Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Patriotism (Who say Malaysia kenot???)

I'm not sure if anyone has seen the following video clip. I might be outdated (I dunno la...) but I just saw this clip today. My brother sent it to me.

It's a clip of a modified version of "Negaraku". The singer's blog is here. His blog is in Chinese so I'm not so sure what is in there.

As for the song, well, it really does show a Malaysian's point of view towards the country. It's not made up or anything... just really based on facts =)

WARNING: Some may find it insulting (so don't watch ok? If you still wanna watch, don't complain it's insulting ok? Don't say I never warn... got disclaimer here ok??? If never read properly then I sue kau you wan arh...)

BUT people who have an open mind, a sense of humor and a conscious or unconscious love for our home country, Malaysia, (like me XD) will find ourselves laughing and nodding our heads saying
"Wah sai!!! So lan true wei!!!"

Well, how was it? Anyone care to put up a translation so that everyone can understand?

I might ask a friend to help me translate it if she's free =)

For those who did understand it, do tell me what you think ^^

p.s. sorry for the Cantonese, but I feel that it suits this post veli muchie XD

Actually, I am proud to be Malaysian *winkz*


project010 said...

yes i am reading this..hahaha for that u have to pay... pay me at my blog k. and when u've paid me let me know!!! cool and cheers

-R·K- said...


No money la... can I just click on ur Adsense ads? XD

ramatheson said...

Interesting blog, I enjoyed the layout. Come back by The Atheist Bible Study when you get the chance.


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