Monday, November 12, 2007

The MCW2007 Post

Okay, I know I have delayed this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. It's been a month since it ended but yea, I don't care XD

Lotsa piccies and for you people who got addicted to some of my videos, there's 2 coming up =P If I'm in a good mood, I might just post more ^^

This is during the first day: Oceania Day. The start of everything...
Basically this the main point where we have most of our daily activities at. If you're wondering what is that fugly brownish-blackish box with the Aussie flag on is, it's the Raffle Draw box...
(no, I dunno who made it *looks around innocently, whistling*)

There was a booth (or table) for people to sit down and play draw on canvases...
We tell them to attempt to draw aboriginal art but some people went and painted their country's flag... how patriotic... and yes, one of them was Malaysian... and no, it wasn't nice (at all).

There were free burgers to give away and everyone almost everyone helped (*ahem* not counting those who just made alot of noise)

p.s. can you notice the dunggu in the pic? XD (it's an MCW team inside joke...)

Look at the line... This goes to show that free food is a universal language ^^

This is during African Day. Amanda, the Day Coordinator had this piece of cloth on the pillar for people to write messages to the children in Africa.
And as you can see, Sam and I had other things in mind XD
Oh, the guy being conteng-ed is Ming, the MCW Chair Tableperson. Why table and not chair? Cause table taller than chair ma...

Yes. I know. They're not Africans... But hey, they play mean drums XD

Finally, we have Asia Day. Here's some people doing calligraphy... It hardly seems fair, all of them are Chinese XD

Here we have the dance troupe from Murdoch (I think, can't really remember) doing a Malay dance which kinda looked like silat to me...

I captured a video of the dance, enjoy :)

There was also a fashion parade, some of the costumes from Vietnam were really beautiful. And they're handmade by students. So, yea, a round of applause for that ;)

And here's a video of my friend, Dorothy aka Chi Chi singing Hakuna Matata.
Watch it. Trust me. You'll laugh like no tomorrow.

And last but not least, what happened behind the scenes after the night of Pasar Malam.
No, we weren't really raping him...

We just wanted to put him in the black rubbish bags XD
In past years, we threw the chairpersons into pools. So, I guess he's rather lucky since it's just garbage bags ^^

MCW was actually held over 5 days and if you were counting, I only mentioned 3 days (some people may know why XD). But anyways, it ended with Pasar Malam during the night of Asia Day and it was a success.

Oh, during Pasar Malam itself there was actually a fire in one of the rubbish bins. Some idiot stallholder went and threw hot coals into it (super brainless). But a funny thing happened. I was sitting in the Help desk when the fire happened. But the message that I got wasn't "Tong on fire" ("Tong" means bin in Malay) it was "Ming fainted". WTH?!?!?!

So this shows how rumours spread... from the fire site it was actually "Smoke in tong" then it became "Fire in tong" then when it reached me, it was "Ming fainted". Tak ade kaitan LANGSUNG!!! (there's no connection at all!!!)

Well, at least it wasn't like this:

"Smoke in tong"


"Fire in tong"


"Ming in tong on fire"

Although if that happened, I'm pretty sure a certain member or members of MCW2007 would be responsible for that XD


conan_cat said...

wah macam so happynya!! and somemore got dance and drums hahaha... yeah lor why 3 out of 5 days leh?? i dunno wor @__o

newayz, congrats on ur final assignment for ur masters! whoa!! finish already lor ur master~~ master ryu!!

-R·K- said...

Hahaha... yea, was quite happy la. Erm, only report 3 out of 5 days cause I feel like it lo XD

Don't call me master ryu la... sounds so wrong...

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