Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I am a very particular person when it comes to food. Especially if it is rather expensive. Back in M'sia my friends and I are always going on "eating sprees" where we hunt for the best food around. When it comes to good food, we won't hesitate to spend. There are times when we've encountered great food and as a way of showing our appreciation for the chef, we would frequent the store more often. There's this cafe in Cheras where we frequent so often that the owner gives us a 10% discount every time. And that cafe is really good, the whole "taste & environment & price" package. But the food is only good if the owner is in. I have no idea why whenever the owner is not around, the chef would suddenly turn into the worst cook ever...
However, if the food sucks, we would give the chef hell... Not only complaints, we would demand to see the manager and just start scolding. Seriously, this one cafe served me my chicken cooked on the outside and raw on the inside (btw, this happens when you deep fry food that's frozen without thawing it first). I returned it only to find the same piece served to me again but after another deep fried treatment. I'm like "What the fuck?". The chicken was still raw so I sent it back again. And I couldn't believe it when they brought me still the SAME piece of shit with another deep fried treatment. And by now, it was already almost charcoal... Therefore I made up my mind that this cafe's employees had grass in place of brains. My friends and I stood up and left without giving a damn about the other orders. And about a month after that, the place closed down. Serves them right!
Anyways, back to what I experienced today. I had the WORST dry wanton noodles (kwan lo mein) today. Following some friends, I went to this place nearby my hostel for lunch. I've been deprieved of M'sian food for quite some time, so I was expecting something good. And what I got was this lame excuse of a meal:

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Reasons why this is the worst wanton noodle:
  1. The noodles were so soggy it was as if it was blended
  2. There were NO dark soya sauce for the noodles (how can you say it's 'kwan lo' if there's no dark soya sauce???)
  3. It tasted SOUR (WTF?!?!?!)
  4. The wantons tasted weird... weird as in the meat was kinda sour, and I have no idea what meat was that... not sure if I wanna know either.
  5. It cost me $6!!! That's RM18!!! I can have almost 5 plates of REAL wanton noodles back in M'sia... unlike this crap...
That place is seriously blacklisted... That meal left such a terrible taste in my mouth... Yuck yuck yuck!!! Wonder if I can sue them for physiological damage...

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