Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A PLU Story (Part 2)

This is more of a “follow up” post to the guest post I had. While many PLUs have been in that situation, I know that there are girls out there who have been hurt by TBs before as well.

All I have to say regarding this is that the current new generation of TBs all can go fuck themselves. Most of them give TBs a bad name. Not to mention that the trend amongst the younger kids these days is that its cool to be a TB and for the girl’s side, it’s cool to have a TB by your side. The cuter the TB, the better. It’s like we’re an accessory to match your clothing. I have given up hope in regards to this issue… It’s a phase that will pass (I hope…).

Back to my main point; from the previous post, I guess it is like the perfect example of how stupid and yet loyal a TB can be. Why do we choose to be this way?

I dare say that unless you’ve had the love of a TB, you have not experienced true love.


Not cause we’re willing to take a bullet for you.

Not cause if you’re sick we’ll care for you.

Not cause we will do the dishes after dinner.

Not cause we buy you flowers and anything you want that we can get…

Those are what’s expected of us as we have to compete for your attention.

What you don’t know is that we do all that not to get into your pants (I can’t say the same for some TBs, but I digress…) but it’s because we do not ever want to let go of such a gift.

Yes, we see you as a gift. We know that we’re damn fucking lucky to actually find a girl we love who would actually return the feelings.



We’re so used to getting rejected, ignored, neglected, used and mistreated that one day when all of a sudden we meet a girl who does not do that to us…

That’s when we fall even more just when we think we’ve reached the bottom. When we thought we could not love you anymore, we realize that the feelings could actually go deeper and we’d kick our own asses if we ever let go.

Hell, we’d even take a gun to our own heads if we made that mistake…

While I know that there are TBs out there who play around, they are but a minority. These are the TBs who are (unfortunately, for the good TBs) good looking, rich and knows how to sweet talk. They jump from 1 girl to another without even blinking an eye… I believe they need to be shot… with a shotgun… at close range… (FYI, I know how to fire one and I’m a mean aim with a 9mm).

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that we have feelings too… and believe it or not, even after all the getting-used-to to all the crap we get, our feelings are extremely sensitive and fragile.

So, break our hearts if you must… but just remember, we’d still love you with all the small pieces…


Anonymous said...

You are right...
I'd take a bullet through the head for her
I've held her when she was sick
I still do the dishes
And you reminded me that I bought her flowers last year.

Gosh tb's really are stupid...haha..

cheers man!


Ozy said...

Damn, that's depressing. It's a lot harder for men to move on.

colleen said...

i suppose dat's the way it is for ppl like's never easy..
we'd hafta work twice as hard to make things work out..IF dey do work out =/
i guess dats y we tend to appreciate our gals more..
and treat dem like gifts, god-sent! :)

aww..i miss dat feeling..:')

Anonymous said...

thumbs up

cathrine said...

agree bout yr word, the 'small kids' TB now adays really....haiz..suckx...

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