Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fremantle Trip

G and I made a trip down to Fremantle last Saturday in the quest of Fremantle's famous Fish & Chips and Chilli Mussels.

I shall let the pictures do the talking =)

I was bored... So I took a picture of the sauces XD

Yea, I really did forget the last one... it tasted like tartar but with garlic. Not really recommended...

This took sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to come...

When it finally came, the portion was HUGE and looked so damn nice!!!
But when we started eating, it wasn't as nice as we thought it was... kinda overrated. And although it's called CHILLI mussels, it's not spicy at all...

But it was still nice =)

This was the other thing we ordered. It had prawns (but only 2, so kiam siap), squid, crabstick, fish, pineapple, chips and a side of salad.

Was only about 15AUD. I would recommend this =)

Yummy yummy in my tummy XD

This is the outdoor landing where we sat.

It was beside the sea and had a beautiful view. Only downside was the many seagulls flying around. They're annoying and will attempt to steal your food...

Btw, someone told me that if you wanted to kill the seagulls, just feed them potato chips... apparently they can die from eating too much of that XD

Yes, my new job involves fish and bronze men with beards XD

After lunch we went for a walk at the Fremantle markets. Since it was the weekend, there are street performers at this area near the entrance of the market.

Today it was Matty Blade.

He is a sword swallower and has 2 Guinness World Records. He's really funny and amusing. I mean, look at what he's doing with his teddy bear!!!

Btw, the teddy's name is Willy XD

It was really funny when he brought out Willy to do the sawing-into-half trick. He placed Willy in that small box and asked the kids:

"Do you want Willy to live or die?"


"Parents! These are your kids!!! Do you even know them anymore?!?!?!?!"


Matty asked this little girl called Emily to hold Willy while he attempted to squeeze his body through 2 tennis rackets (one stringed, the other with no strings).

While he was squeezing his body through it, he had connected Willy to an air pump so Willy would continue to bloat up. And if he doesn't squeeze through the rackets fast enough, Willy will explode!!!

And yes, Willy DID explode. You can see his bear guts on the floor *lolz*

And all the girl wanted was the 5bucks XD

And here's Matty with his final stunt: Swallowing a flaming sword while balancing on top of a 3.5 meter mast.
**click for a bigger image**

Although it was only lit at the handle, apparently the stainless steel sword heats up really quickly and if he wasn't fast enough, it would burn his throat.

And that was our trip to Fremantle. Only about a 30-40 mins drive from my place.

If you ever plan to visit Perth, this is one place you shouldn't miss ^^


aL said...

woik! next time wa pi perth lu bawa i pi lepak can?!


-R·K- said...

haha... u datang perth dulu baru cakap la ya XD

suanie said...

Heh, my friend took me to Cicerello too, but only because a smaller shop which he claims to be the best fish and chips place in Perth was closed that day. Cicerello was overrated, IMHO, I have had better fish 'n chips in KL/PJ. We fed lots of seagulls... hush hush of course, don't want to be caught :P

conan_cat said...

whoa... i never knew things are so happening there at frementle haha... i've never stepped out of malaysia before so go figure lol... that stuntman is funny lor~ XD kids nowadays haha just wanna watch little teddy die

Ashley said...

If i go perth! bring me go~~

-R·K- said...

[suanie] Oooo... Must try to search for that smaller stall ^^ Well, I guess there ARE better fish & chips out there, but I guess it's the Fremantle environment that makes it nicer =D

[conan_cat] Yealo... kids these days... so ganas man XD

[ashley] If you come I sure bring you go ^^

- PC - said...

shyt la...
m hungry now!!!

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