Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New banner ^^

Okay, alot of people have been bugging me to update, so... I shall.

Originally wanted to blog about meeting the bunny Mich at KL but apparently my handphone's memory card was faulty... So basically everything went kaput.

Sighz... actually meet up with that bunny also nothing much. Just walk walk; walk from Times Square to Sungai Wang then back to Times Square. About 80% of the shops all close since it was still CNY. So, don't come KL during CNY la... got nothing to see... ask Mich if you don't believe me...

Anyways, we went for makan at a place called Food & Tea. Mich ordered fried chicken rice with XO sauce and 'yin yong' while I had french toast and lemon fizzy ribena. Then we just chat chat chat... take a few pics here & there... quite 'mou liu' also. Hahaha...

Oh yea, she also bought a shirt from Samuel & Kevin (if I'm not wrong). So paiseh cause when we went in already 7.55pm and they were closing at 8pm. So faster faster go try and buy then chiao. Hehe...

It was nice meeting you la Mich & thanks for dinner ^^ (btw, you still owe me char kuey teow!!!)

P.S. New banner. I've discovered the wonders of photoshop brushes ^^

Lemme know what you guys think of it ya!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

New flash Mp3 Player

Some of you may have noticed the new "Melodies" section on my side bar. It won't play on its own because I know it's very annoying (and sometimes shocking) to suddenly hear music when you least expect it.

So, if you wanna listen to the songs, just click on the song you want =)

I'll update it occasionally with songs that I like ^^

For the time being, go listen to "You Belong To Me" by Jilly. She's a net pal and you can visit her blog here.

She's pretty good... hehehe...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Wedding...

Here's the long awaited wedding update. I'm sorry it took so long but it's gonna be worth the wait... there's a whole lot of photos and a story behind each one =)

Anyways, I arrived in Auckland on the 15th of Jan and the wedding was on the 20th of Jan 2007. My cousin, Hillary, was getting married to Micheal. We call him "Mai Kai" or roughly translated it means sell chicken in Cantonese if you didn't know that. Hahaha...

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On the 17th, I went with Hillary and my aunt to pick up the wedding dress. That's my aunt on the left and the other woman is Nancy, the dress maker. She did a really nice job, but in return, the dress was really expensive... about 1100NZD overall. Then again, my cousin is known for her vicious spending patterns...

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Nancy had this Mickey & Minnie wedding toy. If you wind up it clockwork, they will move and twirl. It's so cute I had to snap a pic of it ^^
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This is the place my cousin's gonna get married at. It's this really old house which has been there for almost 200 years. The place is old but the inside is really impressive. I love these kinda old houses. It makes me feel like I had stepped back in time.

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We arrived 2 hours earlier to setup. But there was really nothing much to do... So, naturally, I cam whored. Muahahaha...

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The ceremony is to be held outdoors. But if it starts to rain, we would have to move everything into this hall. The wallpaper of this place is still the very same original one. It's a little cracked & peeling off here and there but its in good condition considering its age.

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A cookie for anyone who knows the message I'm trying to send with this pic ;)

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This is my lil cousin, Serena. She's hyperactive and hypertalkative. She literally can't keep her mouth shut =P

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While people mingle and walked around. I was stuck at the drinks booth with 3 of my other cousins serving drinks to other people...

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That's my other cousin, Melissa.

Interesting fact 1: She made her whole outfit for the wedding (excluding the black jacket & shoes). Yes, by MADE I mean she sewed everything from scratch.

Interesting fact 2: Her tube top was once a pillow case XD

That's my uncle Stan at the back.

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Hillary said this was beautiful.

My aunt said "Do you know how many roses had to die for you?"

I laughed. Uncontrollably.

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Amazingly, Hillary was in tears when she started walking. My uncle Boon on the other hand was smiling so much that you can't see his eyes.

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The bridesmaids look stunning. I didn't really like the colour combination of the bridesmaid and best mans though. Champagne & red?

But the mix of cultures is very apparent ;)

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Muahahaha... I caught this perfect candid moment! This picture speaks for itself ^^

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I don't know if you guys see how big it is, but it's really HUGE. Reminds me of the Harry Potter dining hall =P

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This really did scare me. What if I was on the balcony with 2o other people who were REALLY heavy??? It's not 25 yet but it's the weight that counts right???

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I love the angle of this picture. The cake was really flawless. The icing & decorations were PERFECT.

Then I found out that the cake itself was about 300NZD.

It's not so perfect anymore................................

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I liked this wedding very very much because it was different from the traditional Chinese weddings I've been at. I find that Western wedding are more informal, light hearted and just basically, FUN!

There were several speeches made by the fathers of the bride and groom, best man, the groom and of course the bride. The bride broke down half way though her speech though =P

And the long time Chinese tradition was also not lost when my uncle taught the 'kwai lo's at the wedding how to "YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENG!"

If I ever get married, this is how it would be =)

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Another good thing about Western weddings is that there is no stage for terrible karaoke singing. It's just a DJ and dance floor.

The choice of songs for that night was really good. Especially the medley of songs from the Grease soundtrack. That really got the party started. Don't believe me? Ask my uncle Boon who literally went amok at the start of the song.

My uncle Boon as John Travolta minus the leather pants and hair. Hahahaha....

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This is a real nice pic eh?

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And that is all the photos I have. That was long...

Anyways, a big welcome to Micheal into our family. I'm getting fond of the half Maori half Kiwi =D
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