Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The different people I meet during work...

Hmm... have not updated for a few days. That's cause I've been working and kinda lazy as well... hehehe... oh well, old habits die hard >.<

It's kinda great to work as a promoter cause I meet all sorts of people. Let me start off with the other promoters:

What all the promoters where I work has in common is that all of us are bored to death when we're working. Hehehe... basically they're all nice people who are just working for various reasons: the younger promoters (like me) are just looking for some extra pocket money, some want to save up for something nice for their partners while the older promoters are working cause they have to.

While the younger ones have a much more happy vibe, the older ones who have been working at the supermarket for some time are just really grumpy at times. And I found out the reason yesterday. One of them told us about their experiences working there. Basically, the customers turn them off. Well, it IS Bangsar area (for those who don't know, people who can afford to live or shop at Bangsar are usually very rich & arrogant people. I'm not saying that ALL of them are like that but most of them are). This aunty told me that she often gets scolded by the customers (usually those european or caucasian people or those wearing really expensive clothes/accessories) for wanting to promote a product to them. I thought this was just a stereotype, I mean, I have talked to alot of those kinda people but they always seemed more nice & polite than Malaysians.

But then I was proved wrong when I saw this european lady with her husband and kid. The young boy was only about 5 or 6. There was this promoter selling Yakult cultured milk drink and was passing out samples. She offered the boy a cup & the mom stopped him. This was what the conversation was like:

Promoter: "Want to try Yakult?"
*boy reaches for drink*
Lady: "No. Let me see what's it made of." *reaches for a packet*
Promoter: "It has 30 million good bacteria... (I can't really remember)"
Lady: "There's alot of sugar."
Promoter: "The drink needs sugar to keep the bacteria alive. Without-"
Lady: "Nevermind, I don't understand a word you're saying. Let's see, the ingredients: Sugar, oh wow, skimmed milk-another source of sugar, glucose-which is another type of sugar. *puts back the packet* that'll be like drinking liquid candy! Forget it." *walks away*

Oh wow, I wanted to laugh so much but I was really afraid the lady would bitch-slap me since she's such a B-I-A-T-C-H! Could you believe the way she talked??? OMG, just because the promoter's english had a little chinese slang and some stuttering doesn't mean she doesn't understand rudeness! Really, I had a little chat with the aunty later and found out that her english was actually pretty good. I wonder why she stuttered when she was explaining... guess she felt intimidated.

Well, I'm not saying that only the non-asian people are rude. I was promoting my product to this lady and she asked me "What is so special about it?" So I went on and explained that it was a new product and the milk is 100% imported from New Zealand and the promotion price currently. And she just walked away with her nose held up high in the air... she looked like a Malay... one of those too rich for their own good with dyed hair & uses lightening creams to make themselves look more 'ah mo' (caucasian).

Oh well, this world is so full of different kinds of people. It's actually very interesting for me to experience all these cause I can relate to what I learned from my Psych textbooks. Oh wow, I remember something from my 3 years of studying crap!!! Hahaha... no la, it's not crap. It was pretty interesting but I can't seem to recall what I actually learned... what to do... old already ma... Hahaha...

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jingz 晶晶 said...

its definitely an interesting place... but yea.. many bitchy ppl there... being too rich for nothing...

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