Sunday, September 02, 2007

Shouters Across Borders!!!

Can anyone guess??? Hehehe...


Ok la, show you guys...

Tada~~~~~ It's DANIEL!!!

He's here in Perth on a company trip (lucky fella). So we met up and chit chat a while.

I met him at Northbridge and took him to the place where I had my most expensive bubble tea in the world XD

Played around with his camera, the other pics are with him... Daniel, don't post that stupid pic of me ok!!!

Here he is with G (yes, you guys finally see her...)

G's not a Shouter la... but can be considered potential shouter? Hahaha...

Daniel la... see leng lui then wanna take picture together la.... LOL. Just kidding =P I know you're more interested in the "special" shops on the streets XD

Anyways, I guess this is the first SO meeting across borders? Hope that there will be more to come =)

It was nice meeting you Daniel, sorry I couldn't bring you around. Hope you liked the bubble tea though ^^ Oh, pls send me the other pics when you can ya ^^


Lasker said...

Daniel and Ryu! Happy or not can meet up! Wah .. I so wish my company can send me there!

Wheeee ..
Hmm .. got potential Shouter dee .. Ryu, we depending on you dee!

Elise said...

Great! got potential shouter. haha...

conan_cat said...

lol... daniel in kl also can meet u at perth XD so funnya~~ haha.. put more camwhore pics mer :P daniel dun listen to her put up pics XD

Darren said...

Iam shouter too!!

JJzai said...

so nice met up at Australia there!!!!

aL said...

waaaaah! so niceeeeeeeeeeee!

so when are you comin over to penang? lol.

-R·K- said...

[lasker] haha... happy happy ^^ don't wait for company, save up & come yourself XD

[elise] lol... everyone so excited about potential shouter?

[conan cat] very funny meh? u also can come meet me in perth wan ma XD

[darren] yay! good for you!

[JJ] hehe, you also come la =)

[aL] soon la alibaba albuquackquack... be patient XD

Sae Wei said...

hohoho... another kecurangness abroad??? hiek hiek hiek~

danielctw said...

Crap I look old suddenly in those photos... I need my long hair back...


-R·K- said...

[saewei] hoi! apa curang curang har??? LOL

[daniel] it's not you who look old... it's me who look young =D

aL said...

u forgot the "de"

alibaba de albuquackquack.


colleen said... dat's G..hmm...
wei!!! ur hair nicer!!!
i wan save and print out ur pic..
and show it to d hairstylist jor..
wakkaka =P

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