Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Taking a chance

I've always wondered why my Dad loved to go into casinos with his friends and stay there until the next morning before returning to the hotel room. By that time, my mom would be furious because he had most probably spent a lot in there.

Now that I'm old enough to set foot into a casino, I can finally understand how my Dad felt. The excitement at the table is really something different. Especially if you're playing Blackjack and the dealer just gave you an Ace. You'd find yourself screaming "PICTURE!!!"

Nowadays people just go to online casino as they are much more convenient. What's not to like? You'll have the excitement of gambling and will not be bothered by busy body people who keep pressuring you to pull another card just so that they can get a better card...

And with the current technology, the cards are totally random, unlike the standard casino where there are people who count cards in order to gain advantage in the game.

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