Friday, November 11, 2005

A day of vainity (and a poor imitation of a Mastercard advertisement)...

Haircut & colour by Michelle Mok :: 10.00 AUD

Colour products supplied by Shi-Ban Hair Salon :: 20.00 AUD

REDKEN hair treatment :: 23.25 AUD

Image hosted by

American Crew Citrus Mint clay :: 29.95 AUD

Image hosted by

KMS shampoo and conditioner (4 packets) :: 1.00 AUD

Image hosted by

Total of 84.20 AUD.

And the results ::

Image hosted by
Front view... (damn, my eye bags are bad... I look like a panda =.=")

Image hosted by
Side view...

One word :: Priceless XD *rolls on the floor laughing*

First time I spend so much on my hair... But I think it's worth it =P It's my 'therapy' since exams are coming soon ^^.


Aho said...


-R·K- said...

Haha... Thanks Kelly =P
btw, is it me or do you sound like a Mcd ad? >.<

Aho said...

Haha..Makudonarudo ad!
haha..Don't blame me lar...
I live exactly opposite McD here..everyday I see McD, everyday I smell McD.......
McD craze......
ya gonna move in with Eric?
Interesting..hehe..he's pretty nice but i don't know if he remembers me..haha...
like ur fringe!

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