Sunday, December 12, 2010

Suicidal tendencies

Everyone's talking about the 22 year old who jumped 14 stories to his death in Malaysia. It's tragic, really, I really do feel sorry for his pain and the pain his family and friends have to deal with now. But seriously, I can't help thinking what an idiot he is.

I'm not going to deny the fact that I have thought of suicide countless of times after a break up as well. I have to hand it to that guy, not many (actually, way too many) have the guts to actually go through with it. I can understand the pain and the urge to just end everything.

But the one thing this guy did, which makes his suicide such a famous one, is posting his suicide note on Facebook for the whole world to see. Can there be a bigger cry for attention than that?!?!?!?! Oh wait, he attached a picture of his last moment in tears too. Like... it's such an obvious slap/stab to his ex. It's his perfect revenge. By killing himself, he literrally killed her life too.

Everyone's thinking what a bitch this girl is. Maybe she really is a bitch, I won't know. But is breaking up with someone/playing with someone's feelings that bad until she deserves this? Who the hell would want to date her now? How about her future? If she's rich she can just escape and run to another country for a new start. But what if there's no way for her to run??? Even if she does manage to escape... how can she live with the guilt? Not to mention the whole freaking country now knows about her guilt.

What this kid did is totally unforgivable. He may be dead now, it's sad, yes, but he's dead. Like... he's not going to see what his action did. But his parents? His siblings? Relatives? Friends? He threw a bomb aiming at his ex and it blew up, killing everyone close to him as well.

If you have issues, if you're depressed, find someone to talk to. If you do not have any friends whom you can trust, go talk to a perfect stranger online or call any of the helplines/organisations created to help suicidal people. Killing yourself isn't a solution to anything but to feed your own ego.


Emily Yee said...

I am sorry but it showed just how selfish he was. Look at those cancer patients who are struggling to live on. Yet this selfish person throwing away his life just for a puppy love. Hope he'll be rest in peace.

vv said...

6 years ago my ex-boyfriend committed suicide... and I was that girl who "he threw the bomb to" and I survived. I lived in a small town were everyone knew what happened and it sucked. But you get through it... If she has any compassion inside of her... than she should know that he was a sick person. No normal people do these types of things and that she should just forgive him and be happy that he also did not decided to hurt her in the process... Suicide might seem like a selfish thing, but it's not. These people just have a sickness inside of them that sometimes no one can detect and help them in time...

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