Saturday, July 11, 2015

New blog at

I've started a new blog at documenting my transition and everything else in between.

See you there if you're reading this ;)

Thursday, March 07, 2013

My Pocketnet - your smartphone is "not-so-smart" without the Internet

First things first, this is not a review of a My Pocketnet because I have not used it... YET. That's because I'm in Perth, Australia and this product/service is only available in Malaysia.

This IS my friend's company and I'm doing this post not because he's my friend, but because I think this is a bloody BRILLIANT idea. Like... GENIUS! Seriously, this is the answer to all my data/wifi/internet problems whenever I am back in Malaysia to visit my family and friends.

What is My Pocketnet?

In summary, it's a portable wifi device that you rent for a duration of time.

I think it's the perfect solution for tourists or travelers visiting Malaysia. Everyone has a smartphone these days and unless you're superbly-anally-obsessively organized, I highly doubt you'd be prepared with maps and tips of the destination you're travelling to. Therefore, smart devices like iPhones, Android phones and tablets are a lifesaver with access to GoogleMaps and travel review websites. But you'd require a WORKING internet connection for those to work.

How does it work?

  1. Go to
  2. Register
  3. Book (choose all the details like data plans, rental period and location for delivery)
  4. Receive My Pocketnet and connect
  5. Have Internet access!
  6. Return the item by dropping it off at the airport before your flight (How convenient is that?!?!) Drop box locations.

Why use it?
Seriously, do I even have to answer that? It's the INTERNET man... I'm an internet addict and I can't live without my smartphone. If you're asking why rent My Pocketnet and not get like a prepaid SIM card with data.

Why? Because Malaysian telco providers are a pain in the arse when it comes to data pricing-that's why.

I have first hand experience being burnt by DiGi. I turned on my data thinking "How bad can a few Whatsapp messages be right? It's probably just a few kbs, I'm prepared to pay RM20 for my 10 days stay of data..." 


Like OMG... that was like for 200mb? Less? I MEAN IT'S WHATSAPP MESSAGES!!! I turned off ALL my other auto push notifications. I DIDN'T EVEN GO ON FACEBOOK! (I only used it to the max when there was free wifi around; not like there were many places with wifi that actually worked)

So, a 200mb plan on My Pocketnet costs 15USD. That's about RM47.

I would've gladly paid that and had wifi with me ALL THE TIME. Rather than sit myself at Starbucks waiting for my friends for 6 hours and order like a coffee (RM15) each time I sat down as I couldn't just leave my things there to go to the toilet, I'm alone goddamnit! So I average 2 cups of coffee at Starbucks (I choose Starbucks only cause their wifi works 100% of the time, their coffee is horrible) whenever I am waiting for my friends, so that's RM30.

Now, if I sat at a local coffee shop and ordered a full breakfast set (with amazing kopi peng), it would cost me RM8.90 and I'd STILL have internet thanks to My Pocketnet. I'd spend RM8.90 + RM4.70 (dividing out RM47 for my 10 day trip) = RM13.60 for the equivalent time I'd spend waiting for my friends. Not to mention I can always hang out somewhere else and STILL have internet and not have to buy anything.

Now you do the math and tell me what would you prefer. It's a no-brainer really...

Anyways, for more information, visit the site

No, I'm not getting paid for this. I'm doing it because it's a great idea and I'm definitely renting one for my next trip back home to Kuala Lumpur. Fine, the only incentive I'd get from this post is that my friend, the owner of this company, will deliver the device to me PERSONALLY and maybe buy me a full breakfast set at Papparich or some kopitiam which would cost like RM10. So if THAT makes this a paid post, then alright, it's a paid post. Happy?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Malaysian Police Clearance / Letter of Good Conduct

Alright, it was a biiiiacth trying to find out new information on how to apply for my Malaysian Police Clearance or Letter of Good Conduct while I'm here in Perth. Needless to say, the "official government" website is hopeless and horrible and INACCURATE!

So, here's the step by step instructions to (hopefully) make visa applications easier for Malaysians in Perth. I got this from the Consulate General of Malaysia, Perth (after many attempts of calling over a period of 4 days...).

Register on-line at (e-consular),
  • Malaysians register with Identity Card Number
  • Non-Malaysians register with Passport Number
  • Scan/upload passport sized photo online - not necessary in my point of view as they'll end up sticking your hardcopy of passport picture on top of the printed picture...
  • Fill in the form online
(Malaysian: name according to Malaysian Identity Card . Non- Malaysian: name according to Passport )
Submit online and print out three (3) copies of the forms.

Documents/Items required:
(3) photocopies of Identity Card (back & front)
(3) photocopies of Birth Certificate/Citizenship Certificate - I did not have to submit this... not sure why it's here...
(3) recent passport size photographs
(3) photocopies of passport (pages 1, 2, 3, Signature page and valid Australian Visa)

For Non- Malaysians, (3) photocopies of Malaysian Visas & Passport used while in Malaysia

Submit the printed forms and above documents (all 3 copies) to the Consulate. They are open from 9.00am to 1.00pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays - both Malaysian and Australian).

Fee of AUD 10.00 cash ( fee will change from time to time based on the current official rate of exchange )

Please note that the Royal Malaysian Police will require approximately three (3) to four (4) months to complete the procedure from the date you submit your document to the Consulate General of Malaysia.


  • make sure your passport has more than 6 months of validity
  • do not cut photocopies of documents to size
  • bring along your original documents when you are submitting your application at our office
Check your status of application online at (e-consular). When it is completed, call the Consulate to inform them that you wish to pick up your Police Clearance/Letter of Good Conduct. Apparently they'll print out the letter for you but you have to get it done through them and you must be there to collect it in person.

Contact information for the Consulate General of Malaysia:
Address: 252 Adelaide Terrace, PERTH WA 6000
Tel: (08) 9225 7055

 This information is valid as of 24 November 2012.
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