Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Momofuku Ando

Momofuku Ando.

What does that name mean to you? Anyone know who is he?

Here's a picture:


What about Nissin Noodles?

I'm sure poor and lazy students who can't cook to save their lives (i.e. me) all know Nissin.

We (I really mean me) would have been long dead without instant noodles.

Yes, instant noodles are the only reason that most of us are still alive and kicking (well, maybe not kicking, but alive nonetheless).

It is THE BEST INVENTION IN THE WORLD!!! (maybe 2nd to the Internet =P)

And who is the brilliant man who thought of drying up noodles and putting them in a packet for easy transportation and cooks in 3 minutes???

You've guessed it: Momofuku Ando!!!!!!

Repeat after me, MO-MO-FU-KU AN-DO!!!!!!!

He is one man who should be remembered for ALL TIMES!!!

Why am I writing this now? Well, you see, the brilliant inventor passed away yesterday at the ripe age of 96.

I owe this man alot because I practically live on instant noodles (I know it's bad for me but when you're poor and can't even fry an egg; like yours truly, you don't really have a choice).

So join me now in a tribute to MOMOFUKU ANDO.

From now on, every 7th January, is my tribute to MOMOFUKU ANDO. I shall buy 1 Nissin noodle and consume it on THIS day to show my gratitude!!!

You know you owe it to this man!!!

GO AND BUY NISSIN NOODLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nuclear said...

wow~ a very smart man which eventually safe our lives from hunger..may he rest in peace!

anyway, u macam duk advertise for Nissin brand nia..ehhe..they pay u how much leh? =P

erlynda said...

hua... all hail instant noodles... at first, i tot momofuku ando is one type of food brand... hehe.. paiseh... tho, we really owe alot to him. *kowtow*

-R·K- said...

mich: he is very smart indeed ^^
and too bad la, they nvr pay me... all i want is 0.0001% of their profits every year i oso happy d ^^

erlynda: lolz... food brand... but yes, ALL KOW TOW TO MOMOFUKU ANDO!!!

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