Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This the season to be stupid...

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone reading this =D

What did I do for Christmas Eve? I had a BBQ with friends.

What did we do?

We barbecued sausages, chicken wings, bacon and fishballs or meatballs...

Then we started getting creative.

It started with baked potatoes... the different ways of cutting it and wrapping it with aluminum foil and adding cheese and butter.

Then we went on to fishes... where I wrapped this fish with some marinade and about a tablespoon of vodka... and tossed it into the BBQ.

That's when I think the vodka fumes got to all of us and we started cooking using vodka...

My most creative creation was fish slices wrapped in an orange peel with orange juice and vodka baked in the foil. It smelled great but there was no taste... but the sauce wasn't bad XD

My friend, Tommy, went a step further...

Have a look for yourselves:

Yes, he tossed vodka on his roasting potatoes to create a La Flamme Potato roasted ala Vodka XD

FYI, that potato was on the grill for almost an hour and even after that burst of flames, it still wasn't cooked..... -____-"

20 more days to go...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kid Teung

Need I say more?

I miss you...

23 more days to go :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Scaly Encounter

A few days ago I went to One Utama for lunch and just to walk around. Then there was this Reptile Exhibition. It was RM10 but I like to see these kinda things so I went for it.

It was rather small but their flier said it was the biggest in Asia or something like that. I asked the person in charge why was it just a small exhibition when it's supposed to be the biggest (it was just less than 1 floor). Then the person said "It's not the biggest exhibition, it's the biggest SNAKE on exhibition".

You sweat or not? Anyways, already paid so go in lo...

I've totally forgotten the names of the snakes... but I love the quality of the photos taken by my k800i XD

This snake reminded me of Silas from the DaVinci Code...

This snake very "lan yau yeng" on top of the wooden prop like that XD

I felt as if this snake was smiling at me... If you look closely, its as if it's grinning at you...
Maybe its thinking "Oh wow, foooooooooooooooooooooood"

Besides reptiles there were also some birds... nothing special...

Hahahaha... This is such a fat frog XD

Yes, I'm aware that I'm very LAME... but... never mind la...

I've been eating alot since I came back. Mostly UNAGI!!! I'm gonna eat enough unagi to last me for a lifetime before I go back to Perth XD


Can someone tell my TeeRak that I love her? She isn't listening to me...
26 more days until I can see you again... kid teung mak mak...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Remember my post of my friend's accident?

Well, I found the video of her car on fire in Youtube...

Sure, we might laugh about how lucky she was now... but... never say never...

Another thing that I found rather unbelievable was that I found out my uncle passed away almost 6 months ago. And no one told me until I came back and my grandma told me...

Life really is fragile... I can't even imagine how my grandma feels... seeing my uncle in the hospital undergoing operations and finally ending up in a coma. I don't even want to know... sighz..

On a lighter note, I PASSED all my units :)

I'm officially a Masters holder XD

p.s. I'm missing my Gift so much... Congrats on passing all your units too na, TeeRak ^^

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back in KL!!!


I'm back in KL and I have been eating non-stop for the past 3 days... First stop was at a mamak to settle my craving for kang kung belacan. But they didn't have any so I settled for my favourite maggi goreng ^^

I've been going to Pavillion everyday since my friend's girlfriend is working there. I must say that the prices in the shops are really plain ridiculous...

Then I saw J Co. Donuts which so many people went to line up for... my friend told me people waited for hours to get donuts... *swt*

But I got mine in 10 minutes because I went when they were closing =D

It's DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reminds me of Krispy Kremes... There's the Don Mochino (highly recommended), CocoLoco (I think...) and Oreo!!!
And the price is quite reasonable too... a half dozen assorted donuts just RM11.

Then my friend told me to try egg tarts in Pavillion. It was great too!!! The egg is so perfectly creamy and the pastry crust melts in your mouth... *drools*

Best of all, the price is RM1.60.

Well, since I just came back, I keep dividing every price by 3 into Aussie Dollars and I always have this goofy smile on my face XD

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Babi Post

Some of you may remember my post about car number plates that I've encountered in Perth. If you have not, go have a look...

Well, I encountered one a few days ago that made my jaw drop...

And then I started laughing uncontrollably...


Take a look for yourself...

Yes... I wonder if the poor bloke knows that his manly Holden car has a number plate that translates to "Pig Girl" in Malay... Maybe someone should name their number plate "Babi Betina"...

Taking a chance

I've always wondered why my Dad loved to go into casinos with his friends and stay there until the next morning before returning to the hotel room. By that time, my mom would be furious because he had most probably spent a lot in there.

Now that I'm old enough to set foot into a casino, I can finally understand how my Dad felt. The excitement at the table is really something different. Especially if you're playing Blackjack and the dealer just gave you an Ace. You'd find yourself screaming "PICTURE!!!"

Nowadays people just go to online casino as they are much more convenient. What's not to like? You'll have the excitement of gambling and will not be bothered by busy body people who keep pressuring you to pull another card just so that they can get a better card...

And with the current technology, the cards are totally random, unlike the standard casino where there are people who count cards in order to gain advantage in the game.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Arts or Science?

I read in Dum Dum's blog that she is not sure whether to take Arts or Science when she enters form 4.

I faced the same problem but at least mine was rather clear cut for me because I only had 2 options for my future:

  1. My "dream" was to become a psychologist. So, that placed me in the Science stream.
  2. Because my parents were not likely to agree with the first choice, my backup plan was to get into Science, go to TARC for A-levels and study pharmacy like any other Tom, Dick and Harry...

And so, either way, I ended up in Science.

But I know people who faced problems because they didn't get the luxury of choice. There is the stereotypical thinking where Science stream students are better than Art students. So, most schools will automatically place their best students in Science and the not so smart ones in Art. At least that is what happened in my school.

Basically if your grades weren't good enough, even though you might want to go into Science, you are not allowed to. Biased? Well, that's Malaysian education for you.

And I feel that 15 is an age where they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young to decide their future paths. In my opinion, people only manage to really find what they want to do in life when they go into college where there is a whole different level of independence and a certain amount of intelligence and integrity required.

For me, I love art and literature. But because I was in Science stream, I couldn't take those subjects because I already had 9 bloody freaking heavy subjects on my back. But I decided with a few friends (3 to be exact) to go ahead and take the Literature paper on top of our workload. And I managed to get a B by my own revision and discussion with friends. How we survived it, I have no idea.

But looking back now, I wonder how different life could be if I had taken Arts instead of Science... I'd have more brain cells for sure, because they wouldn't have been massacred by the evil evil subject Add Maths. I remember my first Add Maths results... it was only 12 marks? Out of 100. Which brain cell won't die?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there needs to be more freedom for high school students to choose what they want. But I understand the limitations of the education industry for high schools... So, until Malaysia decides to revamp the whole system, poor lil 15 to 16 year olds have to flip a coin to decide XD

If someone asks for my opinion if they should choose Art or Science, I'd tell them to think about what they wanna do in the future. But they need to understand that going into Science stream would be hell and Arts' workload is not light either. The most important thing is that if there are people bossing you around or telling you what you should do, you really should just tell them to fuck off. It's your life.

I wish more of my juniors had said that to my school teachers... then there wouldn't be so many people who got lost after SPM because they realized that because they were forced to do something they didn't want to do, they just screwed up.

And there wouldn't be a certain arrogant idiot who ended up in psychology studying in the same college as me... GAH... but that is another story XD

Saturday, December 01, 2007


It's the festive season once again. Christmas is just around the corner where everyone is buying gifts and hoping to receive gifts on that day. I'm sure that more than once everyone of us have received gifts which are just plain crappy until you think "What is this person thinking? Why would he/she get me THIS?"

So, be sure that you put some thought into your gifts before you purchase them. Visit www.opticsplanet.net for a range of binoculars, telescopes, sunglasses, goggles, prescription goggles, rifle scopes, range finders, spotting scopes, flashlights, microscopes, and more!

Their range includes brands like RayBan, D&G, Bushnell, Leupold, Meade, Nikon and Canon. So you can be sure that the products offered are of finest quality available.

Currently they are offering free ground shipping for orders of $29.95 or more. So do take advantage of this and finish your Christmas shopping online at OpticsPlanet.net.

Friday, November 30, 2007

I support Nuffnang

I was at Chee Hsien's blog recently when I saw his post regarding people who were comparing Nuffnang with Advertlets.

Then I remembered what I wanted to blog about for quite some time but some how forgotten because I was drowning in my assignments, studies and all kinds of shits...

So now, here it is:


I was a reader of LengMou when Timothy aka Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton was still on their crazy bet (or dare?) for a roast duck (YUM!!!). I got hooked after reading a few posts and I still go back to read it when I'm feeling down because it just makes me laugh so much!!!

And when Timothy started his own blog, I am of course a loyal reader. Just because I don't comment all the time doesn't mean I don't read.

I really do admire him not because he is one of Businessweek Asia's Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs, but because despite having a company to manage, he can still find the time to blog to entertain his readers. I can't even manage blogging and writing a 2000 word report of my personal reflection let alone dealing with clients........

So, when aL asked if I wanted a Nuffnang car sticker, I said "HELL YEA!"
(Thanks so much for sending it over ^^)

So here it is:

I proudly display my Nuffnang sticker :)
I know it's with the old logo but don't care la... still can right?

Yeap, I'm all the way in Perth but I still support Nuffnang ^^

No, Nuffnang is not paying me to post this.

I remember there was a time when Nuffnang was looking for blogger interns. I would've been the first one to apply if it wasn't for the fact that I had to come back to Perth to continue my Masters. I still want to work for Nuffnang if I have a chance because I think it would be a fun experience :)

Too bad, I'm due back in Perth again next year for work as my parents want me to experience working life in Aussie before I can go back to KL... Sighz...

p.s. Boss, if you're reading this, can I get a newer sticker with the new logo? XD
And if Nuffnang has a marketing position open in 2 years time, do give me a call. LOL.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Unexpected Parcel

When I came back home today, I found this in the mail...

I really had no idea what was in the parcel...
I know the parcel is open in the pic but pretend it's still wrapped la ok?

Apparently, I won in a Coca Cola Dinner Promotion that I entered.
But I totally forgot about it... in the parcel was a Coca Cola apron, a cookbook and $40 gift card for Coles/Myers. All together worth 95AUD.


After reading this letter, I remembered I had entered this promotion a few months back. Basically I bought a Coke and it had a code on in which I went to the website and keyed it in (I think... I don't really remember).
And I guess it was a lucky draw, so... I won! XD

And as most bloggers would do, we camwhore with our prizes and post them up XD

Yes... Yes... laugh all you want...

By the way, I also remembered that when I decided to enter this promotion, my housemate, Sam said "Har? This kind of thing also you like?" (it was in Cantonese but I just translated it).

So now that I've won, I just have one thing to say:

*points finger directly at Sam and laugh*

Garage Flooring

When I moved in to my current house, I was really glad that I had a garage so that I can park my precious baby car in there. The floor is just plain concrete but it was good enough for me. Then my car started leak and there are now oil stains and god-knows-what-stains on it...

I just can't seem to get it out no matter how hard I try. Then I found out about garage flooring.

There are tiles for garage that would make your garage look new again. You can also have different patterns on your garage floor, how cool is that?

Not only are they easy to install and are more cost effective than other garage flooring, they also last longer. It's more bang for your buck!

I would go for the checkered design as it would make my garage look like a giant chess set. Hahaha... but that's just my own opinion ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Silence!!! I KILL YOO!!!

Hahaha... my friend sent me a link to a very very funny video on Youtube:

It's Achmed the Dead Terrorist by Jeff Dunham.

Really damn kau funny... I've watched it like 3 to 4 times... And it is STILL THAT funny ^^

I know that Achmed is supposed to be scary, but I find that the other doll, Walter is scarier XD

SILENCE!!! I KILL YOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Yes, my exams were officially over on the 21st of November 2007 @ 10.05am.

The LAST exams for my Masters degree...

I'm unofficially a Masters holder...

*jumps around happily*

I promise loads of updates from now on =D

But for now, just let me wish my emo bud, Anne, a happy belated 20th birthday ^^

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Harmony of December

It's 5:17 am...

I'm still working on my final exam for Strategic Business Planning 650. It's a take home test.

Think twice before telling me "Eh? Take home test? Should be easy what..."

Cause I will slap you upside down... I swear I will.

It's so freaking hard that I'm whacking my head against the textbook trying to find the answers. But here's a secret about take home tests:


Bah........ so early in the morn... the only sound accompanying me is this:

Harmony of December by Kinki Kids

I'm not really a fan of Kinki Kids but their songs are usually damn good. Tsuyoshi's vocals are really unique and the way he sings is really different. Well, that's my opinion anyways... Hehehe...

p.s. I LOVE the chorus of the song...
kimi ni aitai... ima aitai hanarete ichi byou mou~~~

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay, by now a lot of people, mostly Shouters would know about Al's new header and her association with seafood.

For those who missed out on the discussion that night, it all started like this:

Al asked me to come chat at SO because the topic was tattoos. So, I went and somehow I think she was teasing me so I threatened to tattoo "sihams" on her eyes.

For a better picture, I drew this:

That is basically supposed to be eyes and yea, I'm gonna tattoo sihams on her eyelids so when she closes her eyes, TADAAAAAAAA!

Someone suggested to tattoo different coloured sihams on each eye. For example, grey for raw siham and red for cooked XD

Then someone mentioned that she was afraid that Al would "siham-fy" her car. And this came into my head XD

And last but not least, Aliiham's house XD

p.s. aL, don't angry la ok? It's funny XD
Just imagine how much laughter and joy you've spread =P

Monday, November 12, 2007

The MCW2007 Post

Okay, I know I have delayed this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. It's been a month since it ended but yea, I don't care XD

Lotsa piccies and for you people who got addicted to some of my videos, there's 2 coming up =P If I'm in a good mood, I might just post more ^^

This is during the first day: Oceania Day. The start of everything...
Basically this the main point where we have most of our daily activities at. If you're wondering what is that fugly brownish-blackish box with the Aussie flag on is, it's the Raffle Draw box...
(no, I dunno who made it *looks around innocently, whistling*)

There was a booth (or table) for people to sit down and play draw on canvases...
We tell them to attempt to draw aboriginal art but some people went and painted their country's flag... how patriotic... and yes, one of them was Malaysian... and no, it wasn't nice (at all).

There were free burgers to give away and everyone almost everyone helped (*ahem* not counting those who just made alot of noise)

p.s. can you notice the dunggu in the pic? XD (it's an MCW team inside joke...)

Look at the line... This goes to show that free food is a universal language ^^

This is during African Day. Amanda, the Day Coordinator had this piece of cloth on the pillar for people to write messages to the children in Africa.
And as you can see, Sam and I had other things in mind XD
Oh, the guy being conteng-ed is Ming, the MCW Chair Tableperson. Why table and not chair? Cause table taller than chair ma...

Yes. I know. They're not Africans... But hey, they play mean drums XD

Finally, we have Asia Day. Here's some people doing calligraphy... It hardly seems fair, all of them are Chinese XD

Here we have the dance troupe from Murdoch (I think, can't really remember) doing a Malay dance which kinda looked like silat to me...

I captured a video of the dance, enjoy :)

There was also a fashion parade, some of the costumes from Vietnam were really beautiful. And they're handmade by students. So, yea, a round of applause for that ;)

And here's a video of my friend, Dorothy aka Chi Chi singing Hakuna Matata.
Watch it. Trust me. You'll laugh like no tomorrow.

And last but not least, what happened behind the scenes after the night of Pasar Malam.
No, we weren't really raping him...

We just wanted to put him in the black rubbish bags XD
In past years, we threw the chairpersons into pools. So, I guess he's rather lucky since it's just garbage bags ^^

MCW was actually held over 5 days and if you were counting, I only mentioned 3 days (some people may know why XD). But anyways, it ended with Pasar Malam during the night of Asia Day and it was a success.

Oh, during Pasar Malam itself there was actually a fire in one of the rubbish bins. Some idiot stallholder went and threw hot coals into it (super brainless). But a funny thing happened. I was sitting in the Help desk when the fire happened. But the message that I got wasn't "Tong on fire" ("Tong" means bin in Malay) it was "Ming fainted". WTH?!?!?!

So this shows how rumours spread... from the fire site it was actually "Smoke in tong" then it became "Fire in tong" then when it reached me, it was "Ming fainted". Tak ade kaitan LANGSUNG!!! (there's no connection at all!!!)

Well, at least it wasn't like this:

"Smoke in tong"


"Fire in tong"


"Ming in tong on fire"

Although if that happened, I'm pretty sure a certain member or members of MCW2007 would be responsible for that XD

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Final Assignment

It's over.

I handed in my last assignment today :)

THE last assignment for my MASTERS!!!

*jumps around happily*

Can't say I am happy with the quality of my essay though... Been much too sleep deprived and stressed... not to mention all the procrastination XD

Anyways, it's over :)

Shall post regarding the WAY overdue MCW post. But at least I have an interesting video to show you all regarding that ^^

Until then, here's a picture I drew for my "aniki"...

That's supposed to be her in her "cat" or "chibi neko" form... basically when she's angry she turns into this really violent fussy cat...

I drew this picture when she said she went to work all the phones wouldn't stop ringing so she felt like bashing up all the phones... And this image came to mind ^^

p.s. betcha didn't know I could draw... well, not VERY well, but... good enough? XD

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Coupon Chief

It’s now November and pretty soon before you know it it’s gonna be Christmas!

Have you done your shopping yet? Or are you waiting for Santa?

Scared of getting caught in the last minute shopping crowd rush? Why not do your shopping online with discounts that you can get from online shopping coupons?

Looking for something for everyone? Why not try Target? Target has currently got an offer for $5 off $50 coupon.

What about a pair of new shoes? Sports wear? Nike is currently offering discount coupons and even free shipping for their product purchases.

There are plenty more online shopping coupons for various companies available! Browse around to find the one that would suit you best!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Stress Makes You Dumm

Gift is having an exam tomorrow. And yea, she's panicking... because she is just so so stressed.

And stress makes you dumm. Yes, duMM.

Have I proven my point?


Then watch this and tell me if I've proven my point...

[video removed: 48hrs up]

Yes... Stress makes you DUMM XD

For those who can't really hear the video, basically Gift is just plucking away on the guitar trying to get Sam to wake up. And Sam's million dollar statement is
"What's wrong with you two?!"

p.s. video's only up for 48 hours. I'm the one blackmailing this time XD

p.p.s. can someone dress up as me and go do my presentation for me??? I'll give you Tim Tams...

Hot Stone Massage

When I think of massages, the first thing that comes to mind is Thailand. Because that's where you can get good and cheap massages. But if you people are like me who can't afford to fly to Thailand, you'll find the following video interesting:

The Hot Stone Massage Therapy Video is actually a DVD that is for professionals in the spa and beauty industry.

As I watched the video, I can just imagine how great it would feel to have a hot stone massage. I can feel the stress melting away... I really need a massage during this stressful academic period :(

Have a preview of the video and if you do purchase it, do let me know so that I know where to get a good massage :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

No means no.

Don't need it.

Don't want it.

And certainly don't like it...

I have my own reasons and I believe they should be respected and not questioned.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Assignment Stress

ere's what happens when there's too much caffeine, sugar and assignment stress in your blood...

[removed: 24hrs up]

Yes... That is what will happen.

And when your significant other catches it on video, she will blackmail you into putting it up on your blog...

Yes... I know I look retarded.

Thank you.

p.s. Video will be taken down after 24hrs... it's the condition of blackmail...

p.p.s. is it me or is my blog turning into a vlog? Hahaha...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Current Status

Am currently drowning in workload and totally stressed out.

If I don't survive this, here's a photo to remember me by:

Yes, I had a haircut.

It's just an attempt to "lighten" the burden over my head...

No. It didn't work.

Yes. I know I look like seafood. Bah...

p.s. I love Gift. I really do.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Gift

Yes, her name is Gift.

I didn't call her Gift because she's my "gift" from heaven or something (although I do feel that she is =P) but because THAT IS REALLY HER NAME!!!

So, yea... she's my Gift =)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hey There Delilah

I'm currently so addicted to this song...

It's just a song you can play over and over again and yet you still want to listen to it again :)

Shall attempt to play this on the guitar when I have the time... I remember Jilly sending me the chords a long time ago XD

Enjoy the song if you've never heard of it before.

Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

Excuse me while I procrastinate some more XD

p.s. should I record a video of me playing the song? =P


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Effects of MCW2007

If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine how many words a video would speak...


DO YOU SEE WHAT MCW2007 IS DOING TO ME!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

p.s. special thanks to Gift for menggila-ing with me... XD

p.p.s. I hope this video would keep you guys entertained for the time being... excuse me while I go whack the wall even more...

**UPDATE @ 11.42pm**

Due to popular demand, I have recorded a new video...

Can anyone guess what I wrote on the paper? XD

p.s. once again, thanks to my Gift, I am able to provide you people with more laughter :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I would just like to inform everyone that I'm sorry for not having any updates...

This is because it's a really stressful time for me and I have tonnes of work to do for my course and also Multicultural Week which is next week already...


*pulls hair*

*stomps feet*

*whacks the wall with my new adorable M&Ms inflatable hammer*

Anyways, I went to the Perth Royal Show today to destress and run away from the hounding of several MCW peeps (shhhhh.... don't tell them...) and I really did enjoy myself :)

I even got myself a nice goodie showbag which I will reveal later.

So, goodbye for now...

I will be back!
(so please don't leave my blog okies??? *puppy eyes*)

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Digital Camera

I have always been a fan of Nikon cameras. I think that the quality and price of the Nikon brand is the most reasonable and has best value for money. That’s why my first digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix 5900.

I loved its compact size that fit right into my hands because I love taking candid pics and having a small camera made my hobby so much easier to do. Hehe…

Actually, if it wasn’t for my digital camera, I don’t think I would’ve bothered much to blog because a picture speaks a thousand words and I’m too lazy to write a thousand. I rather slap on a picture instead :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Am I a mistake?

Currently on my 2nd shot of vodka... pouring myself a 3rd...

Shall I finish the bottle?


Am I a mistake?

I really do love her... but...

Why do I keep hurting her?

Why am I hurting the one I love so much?

Can someone tell me?

I am so sorry...


...not even close.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Question

I'm sorry I have not been blogging much (or rather at all) lately. I've just been really really swamped with uni work and Multicultural Week which is on the 1st of Oct till the 5th.

If you guys know anyone in Perth, please tell them about my event ok?!?!?!

For more info on Multicultural Week 2007, go to our blog.


Okay, I've had a very very funny experience when I was chatting with one of my event coordinators in the ISC office last week. Somehow we were talking about shopping and this coordinator of mine, Gavin, said that he needs to buy new clothes every week.

I shall attempt to reconstruct the conversation below:

"Why do you need to buy clothes every week???"

"Cause I don't do laundry."


"What? The first time I did laundry, the washing machine died!"


"What did you do?!?!?!?!"

"I just washed the clothes la! But it overflowed!"


"How much washing powder did you put?"

"The whole box la!"



He really did think that he needed a whole box for 1 wash. Then he asked how much was he supposed to put. We told him 1 or 2 scoops. And then he asked the following question which all of us have no answer for:

"Then why do they sell it in a box?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My True Love Sign

Your True Love Is a Taurus

Why you'll love a Taurus:

Romantic and sentimental, a Taurus can provide you with the security you need.
And you both share a fondness for the finest things, from great food to luxury vacations.

Why a Taurus will love you:

You have the honesty and direct approach that down to earth Taurus desires.
And enough elegance to show a Taurus a few new decadent delights!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Grrr... I wanted to blog about my special day but then I realized my layout really died... No idea what's wrong...

Geramnya.... Shall attempt to fix it although I have no idea how to..............................

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, sorta managed to figure it out... Shall live with this for the time being...

Shit... already spent 2 hours figuring it out... die la... presentation also not done yet....


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ratatouille - The Cooking Rat

I know this is rather late, but I only got to watch Ratatouille last Thursday.

And I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not going to bore you guys with what the movie was about since I know 99.9% of you have already watched it AGES ago.

I had to pay 12AUD for it ok... that's RM36!!! (but it was worth it ^^)

Anyways, I'm just gonna show you guys what you don't know:

Yes, I look like a rat (a very cute rat XD)... btw, the thing in my mouth is a hat ^^
It was a combo deal, AUD9.90. Cheaper than the regular deal which was AUD10 which didn't come with the hat. Yes, I like free stuff. Don't you?!?!?!?!?!

And here's Gift :)

- intermission for a very important announcement -

I wanna say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Conancat who is such a great and nice guy for reviewing my blog XD

Go read what he wrote here.

Seriously, I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so (copy & paste this for another 10 times, TQ) RATA-ED!!!

Hahaha... that's FLATTERED for those of you who don't know XD Stole the expression from Anne & Kang. Hehehe...

- end of intermission -

I've got another BIG announcement to make soon...

p.s. it's a special day for me tomorrow =D

Friday, September 14, 2007

beyond repair

Things have been rough lately as some of you might know...

I'm fine. Things got A LOT better =)

Shall announce what it is soon...

But for now, here's something I did when I was so terribly broken...

I liked the way it came out very much =)


Animal Cruelty

aL sent me this picture... I added my opinion on it:

Yes, WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

What's wrong with you MPS?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

I went to search for more information and found this article in The Star.

Will bloggers repost this picture in their blog? This is just too cruel... the next thing we might see is these bloody idiots taking a shotgun to "take care" of these stray dogs...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Birthday Tag

Thanks to Conan Cat, I got this birthday tag for a lame reason.

According to him, he tag me cause "Because you’re in Perth and you’ve met Daniel even though he’s from KL. Lol"

How lame is that???? o___O

Haha... okay la.. better stop before he come whack me... XD

Here's the instructions:

1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. Type in your birthday and search your birthdate : 28 October
3. From the results, list down 3 events, 2 births and 1 holiday.

Here I go...

3 events:

1834 - The Battle of Pinjarra occurs in the Swan River Colony in present-day Pinjarra, Western Australia. Between 14 and 40 Aborigines are killed by British colonists.

Basically what happened was a massacre where Aboriginal men, women and children were attacked in an invasion of their land by the British.

I heard about this battle before in my Cultural Psychology class when I was doing my degree... If you look at Australia's history, it's rather bloody and ugly when it came to the Aboriginal issue.

1981 - The heavy metal band Metallica is founded.

I loved "Enter Sandman"

1985 - The English-language version of the musical Les Miserables premieres in London.

I watched this musical in Perth which was held as a fund raiser for an MS society. I really enjoyed it. I love musicals :)

2 births:

1955 - Bill Gates, American software executive

Oh, wow... Bill Gates... Will I be as rich as him? XD

1982 - Mai Kuraki, Japanese singer

Hmm... not too sure if I've heard any of her songs though...

1 holiday:

Czechoslovakia - granted its independence from Austria-Hungary (1918); This is a holiday in the Czech Republic and Remembrance Day in Slovakia.

This was the only holiday available... =P


Now to tag others *evil snicker*

  1. Colleen
  2. Alibaba de Albuquackquack
  3. Erlynda
  4. Daniel
  5. Samantha

And the reason is: "Cuz I feel like it" XD

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Okay, I am currently recovering from the surgery I had to go to on Monday.

The swellings not too bad, but I really do taste blood in everything now T______T

And the worse part is that I really have to control my diet... all liquid & soft foods only. Suddenly feel like I become a baby again -___________-|||

You say I die or not? I'm already underweight... suddenly put me on liquid diet... guess how much weight am I gonna lose la?!?!?!?!?!

My current diet list:

  1. Plain porridge (or 'chuk' in cantonese)
  2. Soup (canned or boiled vege soup)
  3. Breakfast drinks (supposed to be very nutritious & has alot of fibre)
  4. Soft boiled eggs (cause I need the protein)
  5. Milk (so that I can feel full...)

Hmm... I guess that's the list... you say I cham or not???? I eat (or should I say drink) alot but I rarely feel full... *cries* All I know is I have to go toilet like 10 times an hour cause my stomach all water *swt*

So in conclusion, I'm tired (cause of assignments & not enough proper food), hungry (can never fill me up) and in pain (do I even need to explain this????).

But seriously the pain isn't THAT bad... maybe cause I'm on painkillers. But it's like a numbing pain near the jaw... once in a while I will feel a SHARP pain indicating that I need to take another dose of painkillers XD

Okay, now I have a rather funny story to tell you guys. Some might find it scary though...

Anyways, I went to see the dentist for my appointment on the 3rd of September at 8.00 am. When I arrived the dentist was not in yet, so I just sat there and waited. Amazingly I was too groggy from lack of sleep to feel any nervousness...

When he came, I went into the room and sat on the chair. Or rather I kinda laid down... you know, those dentist chairs...

So he asked me if I know what was going on and we just talked about the procedure for a while. Then he took a look at my X-ray and asked me which tooth I wanted extracted.

I said "The top & bottom LEFT wisdom teeth"

He said "Oh, I think you should leave the LEFT BOTTOM one and take out the BOTTOM RIGHT one"

But I didn't want to take two teeth out on both sides of my mouth cause I still wanted to be able to chew on one side after the operation and I'll get the other 2 extracted when I got better.

I was still thinking about it when he started to administer the anesthesia. The last thing I remember is this conversation:

"You're going to feel a slight sting" *pokes the needle in*


"Okay, got it. Does it hurt?"

"Yes. Is this normal?"

"No. Means the needle slipped out of the vein."

My expression was -----> o__________O!!!

When he finally got it, I thought I would have a few minutes before the anesthesia kicked in.


The moment he injected it, I totally KO.


Apparently about an hour later, I was woken and helped out of the room.

I don't remember seeing G (who was there to drive me home).

I don't remember PAYING for the surgery (apparently I paid through EFTpos, amazingly I remembered my pin number...)


I don't even remember getting out of the office, getting into the car, the way home, GETTING INTO THE HOUSE...

All I remember is opening my eyes and going "Eh, this is my room".

It's damn scary for me ok... It's like I lost 2 hours of my life. My housemate, Sam, said it was like a date rape drug. *shivers*

And the best part is.... *drumrolls*

The dentist took out my TOP LEFT (the one that got infected) and the BOTTOM RIGHT one.

Yes... I went in to get both LEFT ones taken out...

And I woke up with one missing on each side...


Anyways, I wanna say thanks to G for accompanying me & taking care of me while I'm still recovering... not to mention cooking porridge for me & listening to me whine about the pain XD

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Shouters Across Borders!!!

Can anyone guess??? Hehehe...


Ok la, show you guys...

Tada~~~~~ It's DANIEL!!!

He's here in Perth on a company trip (lucky fella). So we met up and chit chat a while.

I met him at Northbridge and took him to the place where I had my most expensive bubble tea in the world XD

Played around with his camera, the other pics are with him... Daniel, don't post that stupid pic of me ok!!!

Here he is with G (yes, you guys finally see her...)

G's not a Shouter la... but can be considered potential shouter? Hahaha...

Daniel la... see leng lui then wanna take picture together la.... LOL. Just kidding =P I know you're more interested in the "special" shops on the streets XD

Anyways, I guess this is the first SO meeting across borders? Hope that there will be more to come =)

It was nice meeting you Daniel, sorry I couldn't bring you around. Hope you liked the bubble tea though ^^ Oh, pls send me the other pics when you can ya ^^

Friday, August 31, 2007

Disclosure Policy

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content will always be identified.

To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wonderkitten Tee

My friend, Lois, is a designer and illustrator who wants to start her own small business to sell her designs.

Here's the new limited edition Wonderkitten First Edition: "Friends" tee!!!

Cute right????????

It's currently RM39 for pre-order (normal price: RM49).

Measurement: Armpit to armpit (in inches)

Baby tee: (girl)
XS= 14
M= 18

S= 17
M= 19
L= 21
XL= 23
(size might have minor changes)

All shirts are printed on a good quality beige tee.

For more information or to buy, just email loolois2@yahoo.com

If you like her design, you can view more at her portfolio http://www.coroflot.com/wonderkitten

**Payments can be made through Maybank2U and postage can be negotiated**

If you're like Criz who likes cats, I think you would like this tee =)

No, this is not a sponsored post. I am doing this as a favor and because I am supporting my designer friends ^^

p.s. Lois, faster design a special shirt for all PLU =P

Off to war...

Yes, the war is upon me...

What am I talking about?

Well, have a look at my battlefield:

Wish me luck... I will need it...

Sighz... my list of assignments is stuck on my wall, next to my table, looking over my shoulder while I use my laptop... It's like there to haunt over me..............

Besides assignments I have other activities such as Multicultural Week (MCW) 2007 to handle... I am the Activities Officer this year. I thought that since I have a team under me this year for the 5 day event it would be easier for me.

Was I wrong.........

I have 6 people in my team for the 5 days and let's just say I am not that good a leader.

But it is a good challenge and it will help me to deal with people in the future. Guess it's actually an opportunity in disguise =)

Will have more information on that soon. Just need to finish my Sales Management report now...


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

For those who don't know, my fourth and last wisdom tooth decided to come out and cause me problems...

Basically according to the X-ray that the dentist took for me, that stupid tooth went and impacted on my second molar and basically caused an infection.

This is not my X-ray, found it on Google.
But ya, it looks like that and can you guess how much that cost me?

So, poor me experienced alot of pain and a condition called trismus which is the inability to open the mouth fully. That caused me to have to be on a liquid diet. I am currently on my 5th day where I eat mostly plain porridge. Yes. Just. Porridge.

Amazingly I didn't lose any weight (YET).

The dentist prescribed me some antibiotics which eased the swelling. But now there's just like this big cavity in my gums... which feels really really weird. As for the pain, I got some painkillers from the pharmacy, so it helped a little...

I really hate the health system here. The last time I fell sick, there were no doctors on the weekend and hospitals take 6 hours before they even LOOK at you. And now, I have to wait almost 2 weeks before I can see the dentist.

Why I don't go get a 2nd opinion?

I did. You know what they tell me?

"We can only fit you in during October"

WAHSAI!!! People die from pain already also you won't know la!!!

You say siao bo? I wanted to get everything done this week because it's my week free, so I can stay home all I want without having to worry about skipping classes. Now I'll most likely have to skip at least 2 classes... sibehjialat!!!

Anyways, I got this leaflet that had information on wisdom tooth and I also went online to find more information.

I'll share some with you guys just incase this happens to anyone of you...

What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth ?

A tooth becomes impacted due to lack of space in the dental arch and its eruption is therefore prevented by gum, bone, another tooth or all three. Lack of space occurs because our jaws have become smaller (through evolution), we do not loose teeth through decay as frequently as in the past, and our diet is such that our teeth do not wear down as much.

Basically that is what happened to me... for more information you can visit here.

I was thinking of keeping my wisdom tooth if it didn't hurt. But apparently if you leave it in, the roots may grow very long and it could hit a nerve in the future. That would cause permanent damage to the nerves and you could lose all sensation in your lower jaw.

That really scared me. The reason why I left my other wisdom tooth in is because my mom told me that if it didn't hurt, it didn't need to be taken out. And of course I don't like pain, so I leave it la...

But now... I will get 2 on the left removed first before getting the other 2 done...

So, if you have not gotten your wisdom tooth removed, do go and get it done. It's better than if you wait until something happens.

My condition is pretty bad as it's not gonna be a simple extraction. I need dental SURGERY. This is because my tooth is only partially erupted. Basically the dentist is gonna have to cut into the gums to expose the teeth before it can be yanked out...

Yes. I know it's gonna hurt.

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