Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Am I a mistake?

Currently on my 2nd shot of vodka... pouring myself a 3rd...

Shall I finish the bottle?


Am I a mistake?

I really do love her... but...

Why do I keep hurting her?

Why am I hurting the one I love so much?

Can someone tell me?

I am so sorry...


...not even close.


straw said...

well maybe she's not The One

beautifullydecayed said...

Well, I'm perfectly aware that this is a cliched sentence, but no one's perfect. Whether you're sober or not, I'll bet that you're aware of that.

Sure, I may not know what exactly is going on, but when two people are together, it takes effort to keep together.

It's all about going through all the hardships together and still being able to be there for one another by the end of the day.

If not, then well straw might just be right.

Then again, you can't really trust a 14-year-old on giving advice.

Cheer up. *hugs*

danielctw said...

cheer up... we all do go thru our hard times

ehon said...



as much as i'd love to say something to make u feel better, i know it's hard or almost near impossible.

but here's a *hug* and talk to someone if u need it. :)

miChi3 said...

i do think that nobody is perfect.
ppl will always try to be perfect.
the important thing is, not that you are perfect or not..it is whether you love her or not, care for her or not.
nobody can tell you why, only you can tell to urself. so what's ur problem now? dun spend ur time to think if you are a mistake or not, go try n fix this up. You are just letting her and urself to get upset.

last but not least,
cheer up. hope that you will be happy soon.

Sean said...

Perhaps you not love her as much as what you think.

conan_cat said...

aww *hugs*

i guess you need to know why you hurt her first. did you hurt her because you love her so? you love her therefore you expect things from her, things that she didn't do or things that she did too much, out of your expectations.

it's really typical, really. i love him too, and sometimes i get angry and hurt him because he did things that i don't want him to do, or things that i want him to do but he didn't. sometimes it works the other way round too, she might expect something from you but you didn't do it.

love always start off like that... it's unevitable, really. you just need to really know what you yourself and her really want, and you need to compromise and get to a point on what you can and can't do, same goes to her. after a few fights i guess you both will start to get to a certain view and you'll know what to do.

trust me, i fighted with nick for, uhh, dunno, how many times already ah? haha. but we're still together, no? :)

cheer cheer gal... *hugs again* and hmm, don't finish the bottle, vodka sucks. hell i hate alchohol. i'd rather watch porn.

-R·K- said...

[straw] The One or not... I still love her :)

[beautifullydecayed] Haha... eventhough you're only 14, it does sound reasonable XD juz kidding... thanks ^^

[daniel] thx dude :)

[ehon] thx for the hug ^^

[michi3] Have taken your advice :) everything's back to normal now... and yea, I do love her. :)

[sean] I hope that's not true... I really do love her that much...

[conan_cat] omg... you really entertainment me :D

thx for the talk... and you're a notty notty boy... too much porn is bad for you!!! XD

straw said...

love is blind XD
well, glad 2 hear dat everything is back to normal :)
wish u happiness~

aL said...

finish the whole bottle la wei. dont even miss a drop k!!!

hhahaha. cheers pal.

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