Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back in KL!!!


I'm back in KL and I have been eating non-stop for the past 3 days... First stop was at a mamak to settle my craving for kang kung belacan. But they didn't have any so I settled for my favourite maggi goreng ^^

I've been going to Pavillion everyday since my friend's girlfriend is working there. I must say that the prices in the shops are really plain ridiculous...

Then I saw J Co. Donuts which so many people went to line up for... my friend told me people waited for hours to get donuts... *swt*

But I got mine in 10 minutes because I went when they were closing =D

It's DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reminds me of Krispy Kremes... There's the Don Mochino (highly recommended), CocoLoco (I think...) and Oreo!!!
And the price is quite reasonable too... a half dozen assorted donuts just RM11.

Then my friend told me to try egg tarts in Pavillion. It was great too!!! The egg is so perfectly creamy and the pastry crust melts in your mouth... *drools*

Best of all, the price is RM1.60.

Well, since I just came back, I keep dividing every price by 3 into Aussie Dollars and I always have this goofy smile on my face XD

1 comment:

aL said...

ur TART looks like FART to me leh :P

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