Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just finished 1 exam today, Perception. Was an open book test, but it was still hard. Maybe I didn't study enough... Cause I blanked out for like the first 15-20 minutes. My mind just went blank. And I kinda panicked a little. Felt the heart beating fast and hard to breathe... But luckily after a while I managed to start on the answers.
It was all essay questions, 6 of them, had to choose 3. And I didn't have enough time... Man, my hand writting was BAD. But if I didn't write like that, I won't be able to finish. And I managed to finish just in time. That was lucky... But I don't think I did good enough. I expected more of myself. I guess I just didn't study enough... sighz. But it's over now.

1 down. 3 to go! >.<

Anyways, this is one great sweet:

Image hosted by
Yeap, Starbursts. I love them. Keeps me awake at night.

I love things to munch. Especially sweet things like chocs. And I can never get fat! Hehehe... But I do wanna gain some weight. But I can never gain weight. In fact, I've even lost weight... all thanks to stress! Bah...

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