Friday, December 09, 2005

Hehe... have not been updating since I came back to KL. Yeap, I'm HOME!!! Arrived on the 27h Nov 2005 @ 10 pm & was out of KLIA by 11pm. Thanks so much to my friends who came and picked me up =D Sorry that you gus got lost on the way though... Kekeke...

Anyways, first stop was ABC mamak!!! Damn, I really missed my maggi goreng XD Is it just me or does it taste even better than before? Hehehe... Anyways, I arrived home at 2am and my parents though they saw a ghost or still dreaming =P

Spent the next few days lazing at home, clearing up my room & luggage. Then I went up to Genting for a 1 day trip with pika-lynn, Will (her boyfriend) and this guy Chin Han. Decided to go since she was gonna start work and might not be able to see me then and Will wanted to meet me (ps: Will, sorry my hair wasn't spiked in all it's glory that day =P I'll remember to style it nicely when I meet ya next time ^^).

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Look at her hair!!! The colours are so bright that I noticed her once she got out of the car... it was like shouting "LOOK AT ME!!!" Lolz... Stupid gurl playing with Han's PDA while waiting for the corkscrew ride... I'm kinda immune to rollercoasters already... But I'm still too chicken to go on the Space Shot after the trip where I sat it twice in a row and felt like I was floating on air after that...

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Hehehe... She's holding Han's camera. The latest Nikon 7900... 7.1 MP man... *drools*

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Here's me... clowning around as usual... I prefer Pepsi though... which reminds me... I WANT PEPSI TWIST!!! Btw, Pepsi in Perth sucks... it doesn't have enough taste... don't know why...

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Yes, we're retarded.

And this wasn't the most retarded thing we did... we went on the retarded-oops- i mean the kiddy rides. Who am I kidding, they're retarded rides when you're too old for them... Yeap, we went on the spinning cups, merry-go-round and those space ships that go round & round... Why the hell am I saying how retarded am I?!?!?!

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Pweety flowers @.@

Well, that was my trip. Going to Genting again for a 2 day 1 night trip next week. But before that, I'm getting my car tomorrow!!! Finally!!! TRUE FREEDOM!!! Yumcha anyone?? =D

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