Sunday, July 08, 2007

Introducing Maggie ^^

I'm not sure if any of you have seen this character called Maggie. I have recently gotten addicted to this Maggie's flash games and emoticons.

Here's a sample:

Hehe... quite cute right? Although I think Onion is still cuter XD

Anyways, I've also gotten addicted to these several games:

HK Cafe

This is where you cook things like toast, instant noodles, egg and sausages for the customers in your cafe. This is really hard. But really addictive XD

My highscore is only about 2100.

Facial House

This one is a little easier. You have to do the steps of a facial. For example, use facial cleanser then steam then put mask...

My highscore: 14000

Tips: Pick up the phone when it rings & click the "OK" button to add to the timer.

Dai Pai Dong

This is really cute. You are like a roadside hawker selling seafood. When the tables place an order, you have to put the right seafood (lobster, cockles, prawn or crab) and fry it in your wok until its cooked and you serve it.

My highscore: About 9000... can't really remember...

Tips: Alwiz click on your food while frying. If not, it will burn. Oh, and for extra time, KILL THE COCKROACH!!!

Anyways, those are my 3 top favs. For the whole collection, visit

Log on now, thank me later XD

It's really a great website to burn some time. It's cute, funny and ADDICTIVE!!!

If anyone of you broke my highscore, do let me know ya ^^

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