Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wonderkitten Tee

My friend, Lois, is a designer and illustrator who wants to start her own small business to sell her designs.

Here's the new limited edition Wonderkitten First Edition: "Friends" tee!!!

Cute right????????

It's currently RM39 for pre-order (normal price: RM49).

Measurement: Armpit to armpit (in inches)

Baby tee: (girl)
XS= 14
M= 18

S= 17
M= 19
L= 21
XL= 23
(size might have minor changes)

All shirts are printed on a good quality beige tee.

For more information or to buy, just email

If you like her design, you can view more at her portfolio

**Payments can be made through Maybank2U and postage can be negotiated**

If you're like Criz who likes cats, I think you would like this tee =)

No, this is not a sponsored post. I am doing this as a favor and because I am supporting my designer friends ^^

p.s. Lois, faster design a special shirt for all PLU =P


colleen said...

yea yea..for PLUs!!
i'd definately get those..=P

-R·K- said...

[colleen] haha... you say wan arh... i will tell my friend all the feedbacks ^^ so when the PLU design is out i will get her to reserve one for you XD

aL said...

cute but me got feline phobia. how?! lol.

ms.bulat said...

kuakuakua. damn

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