Monday, January 26, 2009

Meeky the Mandarin

This post is for all the Chinese people away from home like me.

Happy Chinese New Year people!

Mandarin orange courtesy of Sam
Pictures taken by Joanne's camera

Disclaimer: Yes, 1 mandarin orange was sacrificed for this post
and also to give yours truly a feel of CNY at home XD


millymin said...


ur housemate! said...

i've got 7 more in the fridge...u can make the sequel... return of meeky the mandarin and meeky's evil twin or the mandarin clan attack...
i had a coke at work today..can't blame me..blame the coke..*innocent eyes*

SP said...

Nice...Happy New Year... :D

aL said...

whoaaaaaaaaaaa!!! your people mia brains! XD

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