Wednesday, November 17, 2010

of guys & lesbians.

I've noticed that most straight guys, upon hearing the word "lesbian", the only image that pops into their head are 2 girls going down on each other. It excites them and it's almost like every guy's fantasy to have a threesome with 2 other hot girls.

What guys think when they think lesbians.

But the moment they see a butch with a girl, they show disgust. Weird. It's still 2 girls together but it creates a totally different reaction. I mean, it's still boobs and pussy x2, but the idea of a girl acting like a guy totally puts them off. It's like you suggested that they get a vasectomy, It's almost as if they're demasculinized.

I once asked my girlfriend (who was straight before she met me) that how would her ex react knowing that she is with a girl now. She said that he would not be able to accept it. It was brought up once as a joke and the guy's reaction was like "I will never accept that you will leave me for a girl. You can't be with another girl."

He DID find out about us and boy did he go crazy. It was rather fun really. Normally I wouldn't be so mean but this guy was a stalker and just couldn't get over her after 6 months. But long story short, he backed off and I'm happy.

Back to topic, his reaction is pretty predictable. I think it has something to do with a guy's ego. The need to be manly and the pride all suffocating their brains (though I believe alot of guys let their dicks do the thinking, I may be biased but let's face it, that's where all the blood goes when they're excited).

But guys still like "lesbians". Only when that means 2 hot girls who are aching for a man. Anything more than that, they freak out.

 Chris & Nike from Les T

I believe homophobia is exactly what the word means. Not hate, but FEAR. Fear of not understanding something. It's stupid to hate tomboys just because they act like boys and like girls. It's fear that this girl is EXACTLY like them. Just a different gender. Guys are AFRAID of losing to this GIRL. In fact, I know this guy who can't even call a butch a girl. He calls them "that kind of people" or "not normal people". Such an insult, I know. I'm not friends with him and yes, I hated his guts even before I found out about this. I have knack for knowing a person's personality.

That's my theory, feel free to tell me what you think. While I keep an open mind to criticism, please be aware that any flames or homoPHOBIC comments shall be ignored. Not because I am scared of you, but because I will not dignify your stupidity with an answer.

"Men think that lesbianism is a disease because they think they're the cure" - by unknown.


strella said...

just be you.. no matter what ppl say... u are happy?¿ that's enought at the end of the life u would't be asking ur self... what i did't do this.. or that... =) bye take care..and very GOOD LUCK ^^

Weird Dan said...


Well, strange. I personally don't care if a girl is a butch or whatever. Since they still have boobs and pussy. LOL... Or maybe I am that weird person.

Btw, I miss Perth... ARGHHHH

-R·K- said...

strella: I'm very happy with where I am in life =) thanks for the luck, good luck to you too ^^

daniel: lol! I'm only talking about a certain percentage of guys who have their heads in their asses. As for Perth, come back la!!!! XD

lawz said...

dnt i like ur post dear kind of make ma day..i thnk dudes wit serious issues ar da one wit prblms wit lesb bt nt frnd or galfrnd ;we neva figured it out is a real tomboy n dats why i fel in love wit her n wasnt afraid dat she was goin to steal da limelight as u say.i cherish who she is even wen she tels me she wil one day kiss a fellow chick...btw hw did ur galfrnd change frm bein stryt

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