Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Okay, I am currently recovering from the surgery I had to go to on Monday.

The swellings not too bad, but I really do taste blood in everything now T______T

And the worse part is that I really have to control my diet... all liquid & soft foods only. Suddenly feel like I become a baby again -___________-|||

You say I die or not? I'm already underweight... suddenly put me on liquid diet... guess how much weight am I gonna lose la?!?!?!?!?!

My current diet list:

  1. Plain porridge (or 'chuk' in cantonese)
  2. Soup (canned or boiled vege soup)
  3. Breakfast drinks (supposed to be very nutritious & has alot of fibre)
  4. Soft boiled eggs (cause I need the protein)
  5. Milk (so that I can feel full...)

Hmm... I guess that's the list... you say I cham or not???? I eat (or should I say drink) alot but I rarely feel full... *cries* All I know is I have to go toilet like 10 times an hour cause my stomach all water *swt*

So in conclusion, I'm tired (cause of assignments & not enough proper food), hungry (can never fill me up) and in pain (do I even need to explain this????).

But seriously the pain isn't THAT bad... maybe cause I'm on painkillers. But it's like a numbing pain near the jaw... once in a while I will feel a SHARP pain indicating that I need to take another dose of painkillers XD

Okay, now I have a rather funny story to tell you guys. Some might find it scary though...

Anyways, I went to see the dentist for my appointment on the 3rd of September at 8.00 am. When I arrived the dentist was not in yet, so I just sat there and waited. Amazingly I was too groggy from lack of sleep to feel any nervousness...

When he came, I went into the room and sat on the chair. Or rather I kinda laid down... you know, those dentist chairs...

So he asked me if I know what was going on and we just talked about the procedure for a while. Then he took a look at my X-ray and asked me which tooth I wanted extracted.

I said "The top & bottom LEFT wisdom teeth"

He said "Oh, I think you should leave the LEFT BOTTOM one and take out the BOTTOM RIGHT one"

But I didn't want to take two teeth out on both sides of my mouth cause I still wanted to be able to chew on one side after the operation and I'll get the other 2 extracted when I got better.

I was still thinking about it when he started to administer the anesthesia. The last thing I remember is this conversation:

"You're going to feel a slight sting" *pokes the needle in*


"Okay, got it. Does it hurt?"

"Yes. Is this normal?"

"No. Means the needle slipped out of the vein."

My expression was -----> o__________O!!!

When he finally got it, I thought I would have a few minutes before the anesthesia kicked in.


The moment he injected it, I totally KO.


Apparently about an hour later, I was woken and helped out of the room.

I don't remember seeing G (who was there to drive me home).

I don't remember PAYING for the surgery (apparently I paid through EFTpos, amazingly I remembered my pin number...)


I don't even remember getting out of the office, getting into the car, the way home, GETTING INTO THE HOUSE...

All I remember is opening my eyes and going "Eh, this is my room".

It's damn scary for me ok... It's like I lost 2 hours of my life. My housemate, Sam, said it was like a date rape drug. *shivers*

And the best part is.... *drumrolls*

The dentist took out my TOP LEFT (the one that got infected) and the BOTTOM RIGHT one.

Yes... I went in to get both LEFT ones taken out...

And I woke up with one missing on each side...


Anyways, I wanna say thanks to G for accompanying me & taking care of me while I'm still recovering... not to mention cooking porridge for me & listening to me whine about the pain XD


conan_cat said...

aiks poor ryu! and lol the doctor so smart one never thought of that haha... so now you can only suck on your food and cannot chew lor... poor sucking ryu...

ok lar kidding lar kidding lar XD

colleen said... sweet..
got ai xin porridge..XP

-R·K- said...

[conan cat] woi... don't so bad la... i am already cham enuf T_________T

[colleen] if u want u also can have ai xin porridge wan ma =P

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