Saturday, November 17, 2007

Harmony of December

It's 5:17 am...

I'm still working on my final exam for Strategic Business Planning 650. It's a take home test.

Think twice before telling me "Eh? Take home test? Should be easy what..."

Cause I will slap you upside down... I swear I will.

It's so freaking hard that I'm whacking my head against the textbook trying to find the answers. But here's a secret about take home tests:


Bah........ so early in the morn... the only sound accompanying me is this:

Harmony of December by Kinki Kids

I'm not really a fan of Kinki Kids but their songs are usually damn good. Tsuyoshi's vocals are really unique and the way he sings is really different. Well, that's my opinion anyways... Hehehe...

p.s. I LOVE the chorus of the song...
kimi ni aitai... ima aitai hanarete ichi byou mou~~~

1 comment:

conan_cat said...

whoa take home test @-o got something like that one ah haha now only i know... and hummm i guess that's not a real big secret right haha... just crap whatever you can then :)

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