Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Thing About Donuts

That's supposed to be me pouncing on a donut.
Yes... *sweat*

Picture courtesy of Leon.

My housemate, Sam, works at Donut King so, sometimes she'll bring back free donuts for us =D

It's an attempt to fatten me, but hey, I still weigh 44kg XD

It's not like I don't eat them. I do.

In fact, I eat them in such scary proportions that Sam has to warn Leon that I may gobble up everything before he could come and have some. Thus, the picture of me pouncing on a donut came up...

So, Leon has to negotiate with me so that I would leave him a Jam Ball (the dinosaurs are my fav but Jam Balls are just so fun to bite into ^^) because the last time he came, I took the last Jam Ball and bit it in front of him. MUAHAHAHAHAHA... I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo evil.

For those wondering how many did I eat in a night, it was a whole box, which according to Sam, had 6 in it. Not the small cinnamon ones, but the big dinosaurs and other donuts.

Yes, give me a box of dinosaur donuts and I'll meng-extinct-kan them in 1 night ^^

Hell, we were watching Australia's Got Talent last night and Sam and Chee Sheng said I should join it saying that my talent is chomping down on tonnes of donuts with regards to my size............. -________________-|||


colleen said...

where are the pictures? XP

cathrine said...

cant belive you only 44kg..haha..Xp

Leon said...


I actually drawn a better version of that pic on my notepad cause I was bored in class yesterday XD
I made you so fierce hor, until I kasihan the donut that you're pouncing on XD

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