Thursday, August 23, 2007


You say I take & take...

I only know how to take...

Until I forgot to give...

Maybe it's true?

I am the bad guy.

I don't know how to love you.

I do whatever you tell me to do. Yes, I make mistakes often.

But I have always been loyal.

And yet you say I'm not.

If I didn't give anything, why do I feel so empty?

I do not wish to show my efforts because it is what's expected of me.

I guess that was all not enough for you.

Maybe one day we'll look back and laugh at this...

But for now... you have forced me back into my corner. Do not expect anything from me anymore.

I shall cease to exist in your life, one step at a time.

You have your path, I have mine.

You have your support...

I have to learn to stand again... and try to remember what it was once like without you...

It's not gonna be easy... But I will always get back on my feet.

But as I get stronger, a part of me will die inside. I am currently at 60% emotional death... give me a few months or a few assignments... it will reach 100%.


aL said...

i feel you pal =(

aNgeLic said...


conan_cat said...

awww.... *hugs*... take and take and don't know how to give, yeah thats what i always think of myself too... my bf always give me so much and sometimes i just don't know what to give to him already because he did everything possible, and things that i can do is out of my ability range... and when he really said that i take too much, it really hurts me a lot.

i guess your case is a bit different... no? i hope that you guys can work it out, you can find thousands of reasons to hate someone, but you don't need a reason to love. and i believe you still love her. group yourself again, and think of things that you can do...

yeah, we all support ya :)

colleen said...

wei u doing okie mou? O-o
hang in thr la..
it'll heal wif time..
u'll get used to it la..
try a few more times den numb d..
will b alrite..haha..
but gotta make sure ure strong enuff to survive 1st..

but seriously..u've gotta start living for urself..

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