Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Melaka in PJ SS2

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Yes, there's a Melaka in PJ SS2. You know, where Murni is...

No, I'm not kidding... Have a look:

See, there's Melaka right??? Okay lah, I know I'm being lame... (so so lame...)
Anyways, my friends took me to this Melaka Street Restaurant a few weeks back. As I mentioned earlier, it's located in SS2 in PJ near Murni (the famous mamak with lil not adorable "siu keongs" aka cockroaches running around)

The first dish we ordered was the Green Curry. It's really really good... Just look at the number of "thumbs up" we gave it ^^

The deep fried squid was nothing out of the ordinary. But it was quite good as well. We ordered it because my friend, Winson, simply adores squid... Seriously, he'd have squid for breakfast, lunch and dinner if he had his way...

Okay, all of my friends know of my Kang Kung Belacan craving ever since I came back from Perth. And for some weird reason, every where I wanted to go to eat Kang Kung Belacan were either out of Kang Kung or Belacan... (I secretly think that the Kang Kung Growers Society has got a grudge against me...)
So, we ended up calling Belacan Asparagus... seriously people, I only want KANG KUNG BELACAN not some other vegetable fried in belacan...

We also ordered Pandan Chicken (which I gobbled up before I took a picture) and Sizzling Tofu which I couldn't get a clear picture of because there was too much steam... But I recommend the Pandan Chicken. A little pricey for a small piece at RM4.50 each, but still worth trying =)

After all the heaty heaty foods, it's time for dessert!!! The black sauce in the middle is Gula Melaka. Yumzzzzzzzz...

Here's an up close pic =D

Do give the place a try if any of you guys are there ^^ And for you big eaters out there, the rice is refillable and unlimited XD

p.s. aL & Colleen, wanna give this place a try when you're here? XD

6 more days... less than a week... I'm already jumping with anticipation *winks*


mich said...

ooo.. i saw that restaurant before but didnt have da chance to try it yet. will one day since u said it's good. hey dat gula melaka not enough lar.. so lil ni u put. hahaa!!

aL said...

eh same row with Murni!!!

set. deal. Colleen let's go!

but Ryu belanja can :P

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