Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Final Assignment

It's over.

I handed in my last assignment today :)

THE last assignment for my MASTERS!!!

*jumps around happily*

Can't say I am happy with the quality of my essay though... Been much too sleep deprived and stressed... not to mention all the procrastination XD

Anyways, it's over :)

Shall post regarding the WAY overdue MCW post. But at least I have an interesting video to show you all regarding that ^^

Until then, here's a picture I drew for my "aniki"...

That's supposed to be her in her "cat" or "chibi neko" form... basically when she's angry she turns into this really violent fussy cat...

I drew this picture when she said she went to work all the phones wouldn't stop ringing so she felt like bashing up all the phones... And this image came to mind ^^

p.s. betcha didn't know I could draw... well, not VERY well, but... good enough? XD

1 comment:

van said...

very cute! xD

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