Saturday, September 08, 2007

Birthday Tag

Thanks to Conan Cat, I got this birthday tag for a lame reason.

According to him, he tag me cause "Because you’re in Perth and you’ve met Daniel even though he’s from KL. Lol"

How lame is that???? o___O

Haha... okay la.. better stop before he come whack me... XD

Here's the instructions:

1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. Type in your birthday and search your birthdate : 28 October
3. From the results, list down 3 events, 2 births and 1 holiday.

Here I go...

3 events:

1834 - The Battle of Pinjarra occurs in the Swan River Colony in present-day Pinjarra, Western Australia. Between 14 and 40 Aborigines are killed by British colonists.

Basically what happened was a massacre where Aboriginal men, women and children were attacked in an invasion of their land by the British.

I heard about this battle before in my Cultural Psychology class when I was doing my degree... If you look at Australia's history, it's rather bloody and ugly when it came to the Aboriginal issue.

1981 - The heavy metal band Metallica is founded.

I loved "Enter Sandman"

1985 - The English-language version of the musical Les Miserables premieres in London.

I watched this musical in Perth which was held as a fund raiser for an MS society. I really enjoyed it. I love musicals :)

2 births:

1955 - Bill Gates, American software executive

Oh, wow... Bill Gates... Will I be as rich as him? XD

1982 - Mai Kuraki, Japanese singer

Hmm... not too sure if I've heard any of her songs though...

1 holiday:

Czechoslovakia - granted its independence from Austria-Hungary (1918); This is a holiday in the Czech Republic and Remembrance Day in Slovakia.

This was the only holiday available... =P


Now to tag others *evil snicker*

  1. Colleen
  2. Alibaba de Albuquackquack
  3. Erlynda
  4. Daniel
  5. Samantha

And the reason is: "Cuz I feel like it" XD


colleen said...

gam dou tak? O-o

-R·K- said...

why emm tak? XD


thank you for visiting my site!

conan_cat said...

lol in the end u also gave lame reason lar... same same lar XD hahaha

and ooo bill gates~~ one day u be as rich as him liao must remember me ooo kekeke...

danielctw said...

Really fake nya..
the reason of tagging coz feel like it.

Hahah... wait I find more tags then terus give you. HAHAHAHA!!

aL said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa! tag me oso put full name. paiseh nya aku!


-R·K- said...

[domestic diva] it was my pleasure :)

[conan_cat] not as lame as yours... hahaha...

IF i get rich only say la ok?

[daniel] wut so fake har?!?!?!

why wanna tag me so much? i give u tag not fun meh? =P

[aL] haha... i'm helping u brand urself XD

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