frequent so often that the owner gives us a 10% discount every time. And that cafe is really good, the whole "taste & environment & price" package. But the food is only good if the owner is in. I have no idea why whenever the owner is not around, the chef would suddenly turn into the worst cook ever...
However, if the food sucks, we would give the chef hell... Not only complaints, we would demand to see the manager and just start scolding. Seriously, this one cafe served me my chicken cooked on the outside and raw on the inside (btw, this happens when you deep fry food that's frozen without thawing it first). I returned it only to find the same piece served to me again but after another deep fried treatment. I'm like "What the fuck?". The chicken was still raw so I sent it back again. And I couldn't believe it when they brought me still the SAME piece of shit with another deep fried treatment. And by now, it was already almost charcoal... Therefore I made up my mind that this cafe's employees had grass in place of brains. My friends and I stood up and left without giving a damn about the other orders. And about a month after that, the place closed down. Serves them right!
Anyways, back to what I experienced today. I had the WORST dry wanton noodles (kwan lo mein) today. Following some friends, I went to this place nearby my hostel for lunch. I've been deprieved of M'sian food for quite some time, so I was expecting something good. And what I got was this lame excuse of a meal:

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Reasons why this is the worst wanton noodle:
  1. The noodles were so soggy it was as if it was blended
  2. There were NO dark soya sauce for the noodles (how can you say it's 'kwan lo' if there's no dark soya sauce???)
  3. It tasted SOUR (WTF?!?!?!)
  4. The wantons tasted weird... weird as in the meat was kinda sour, and I have no idea what meat was that... not sure if I wanna know either.
  5. It cost me $6!!! That's RM18!!! I can have almost 5 plates of REAL wanton noodles back in M'sia... unlike this crap...
That place is seriously blacklisted... That meal left such a terrible taste in my mouth... Yuck yuck yuck!!! Wonder if I can sue them for physiological damage...
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