Saturday, November 24, 2012

Malaysian Police Clearance / Letter of Good Conduct

Alright, it was a biiiiacth trying to find out new information on how to apply for my Malaysian Police Clearance or Letter of Good Conduct while I'm here in Perth. Needless to say, the "official government" website is hopeless and horrible and INACCURATE!

So, here's the step by step instructions to (hopefully) make visa applications easier for Malaysians in Perth. I got this from the Consulate General of Malaysia, Perth (after many attempts of calling over a period of 4 days...).

Register on-line at (e-consular),
  • Malaysians register with Identity Card Number
  • Non-Malaysians register with Passport Number
  • Scan/upload passport sized photo online - not necessary in my point of view as they'll end up sticking your hardcopy of passport picture on top of the printed picture...
  • Fill in the form online
(Malaysian: name according to Malaysian Identity Card . Non- Malaysian: name according to Passport )
Submit online and print out three (3) copies of the forms.

Documents/Items required:
(3) photocopies of Identity Card (back & front)
(3) photocopies of Birth Certificate/Citizenship Certificate - I did not have to submit this... not sure why it's here...
(3) recent passport size photographs
(3) photocopies of passport (pages 1, 2, 3, Signature page and valid Australian Visa)

For Non- Malaysians, (3) photocopies of Malaysian Visas & Passport used while in Malaysia

Submit the printed forms and above documents (all 3 copies) to the Consulate. They are open from 9.00am to 1.00pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays - both Malaysian and Australian).

Fee of AUD 10.00 cash ( fee will change from time to time based on the current official rate of exchange )

Please note that the Royal Malaysian Police will require approximately three (3) to four (4) months to complete the procedure from the date you submit your document to the Consulate General of Malaysia.


  • make sure your passport has more than 6 months of validity
  • do not cut photocopies of documents to size
  • bring along your original documents when you are submitting your application at our office
Check your status of application online at (e-consular). When it is completed, call the Consulate to inform them that you wish to pick up your Police Clearance/Letter of Good Conduct. Apparently they'll print out the letter for you but you have to get it done through them and you must be there to collect it in person.

Contact information for the Consulate General of Malaysia:
Address: 252 Adelaide Terrace, PERTH WA 6000
Tel: (08) 9225 7055

 This information is valid as of 24 November 2012.


Jeremy said...

Hi there,

That was really helpful. I've lodged mine on 24th Oct. Mann....3 months gonna take ages ! Have you applied yours already ?

-R·K- said...

Hi Jeremy,

Glad my post could help :) I've lodged mine a few weeks back. You'll most likely get yours before I do ><

Charlie said...

RK is this information still good??

chernchang lau said...

there is a consulate in melbourne, does that consulate process good conduct letter?

Cindy Tan said...

Hi there

Thanks for the info. I rang Malaysia high comm in Canberra, i told them the ministry foreigner affairs website is not working, and they said they cant help me and asked me to wait till it become available...what the heck!!
And said dont call them, call Melbourne Consulate instead.

Useless bastard...

So frustrating here!!

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