Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Finished my exams today!!! I'm FREE!!! Until next year Feb 10th... that's when I fly back to Perth to do my Masters of Marketing IF I pass my Bachelor...
But I don't really care now.
Anyways, I finished exams at 12pm. Didn't go very well but at least I know I can pass it. Just need 10% and it's a PASS. Came back for a while to wait for Eric to come and pick me up. Then met up with Kim & Stephanie for the movie:
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(Picture from http://www.allmoviephoto.com)

I wouldn't say it was good but I won't say it was that bad either. Sure, the scenes were not really original, lame jokes, not much chemistry between the actors (except for Meryl Streep) but it made me laugh. Though it was rather tiring to sit through the sex scenes cause seriously, it was BORING...
But the look on Meryl Streep's face when Rafi (Uma Thurman) said Dave's (Bryan Greenberg) penis was so beautiful that she wanted to make a little hat for it was hillarious!!! Imagine you're a therapist and your client comes and say that about your son's penis. How the hell would you react???
I guess I managed to laugh and relate to Meryl's character since I'm - oops! I mean WAS (XD) - a Psych student and the scenes of therapy brings back vague memories of my counselling class. Hahaha... But anyways, a therapist seeing another therapist is just hillarious...
One character was quite funny, he's Dave's good friend (didn't catch his name) and he's funny cause he would throw cream pies into a girl's face if she refused to go out on a second date with him. Lolx... I wonder how the he got the idea =P
I paid 8.50 AUD for the show and I don't think it was worth it. So guys, you know what to do =P
Will update again later I guess, or maybe not since I have to start packing =D
I'm coming home!

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