Wednesday, May 03, 2006

10 Things I learned while working at a supermarket

Okay, I've accepted a job as a promoter for Fernleaf UHT Choc Milk. I have to stand at Cold Storage at BSC and just basically talk about the product, urging people to buy it. But since I do not have any samples, people just aren't interested. And this doesn't bother me at all since I do not get commission. Hehehe...
I work from 12 to 8, 1 hour break. So I stand 7 hours and my daily pay is RM70. So I make RM10 an hour which by the way, is more than twice the amount I make when I was working at Memory Lane. And the extra bonuses working this job is I get free sample food ^^. Got yoghurt, TimTam, bread, chips... Anyways, here are the 10 things I learned while working at a super market:

10. Old stock is pushed to the back of the shelves, new stock in front.
So people, take the ones at the front!!! Leave those at the back to expire!!! Hahaha... Seriously people, do you think the workers are so hard working that they will take out all the old stock, place the new ones in THEN place the old ones at the front???

9. When a customer takes a product, leaving an empty space, the product behind it will be shifted to the front to make the shelves look full
I think people are more willing to buy stuff when the shelves look full... full of abundance... hehehe... it's a psychological thing...

8. It's a pain in the ass to count stocks at the highest shelves
I am not tall enough... these shelves are tall... I have to look for an empty case to stand on before I can actually count everything. Lucky I only have little stock... maximum of 36 packs. The Hi5 brand has got like over 200packs >.<

7. Children own their parents when it comes to buying food
Really, as soon as the child says 'No', the product goes out of the trolley... But then again, we're talking about the rich people who live in Bangsar...

6. Gender roles are still very much evident in the current society, even with interracial/intercultural parents.
I saw this small girl, probably about 3-4 years old. Her mom was Indian or maybe some other dark skinned race and her dad was white. From his accent I think he's English. Anyways, the girl saw this phone toy. There were 2 types, 1 was pink & had Barbie on it while the other was blue & just a plain phone. The girl wanted the blue one, but the mom went "No baby, that's for boys, girls take this one" while handing the girl the pink one. Luckily the dad said "Let her have what she wants, it doesn't matter". Hmm... guess the English are more open minded... Hahaha...

5. You don't need a basket or trolley when you have alot of children. They each can carry an item. When there aren't any more hands, you know you've reach your limit (both physically & cash-wise)
Yes... I saw this with my very own eyes. A Malay family... with about 6-7 children... with all sizes... Each carrying an item, the parents & the older kids were carrying 2... Which was a rather hillarious sight ^^

4. Promoters consume most of the samples they're passing out themselves.
Need I say more? Refer to above for details...

3. Standing at the aisles promoting a pack of milk without any samples is stupid.
Yes... it's plain stupid. Very very stupid. It's like I have nothing better to do than to stand there and watch people pass me by while saying "Chocolate milk sir/madam/miss?" And people keep asking me for samples... HELLO?!?! Am I carrying any small cups and a tray??? I wish I was but I wasn't!!!

2. Cockroaches live in sushi rice.
This was a very very disgusting sight. It traumatized me since I'm terrified of cockroaches... eee... thinking of it just makes my skin crawl... Don't feel like buying any more sushi from supermarkets... >.<

1. Baby food has weird combinations.
Banana & Pear... need I say more?


saMantha said...

whoa...found job d eh?good stil rotting.kakaka...Rm10 per hour is a lot d o!jiayou!~

Aho said...

what? Cockroaches live in sushi rice?
Don't post that la!

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